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African Sanctus BEST INTENTIONSA critical essay about David Fanshawe?sAfrican SanctusThe ProjectFanshawes project ?African Sanctus? in his own words:? African Sanctus is a universal work who?s impact is immediate, whose message is simple, the driving force is one of Praise and a firm belief in One Music – One God. It informs both listener and performer about African music and its relationship to Western polyphony?Fanshawe?s project is to ?compose” a meeting between what he feels are two equal but different cultures. His intentions are pure and obviously nothing but good-hearted. I think the most successful parts, according to the intention of the project is movement#2, ?Kyrie: Call to Prayer?.

The Call is recited in Islam and the Choral Kyrie is sung in Latin, and this hybrid creates a strange but beautiful harmony between the two praises. One is to Allah, the other to the Christian God and, as written the program notes: ?This fusion emphasises the musical relationships that do exist between the Muslim and Christian faiths; an affirmation of belief in the one God.?In movement#12 he repeats this composition: ?Although the composition is virtually the same as No. 2, the juxtaposition of tape to live is completely different. The resulting tempo is african, sanctus, own, fanshawe, , about, god, out, composition, very, project, one, nothing, music, know, fanshawes, cultural, christ, think, son, oh, it?s, even, between, writes, two, through, mother, mercy, lord, likely, interesting, eye, different, both, am

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