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If we continue our selfish acts of lambasting and betraying our environment, then what future awaits the next breed of generation? It is almost recent when Pathways Garbage Slides, Canaan De ROR Catastrophic Flash Flood and Cherry Hill Tragedy marked a very appalling history. Yet, the recurrences of the same scenarios seem that we haven’t learned from what we experienced in the past. And, it has become saddening to know that everything – including us turned worse like how the holes of ozone layer turns bigger because of our anti-environment actions.

Yearly, huge amount of garbage is collected from he shores of Manila Bay. Also, the number of trees from Philippine Mountain Ranges decreases because of our rampant deforestation. These only show that we have become the environment’s worst enemy. These only show that perhaps we do not care despite the alarming cases of lepidopterist, dengue fever and malaria which indirectly rooted from dirty surroundings. Likewise, it seems we pour the same attitude when we found out that many creatures are under the tree of extinction, that many animals have lost their habitat because we greedily took what’s supposed to be theirs.

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Friends, we have to realize that our negligence to environment might affect the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the life we live. Yet, we don’t need more catastrophes before we learn that there will be next human beings to occupy this land. Therefore, partaking to Bishopric’s advocacy in preserving our environment, though a simple step, is a huge role to bring back our nature’s beauty. Among us, there will be diversity in beliefs, principles and status in life but we have to act as one single body towards one single goal, awards a brighter tomorrow.

We may not be able to do everything, but we can surely do something. The preservation of our environment will surely materialize only if we choose not to be part of the problem but of the solution. Nature’s anger is something that we don’t deserve because way back then, nature and human beings are originally best Of friends. Ladies and gentlemen, it has been my honor to stand in front of you to discuss this years theme, “BULGARIA: Advocate In Preserving Our Environment For a Brighter Tomorrow. ” Thank you very much and God bless!

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