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Henceforth, I strongly agree hat children should spend some time to help their parents at home. Here are some reasons why. As a starter for today’s topic of discussion, teenagers should lend a hand to parents at home because they can reduce their parents ‘burdens. This can be said without fear of contradiction because when teenagers spend time to help out at home, their parents will have sufficient time to rest. After all, all work but no play makes Jack a dull boy. This proverb can also be implied on our parents.

Everyone needs rest and relaxation now or then.For example, teenagers or children at home can do the laundry, weep the floor or even cook the meals to lighten their parents’ burdens. As a result, parents will definitely feel grateful as well as relieved for having such filial children. It is a sense of pride and glory to them. As such, it cannot be denied that helping parents at home can lighten parents’ burdens and as the saying goes, many hands make light work. In addition to that, it is also undeniable that helping parents is our responsibility as their children. This is due to the reason that when we help out at home, we can have a taste of our parents’ hardship.

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There is a quote hat says, to see and to do are two totally different things. In fact, if our parents can endure it, so can we. For instance, we can take turns to cook meals at home or to throw away the garbage or domestic waste. Consequently, we will be able to understand and comprehend more about our parents’ lives. We can also indirectly stand in their shoes and think from their points of view.

Therefore, it goes without saying that helping parents at home is one of the greatest responsibilities of us as their children and next of a kin.Second to that, children should indeed help their parents at home because his is an effective way to save on money. This is on account of if we help out often enough, we do not need to employ a domestic worker to carry out the duties of doing household chores at home. In other words, we can do all the household chores by ourselves and in the meantime, we can contribute to stabilizing our parents’ financial status too. Accordingly, the extra money can be used in various other ways. To illustrate, we can spend it on better furniture for the house or use the money to go on a family trip.As the saying goes, a little wool can be enough to knit a sweater if you save it. Hence, it is obvious that helping out our parents can save money for rainy days.

Last but not emphatically least, we should indeed lend a hand to our parents because we can use our time wisely. Our time will be packed when we help out at home. We can also learn to manage our time and use our time to do meaningful tasks instead of meaningless activities like watching television. For example, children can use their time to do some household chores, school homework, tuition and co-curricular activities.We can get some benefits from these meaningful activities.

We should not only focus our time on entertainment. As the saying goes, time and tide wait for no man. Hence, it is undeniably true that helping out at home can allow us to use our time wisely. In a nutshell, these are the reasons why I think children should help parents at home. Children nowadays should forsake the excuses of being busy with school because parents are also busy with their careers. If parents can strike a balance between their careers and family, children can also strike and attain balance between academics and family as well.In other words, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

It is indeed our responsibility to help our parents at home. Parents should give freedom to their children. In this digital age, this topic has indeed ignited a great pandemonium among people from all walks of life especially in our beloved nation . Len actual fact, the society believes firmly that parents should grant their children freedom because children are their own flesh and blood. In the eyes of the society, if parents can give freedom to their children, it is essentially a good thing because children can seize this golden chance to learn how to be independent.In other words, they can learn how to stand on their own two feet and alleviate their own adversities without relying n the others. Is this argument valid? To me, it is a straight no.

I strongly do not see eye to eye with the Statement that parents should give freedom to their children. Below are the reasons why I stand my grounds. As a starter for today’s topic discussion, it may be said without fear of contradiction that parents should not give freedom to their children because children are still minors. They are considered as immature and wet behind their ears.This is because children still do not have the ability to think independently as well as to make a correct or an accurate decision. They still deed their parent’s guidance and teachings to lead them to the correct path. For instance, children are delicate and are easily affected by their emotions. They usually act on impulse and they do not think before they leap.

As a result, if parents limit their children’s freedom, they can ensure that their children will not be making decisions which they will regret later. After all, as the adage goes, it is never too late to mend.Hence, parents should not give children freedom because they are still young and immature. Second to that, it is obvious that if parents give freedom to their children, hillier will indirectly ask and demand for more. This is due to the reason that children are associated to having freedom after a certain time. As people would usually say, “give him an inch, he will want a yard. ” After some time, children will start to be bold and daring.

