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Advertisements Singaporeans seem to be fixated on the quest for outer beauty. This can be seen by the influx of beauty centres and their adverstisements in our media today.These advertisements invariably involve celebrities or real life success stories extolling the virtues of their individual products. These products promise flat tummies, bigger breasts and toned bodies for the females and six packs and a V figure for males.

The celebrities, with their perfect figures conjure an image of perfection for the common Singaporean to aspire to be like them while the real life success stories strive to persuade us that a vision of perfection that is not unattainable for the commonest of us.However, the increasing trends of slimming and facial advertisements that can be seen in our society today bring with it several negative points. What these advertisements do not state is that the celebrities do much more than just consuming the said product, often having to starve themselves on diets, for their above-mentioned perfect figures.

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