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I concluded that the acid was extremely strong. Because of the amount of base used, we decided to cut down on the amount of acid so we wouldn’t run out of base. We used 7. 0 ml of acid hoping to use less base, however, the opposite occurred. For some reason we used over 25 ml more for this trial than we had in he 1st, even though we used less acid in the 2nd trial.

I am still not sure exactly why that happened but maybe, it could be because we didn’t put enough phenolphthalein. We had to add some in the middle of the trial because we weren’t seeing any pink when the base hit the acid. We may have added too much because in the matter of a couple drops, it went from colorless to a bright fuchsia color. It took us the longest for this trial to get the solution to turn pink. For our 3rd trial we decreased the amount of acid even more, going from 7. 0 ml to 5. 0 ml.

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This time we didn’t use as much base as we did in the 1st and 2nd trials. It also took a lot less time to get to the pale pink color. I am not entirely sure why this happened because we used the same acid and base for all 3 trials. Maybe I measured the acid incorrectly when I was pouring it into the flask. Or, maybe I didn’t put enough of or put too much phenolphthalein. If I did this lab again I would double check my measurements, put the correct amount of phenolphthalein and make sure that I stirred the flask after each time I put the base into it.

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