They will have the tendency to challenge their parents for even more freedom.TO further illustrate on this point, when children hang out with their peers and they come back before their curfew, they will have the cheek to ask for a later curfew on the next touting. When parents refuse to give in to their demands, they will make a us or even throw tantrums about it.

In addition to that, if parents grant children free rein to buy their own things, children will also complain about not having enough money and etcetera. Consequently, children will not even appreciate the freedom granted by parents.Instead, due to their childlike minds, they will put the blame on parents and bear hatred on them for denying their much-anticipated freedom.

Hence, it goes without saying that giving freedom to children at such a young age is disastrous as they will ask for more. In addition to that, it is also undeniable that parents should not give redeem to their children because they can be cheated easily. This is because of the factor that children are naive and gullible. Therefore, they do not knobs the reality of the society.

To illustrate, they fail to analyses the situation and rightfully believe everything that they see and hear.Thus, the social ills involving children or teenagers are increasing seriously in our nation. In the words, parents can ensure their children’s safety if they do not give their children the unnecessary rights. Due to teenagers’ immature thoughts and analyzing abilities, they will be deceived easily. Hence, parents should not give free rein to their children. Last but not least, parents should not grant freedom to their children as they are easily influenced by peers and contemporaries. This is on account of if children want to be accepted by friends, they ought to follow the flow and be obedient to the rules or regulations fixed.

They Will also try their level best to accommodate their friends’ demands so that they will be accepted readily into groups. Accordingly, children will be asked to take part in negative activities such as playing truant and loitering. After such demands, children ill follow the Wayne”art norms of the group. Parents can step in to rectify when they see the undue condition clearly.

This can be said without fear of contradiction as parents have the responsibility to build the personalities of their children. As the saying goes, don’t cry over spilt milk.Hence, parents should not give children free rein because they are easily influenced by peers and contemporaries. In a nutshell, if children want to earn their rights, they ought to earn their parents’ confidence as freedom is a privilege, not an entitlement. Parents are not spending enough time with their children nowadays.

In this affluent society, this topic has indeed ignited a great controversy among people from all walks of life especially in our beloved nation. In the eyes of society, it is obviously undeniable that parents are spending lesser time at homes but more and more time in the offices.If we look back in time, only one parent will be the sole breadwinner for the whole family while another parent will take care of their children and other arduous tasks of domestic chores. However, as time passes and trends evolve, both parents have to work in a bid to support their family as well as their hiking living expenses.

To me, I strongly agree with this statement. Now, here is a very interesting question. Why do parents spend lesser time with children nowadays? Below are the reasons why this condition occurs in our country.For starters, it may be said without fear of contradiction that parents are not spending enough time with children because they are too busy and tied-up with their careers. This is due to the reason that parents are caught up in a rat race to earn more and more money. They have a mindset that says it is much more vital to give their children the opportunity to live better lives than to eve them love and time. To further illustrate on this point, some people rather spend their time to socialize with clients instead of spending quality time with their children.When the managers or employers ask them to work overseas and overtime, parents will also consent readily because they can definitely earn more through this way.

They believe in the saying which goes like this, “no money, no talk”. Therefore, they are willing to sacrifice their children and put their careers as the first priority. As an impact, children are neglected and are often put into someone else’s care. Hence, it goes without eying that parents are not spending time with children because their work and careers have occupied their minds.Second to that, another reason which needs serious consideration would be parents who think that children are a burden to them and also an albatross around their necks.

This is an account Of having children will indirectly limit parents freedom. In everything that parents want to do, they have to put their children into consideration first. The phenomena discussed cannot be fully understood without reference to some examples available such as parents can hardly go for dates alone and they even have no time for each there.

When they want to go on vacations, they have to crack their brains to think of places which are suitable for children too. In order words, having children needs their devotion as parents, not as lovebirds. Subsequently, parents who think that children are nothing but a big burden to them will never be able to understand their children’s feeling.

