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Analysis Three: Obvious Target Market Ad Advertisement: Head and Shoulders “Troy Popular” URL: HTTPS://www. Youth. Com/watch? V=suffocating Introduction: This particular advertisement is from the company, Coca Cola, which “is a multinational soft drink and beverage corporation.

” This ad highlights and showcases Coca-Cola’s soft drink, Coke. The ad was released in 2006, created by the agency of Widen & Kennedy and was shown worldwide.The ad takes a whimsical perspective that portrays the inside of a Coca-Cola vending machine to emblematic a fairytale- eke setting and adventure in order to dispense a bottle of Coke. Target Market: I feel as if this ad calls out to the majority of society, whether old, young, male or female. In a cryptographic perspective the general public can all relate to fairytale, and truly sympathize and hold on to this kind of nostalgia of a fairytale, this being for most a childhood memory.

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Shown in the commercial was a scruffy, casually dressed male, in his mid to late ass’s going to buy a coke. Going to grab a coke with some change in his pocket calls out to the ‘average Joe’. The demographic of this advertisement I feel varies widely, appealing to children, adolescents and adults of all ages. Analysis of Key Message: The approach to this specific ad really plays on the audience’s feeling of nostalgia and Just feeling good.The ad gets the viewer to unconsciously believe that having a coke will give you that ‘great day kind of feeling.

Brining the aspect of a fairytale like setting and story line relates to people’s childhood making them think back to a presumably ‘happy time’, possibly remembering a sentimental memory. Also, this ad gives the target audience the idea and feeling that within every bottle of coke true are, love and time is taken to produce this product for them, giving the audience a personal connection with Coca-Cola.Personally this ad is one of the most memorable ads I have seen purely because of that ‘good feeling it provides, but the precision and quality of the production of the ad, with all the detail in every second is truly remarkable, also making this ad memorable. The overall effectiveness of this advertisement is quite high, because as an ad the most important quality it can have is being memorable, so that it makes the target audience distinguish the product amongst the many out there.Supporting Information and References: enjoyment and humor; which I feel carries over to the closing slogan of the ad, “The Coke Side of Life”, hence the happy side of life. Most of the ad is in muted tones, which helps the red on the Coke bottle vividly stand out. Overall, there is a kind of light, cheerfulness to the whole ad making it very easy to watch and enjoy; the message I feel Coca-Cola was trying to get across as well. Works Cited 1.

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