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Human being are very adaptable. We can live in most climates of the world. In the past, people tended to stay in a place they were born, but known move more easily from countryside to city, from one part of a country to another, and even from country to country. Each place has its own customs and ways of life, and countries also have different languages.

When I moved from Slate to Padding, changed my behavior in three significant ways. First, I completely changed in the way I speak. Since I lived in Slate, have spoken in Javanese.For it is my mother tongue, spoke to everyone in degreed Javanese language. Unlike, I have to use Bases while staying in Padding because nobody knows what mean if I speak in Javanese.

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At first, I was laughed by my friends because my Javanese accent was completely mixed with Bases while speaking. They thought my spoken was funny, instead tried my best. It was really hard to drop my original accent, because I used to use it for eight years. Therefore, to understand what native speakers in Padding say, I also learn to speak and understand Imaginableness. Ink it is not really hard, because it is similar with Bases as well.

So, no matter what languages I use in Padding, since they understand what mean and so do l, it is enough. Another change is the way I travel is quite different with used to be. I have been using public transportation in both Padding and Slate. Unlike in Slate, always get dizzy whenever I use public transportation in Padding. They have some big differences. In Padding most of the drivers are rude and careless, think.Also, they turn a very loud music with a strong bass, it makes me going crazy.

By contrast, in Slate, I could enjoy taking a nap while using public transportation because the drivers were friendly and, of course, they did not turn on hard beat music. Beside using public transportation, I usually go somewhere by foot, especially in the morning and evening. For example, I walk to go campus everyday. The reason why prefer walking is I do not have any motorcycles as I used to, and I am afraid to go out by it because of the street crowdedness.

As can be seen, both using public transportation and walking are my choices to go every. Inhere in Padding. The third changing is the way I care about my self. Since I live in a boarding house, am more independent now. Managing my monthly money, for example, pushes me to be more grown up and independent.

Have to prepare my own meals and take care of my own clothes, instead it was done by my mother. After I entered college, care about my health, beauty, and style more. I eat a lot of vegetables and drink water a lot too, penthouse I did not like to eat vegetables.I think I have really grown up not to be a little girl anymore cause I like to put some natural make up on my face and using others beauty treatment products. Also, I wear some nice clothes, whereas I really did not care about my appearance. Being more care about my self is a sign that have grown up. Am the same person was before or am I different now? Change makes us examine our values and our habits. By changing my daily spoken, my traveling habits, and my care of myself, I think I may appear to others as if am a new person.

I don’t think so, however. Prefer to think of it not so much as having changed but as having grown.

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