As such, facts speak for themselves and it is true that parents seldom allocate time for children because they feel that children are a heavy burden to them. On top of that, the third reason which contributes to this situation is that here is a big generation gap between parents and children.This is in light of fact that parents and children come from totally different generations as well as eras. As matter of fact, they are poles apart from each other. For instance, parents and children can hardly talk or chat about the similar topics.

They also have different interests from each other. Let me quote an example, during parents’ childhood, they are easily satisfied by just being able to play in a playground. However, children nowadays are Obsessed with online games and they rather spend time cooped up in their rooms than to go outsides.Accordingly, the relationship between parents and children will become distant and sour. Thus, there is ample evidence that parents are not spending time with children because of a big generation gap in between them.

Last but not least, parents use materials to pamper their children. This is due to the reason that parents want to reduce their sense of guilt to their children as they are occupied with their jobs. To further illustrate on this point, parents will buy a lot of technological devices such as Phone-as, Pad, Samsung Galaxy and so on for their children as to make up to them.In my mint of view, I strongly disagree with this method.

This is in light of the fact that children will only become materialistic as time passes. They will have the desire to gain more technological devices so that they can flaunt in front of their peers. In other words, they will become addicted to these devices and parents who keep fulfilling their demands to buy the latest gadgets will soon make them feel that it is an entitlement. Thus, the method commonly used by parents to get rid of their sense of guilt is to buy materials to satisfy their children as they cannot allocate time to accompany them.

All words in one, these are the reasons why parents are not spending enough time with children nowadays. In fact, parents must realize that having children will also mean that their responsibilities will be doubled. If they do not have the commitment to give their children time, care, devotion and most importantly, love, then they should not start a family in the first place. A healthy family must come with positive and responsible parents. SUccess comes to those who work hard. In today’s age of information and technology, this issue has ignited a great controversy among people from all walks of life.Nowadays, in our societal backdrop, a lot of people tend to think that there is a shortcut to SUccess. However, the reality is not what we expect it to be.

Only those who work hard and believe in themselves will be able to acquire and taste real success. From my perspective, strongly see eye to eye with this statement. Below are the reasons why I stand my grounds firmly.

For starters, it may be said without fear of contradiction that people who work hard will keep learning incessantly. This is because these people are mostly humble and to them, the more they know, the more they want to learn.For instance, the creator of Apple, Steve Jobs was a person who worker very hard to bring his company into fame.

He kept learning new technology etc apply into his products and thus, phones are successfully introduced to the world. In addition to that, Mark, Seersucker the creator of the prominent social network of all time, Backbone is also a person who works hard to succeed. He learns about the demands and needs of teenagers. Eventually, Backbone is created due to his continuous learning.

As a result, people who learn continuously can widen their knowledge. As the maxim goes, “Knowledge is power”.Hence, it is true that learning non- stop is one of the reasons why people who work hard will become successful. Second to that, the second reason why people who work hard will succeed is because they do not give up easily. This is due to the reason that they are not scared of failures.

To them, failure is the stepping stone towards success. For instance, we can take a look at inventors from the olden days as reference. Thomas Alva Edison, the scientist who created light bulbs, had failed countless of times before he succeeded. Every time he failed, he told himself he could do better and he never once gave up.Furthermore, Alexander Graham Bell was definitely another inventor who would not admit defeat. He kept experimenting until he successfully invented the telegraph and telephone.

As a matter of fact, we need to thank them for giving us a better life. Consequently, people who work hard can gain experience from their failures. Thus, it is obvious that not giving up is a reason why success comes to those who work hard. On top of that, people who work hard will definitely find ways to attain their goals. Unlike the majority, people who work hard will try all means and they are usually goal-oriented.They do not find excuses as well as limit homeless.

They believe that they can do it and nothing is impossible. To quote an example, PSYCH, the Korean singer who becomes famous because of the hit song, “Poppa Kananga Style”, succeeds since he dares to be different from the other singers. His style is to dress classy but dance cheeky, which makes him extraordinary compared to other singers who only care about their images.

