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In American Samoa, there is a competition for high school students to perform in different acts within special categories. It is called the Annual Speech Festival. For three years of my high school experience, I have attended all of the speech festival competitions. I have played different roles and acted in other categories such as dual acting, dramatic play, and monologue. Acting is a whole different world for me. I get to express myself and show what I can perform to the audience. The annual speech festival was a total challenge for me last year.

It took a long time to discover my best performance category. I had to perform in front of several people and get their opinions, or suggestions. It was hard though, but fun at the same time. After all, it was Just an act in the end. Later on, I had decided to participate in the monologue category. I performed a piece by Mark Mathabane, and it was about the importance of education. I had to bring out the message clearly and face the audience with great sadness, eagerness, and most of all potential. Before the competition, I prayed and worked hard for my part.

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When the final day came, I gave my best shot and prayed I would take any place: first, second, or third, as long as it’s a place. In the end I was announced third place for the monologue category. It was such a surprise and a great victory for me. I felt very happy that day. It did not matter to me that I did not get first or second place, because I knew I did my best with all my heart and soul. This achievement taught me a lesson that with great preparation, I am able to succeed in anything plus the power of prayer. This is a method I believe in and use many times.

I truly believe the world is filled with actors. Different sorts of actors, and I am one of them. I did not consider acting as a talent until I had tried it. I had always thought acting was boring, lame, and crazy. But after I had tried it out, I found it very interesting and amazing. I give gratitude to all my supporters and my English teacher because she did a fantastic Job with teaching me all about literature and other great matters. Now that I have attained another talent, I’m glad I can use it anytime and show people that I am not afraid to stand up for my own right!

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