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Robotic soccer outmoded
chess as a encounter problem and level for artificial intelligence research and
positions many challenges for robotics. The international Robocup championships
bred to the most important robotic competition worldwide. After introductory
competitions, for the first time soccer games with humanoid robots were played
in Osaka 2005.

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1 Introduction:-

What drives thousands of investigators
worldwide to dedicate their inspiration and energy to mark robots carry a ball
into a goal? The answer lies not only in the attraction of the soccer game, but
relatively in the pursuit to improvement the fields of artificial intelligence
research and robotics. AI researchers underway to explore games early-on.
Already in the Fifties of the last century, Simon predicted that computers
would be able to win against the human world champion within ten years. Playing
chess was observed as personification of intelligence. The overriding view at
that time was that human intelligence could be virtual by operating Symbols.
While the world champion in chess was beaten by a machine in 1997, human
intelligence is quiet far from actuality understood.

RoboCup Competition:-

“Inspired by the achievements in the chess field, the
RoboCup Group categorizes since 1997 international robotic soccer competitions.
Similar competitions are prearranged by the competing FIRA. The long-standing
goal of the RoboCup Federation is to improve by the year 2050 a team of
humanoid soccer robots that successes in contradiction of the FIFA world
champion. The soccer game was designated for the competitions, because, as opposite
to chess, numerous players of one team must work together in a lively
environment. Sensory signals must be construed in real-time and must be converted
into apposite activities. The soccer competitions do not test isolated mechanisms,
but two systems contest with each other.”

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