PSYCH finds for ways to become successful in the entertainment Industry’ and he succeeds, killing the thoughts that a successful singer must have good- looks.Accordingly, people who work hard believe that their effort will be paid in the end. There is a quote that says, you reap what you sow.

Therefore, it goes without saying that people who work hard attain success by finding alternatives to reach their goals. Last but not emphatically least, another reason why people who work hard will succeed is because they will be disciplined in their daily life. This is in light of the fact that they have high demands towards themselves. To them, no pain, no gain. As such, they demand themselves to become more disciplined than many others who are of their age.To further illustrate on this point, Data Lee Chon Wee, the world ranking number one badminton player is a ere disciplined and hardworking athlete. He attends the badminton training with his coach daily. To be the best among the best, he also continues attending the badminton training to improve his skills without fail although sometimes, he was sick or even injured.

Moreover, President Obama, the first black president in LISA can also be categorized as a disciplined person. This is due to the reason that he is always punctual- oriented. He is never late and he is usually the earliest person to arrive at the venue of the event.

Henceforth, facts speak for themselves that people who are disciplined will lead them towards success. All words in One, people who work hard will often succeed by the end Of the day. The younger generations should try to adapt these characteristics into their lives if they yearn for success. They must bear in mind that Rome is not built in a day and in order to achieve success, they must climb the steps and pay enough effort. If you have the chance, which foreign language would you like to study? In this age of information and technology, this issue has definitely sparked a great pandemonium among people from all walks of life.In the eyes of society, language is very important to enable us to communicate smoothly. Language is also increasingly becoming vital to prevent misunderstandings over the population. There are more than 6000 languages worldwide and the English language tops the chart.

As such, if I have the chance, I will definitely study the English language. There are many reasons for my stand to opt English. For starters, it may be said without fear of contradiction that I will not be looked down by others if I master English well.

This is because among all the languages in the world, English is one of the hardest languages to master. Take the English pronunciation for example. Some English words are difficult o pronounce such as novel, chaos, horizon and so on. Besides, English grammar is also difficult to comprehend because there are too many rules to remember. As result, people around me will take their hats off in admiration at me because can speak English fluently. Hence, it is true that by learning English, others will not dare to decry me at all.Second to that, another reason why I opt to study English is because I will not be cheated easily if I have good commands in the language.

This is due to the reason that by mastering the language, will be able to understand more about the meanings of English sentences. For instance, I can make out the contents of the contracts of perfectly when I need to sign them. I can also comprehend the terms and conditions written on the contracts perfectly as well. Consequently, will not be ashamed of myself and in the meantime, can also indirectly prevent myself from being cheated by scampers.As the maxim goes, prevention is better than cure.

Thus, it goes without saying that the English language can indeed prevent me from being cheated easily. On top of that, it goes without saying that English is the international language in this modern society. This is due to the reason that many entries are using the English language such as SACS, Singapore, Canada and so on. For example, all the business transactions are carried out using English. Moreover, if I want to further my studies overseas, I ought to master the English language very well to prevent communication problem.

Subsequently, I can go overseas smoothly as can communicate with others in English very well. As such, English is very important as it is the international language and this is the main reason why I opt to study English. Last but not least, another reason why I choose to study English is because f master English, I can find jobs easily. This is because many companies emphasis on English in their management. For example, layover’s use English to debate for their clients in the court. Furthermore, accountants indeed need to use good English in their careers to audit their accounting statements.

In addition, English is the passport for doctors to communicate with their patients and write the prescription. As an impact, my future will be bright if I master the English language. English is infirmity choice if I want to study a foreign language because it allows me to find jobs easily. All words in one, these are the reasons why would choose to study English.

Since English is really significant nowadays, am also prepared to go all out and double my efforts to master the language in a bid to attain my dreams to become a successful person. Where there is a will, there is a way.I strongly believe that nothing is impossible and so is mastering English. Do you think parents should be sent to a home in old age? In this age of information and technology, this issue has definitely sparked a great pandemonium among people from all walks of life. In fact, as we are all aware f, old folks homes and nursing homes are mushrooming in almost all countries in the world.

