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Advertising works by being cultural bound.
Advertising is persuasive and builds trust between companies and consumers.
People look at advertising from the perspective of their culture, which can be
different than other cultures. Understanding diverse cultures is vital for
advertising to work affectively

Old spice is a men’s grooming company
established in 1937 by William Lightfoot Schultz.  It was originally called Early American Old
Spice for women and moved advertise more towards men with men later that year
by creating Old Spice. Old Spice were interested in maintaining a colonial
framework and using the nautical theme to show masculinity. They have received
thirty-seven awards for their advertisements as of 2016. Old Spice
advertisements are geared towards women. Even though it is men’s products,
women are said to do most of the shopping therefore they advertise to them. The
commercials convey a strong message that men cannot only be attractive, but can
also smell nice. Old spice uses an emotional appeal to influence women who
value their men that they can smell good and be attractive.

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The Old Spice commercial “The Man You
Could Smell Like” appeared on television in 2010. It became a huge hit on
YouTube with over a billion views. The ad displays numerous effective
persuasive techniques with the most notable being humor. The ad shows an
attractive fit man talking directly towards women in relationships, never
breaking eye contact with the camera, expressing how if their man uses old
spice they will end up more like him, a better version of a man. The ad also
has three different sets, but it’s only taken in one shot. The
“better” man holds the old spice body wash throughout the entire ad
to show that’s the product that will make them a better man. The advertisement
is trying to sell that a man needs to smell like a real man by using their body
wash and not using other girly body wash products that their women uses.

The old spice “Mom Song” ad was
released in 2014. It was a viral hit him was a part of their Smellcome to Manhood
campaign. The ad focuses on teenage boys using old spice through puberty and
becoming men, but their moms are having a challenging time coming to terms with
it. It catches the consumers attention by using a fun jingle and by being
relatable by portraying the moms as overbearing. Throughout the advertisement
it shows the fear of a mother losing their sons because they are using old
spice and are suddenly becoming more attractive to girls. The advertisement is
trying to sell their product to young and older men. Younger men will buy the
product because they think it will help them be more attractive and smell good.
While older men will to remember old memories and to feel young again.

The Old Spice commercial “Beach Budz” was
televised in 2017. It portrayed two moms walking on the beach when suddenly a
DJ that looks like squid on a ski jet starts blasting music. The moms confide
in each other about how brands will do anything to get young men to buy their
products. But, as they are complaining about advertisements, the moms turn
around and start promoting Old Spice. They say they are the best moms for
buying their sons Old Spice and that everyone should buy it. The ad shows that
it may seem like a gimmick, but untimely they should buy their product.

Even though many people enjoy the humor in
Old Spice ads, some do not appreciate the advertisement or products. Many
people feel that yes, they can smell nice, but they will never be able to be
attractive or get a girl just from one product. Also after the ads begin to
show popularity consumers had questions and wanted to interact with the Old Spice
company. Old Spice, being stuck in a traditional advertising mindset, thought that
when the campaign is done that the company is done advertising for it. Which
has Angered many consumers who now refused to buy the products that Old Spice
produces due to communication issues.

Old spice has been successful for so long
because it makes an impression on people and makes the consumer believe that if
they smell good that they are attractive. The advertisements use just the right
amount of humor that it stands out. People will rewatch it numerous times
because they enjoy the humor and can relate to the commercials. Old spice
advertisement sells its consumers that if you use their products you will be irresistible
to any woman that smells them.

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