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The song was remixed with ‘ The way it is’ by Bruce Ho earns and The Range. This song immediately rocketed to number one in many countries inch thudding U. S. As an activist Outpace uses references of police brutality, the war on drugs and The Black Panther Party.

He uses his lyrics to describe the life of living in the ghettos and the everyday worries of a minority. The Black Panther reference ‘ two shots in the dark, now Hue’s De ad. ‘ The founder of The panther Hue P. Newton and his murder. The main reference of the so Eng is how America isn’t changing.

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African Americans are still getting mistreated and nothing has changed since the civil rights movements. They are still living in poverty and living off welfare, the eye are still racist people who judge them. No one cares what they do anymore.

Less a differ rent story in the news when a black boy kills someone then when a white kid does. When a blab KC boy gets murdered it is not a big deal because it happens all the time. But on the other hand when a white boy from the suburbs gets murdered it makes national news. What about Tray Yves?What if a black man would have killed him? Would America still make a big deal about it all? No they wouldn’t but when a White man shoots down an innocent black boy all hell BRB sake loose.

Nothing is fair in life but the least we could do is give everyone equal love no matter what kind of background they come from. America hasn’t changed at all, certainly not FRR mom where it used to be. That is the whole point of the song. ” I see no changes. All I see is racist faces. ” That line right there shows that nothing has changed at all and it never will.

There is still I racism, it never ended. You can still see the racist comments and slurs and the stereotyping. There has been no changes and that’s just the way it is. Things might improve on some aspects b UT never will their be total equality. Next Outpace refers to the possibility of a African American president. He also s says how America isn’t ready for an African American president.

He was right too. The c entry wasn’t ready for it. When Obama was elected so many questions were raised and not to m any liked it.

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