Millions of older people are homeless even in so-called advanced countries. Everything here evidently points to the fact that not all children look after their aged parents.It is indeed pathetic to see these old souls living in charity homes, with just the bare necessities of life and minus all their loved ones, just waiting for death to come and claim them. In my opinion, I think that every child should look after their parents if possible.

However, life is unpredictable. Some children could not tend to their aged arenas due to certain circumstances. First and foremost, one of the reasons why children must look after their parents is because it is children’s duty as well as responsibility.

Think about it. Parents look after us when we are young.Therefore, it is only logical if we tend to them when they are old. We should never abandon them. For example, we must take care of their daily necessities in life.

As their children, we should also carry out filial piety by remembering their birthdays and anniversaries. As a result, we can repay our parents’ sacrifices and contribution to us. We should bear in mind not to be a snake in their bosoms after all they have done to provide us with good lives. Thus, it is clear that it is children’s duty to look after their parents instead of sending them to charity homes.On top of that, if adult children look after their aged parents well, they can indirectly become good role models to their own children in the future. This is because their own children only follow their own parents’ actions. As the maxim goes, monkey see, monkey do. In children’s naive minds, they always assume that adults are correct.

For instance, if adult children abandon heir own parents in charity homes, it is understandable if their children do the Same to them in the near future. After all, a bad tree will never yield a good apple.Consequently, if adult children look after their parents well, they will also instill gratefulness into their children’s mindsets. Needless to say, their children will grow up to become thankful people with positive virtues.

Therefore, it is true that adult children can show good role models to their own children if they look after their own parents. However, there are some instances when children do not even have the abilities to tend to their parents. They want to fulfill their filial piety, but they are unable to do so. For example, some children may face health issues since young.In such cases, sending parents off to old folks home is indeed a Hobnobs choice for them. How could a child with Town’s syndrome or depression look after his own parents? Besides, in this fast-paced society, adult can also face problems such as being jobless and therefore, they are in critical financial crisis.

If they do not even have money to support their own lives, how could they feed their own parents? Indeed, it is true when they say here is a skeleton in everyone’s closet. As a consequence, these children can only opt to send their parents to charity homes so that their parents can obtain better care there.As such, it is undeniable that some children really do not have the capabilities to look after themselves, let alone their parents. Last but not emphatically least, parents are sent to charity homes because some children are inevitably busy with their work and careers. They are busy with their own schedules in this fast-paced society and therefore, they hardly have any time to accompany their parents. Another apparent reason is cause children also need to support their own family after they get married.For example, it is not unusual if children work overseas or go socializing late at night in order to earn money. After all, they might be the sole breadwinners for their new family.

As such, they send parents off to charity homes so that parents will not be that lonely. In charity homes, their parents can also have company of the some age. So, it might not be a bad idea anyhow because it is better than to leave them at home alone. Therefore, it is true that some children send their parents off to charity moms because they have their fingers in every pie and too tied-up in the rat race.In a nutshell, there are various reasons why parents should not be sent to charity homes and also various reasons why they should be sent there. If children can look after their parents, then they should use all means to be filial to their parents. Health is better than wealth. In this age of information and technology, this issue has definitely sparked a great pandemonium among people from all walks of life.

Nowadays, many people are career-oriented. They stress on their work and choose to neglect their own health. In the end, they will regret heir stubbornness, but it is always too late to cry over spilt milk.In my point of view, I strongly feel that health is better than wealth. No matter how rich, intelligent and powerful a man is, he cannot be happy if his health is poor.

Good health is the best wealth. Below are my reasons for my stand on this. First and foremost, it may be said without fear of contradiction that with good health, we can definitely earn a better sum of money. This is because only with good health, we can focus more on the work at hand.

For example, when we are in the pink, we can think of more ideas and hence, we can be reductive at work.

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