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Abstract–This study consists of research upon android architecture. In this research, a detail has been discussed about structure of android and how phone features depends upon software more than hardware. Today, android development is constantly improving day by day both in term of software features or hardware support at the same time. As most of our android users know basic types of features in OS of androids such as making calls, sending text message and charging the system settings etc. Well, All android users know these but not enough for development of OS. So question rises that what details are required to know about android which we are going to discuss in this paper.

The details which we are going to discuss will be about android’s main frame and its design. Android’s design is Linux kernel-based. Its architecture model adds the use of Linux to the mobile industry, allowing taking advantage of the knowledge and features offered by Linux. This paper presents a brief introduction to Android operating system, and some discussion about its version history. Furthermore, the discussion goes through architecture of the operating system, difference between Android modified kernel and Linux kernel, new Android Runtime environment ART, security. Keywords: Android architecture, Android run time environment, Linux kernel, Libraries of android operating system. 1.

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INTRODUCTION The applications on the market today are mostly commercial applications, and contain a large number of built-in advertising. If the user prefers to remove the built-in advertising, a certain price must be paid to reach that and this is not convenient. Meanwhile, because of the unfair competition of IT, many applications built illegal program to steal user information and cause some damage to user’s personal privacy. Sometimes, users will pay more attention to the user experience of software. Therefore, the development of the application can not only be limited to the function, more attention should be paid to the user’s experience.

After studying some previous Android applications and access to large amounts of materials, we utilize the Java language, the Eclipse platform, Android ADT and the Android SDK to develop these three mobile applications. These systems have a nice interface and smooth operation. These Apps won’t steal any personal information, but can exclude useless information and bring a wonderful user experience. In recent years, emergence of smart phones has changed the way mobile phones are used. It is no longer used just for making calls or messages, but also has become as essential Part of people daily life.

Day by day, various applications are being introduced to us to make life easier and to make androids more and more productive. Android being an open-source project, it allows it to be fully analyzed and understood, which enables it show possibilities for bug fixing and new innovations for further deployment regarding functionalities and support. On the other hand, its Linux kernel-based architecture model also adds the use of Linux to the mobile industry, allow to take advantage of the knowledge and features offered by Linux. Android OS is supported by a modified version of Linux kernel which is updated from time to time with different versions of Android. Google published its complete source code under an Apache License, which permits vendors to add proprietary extensions that might not be submitted back to the open source community. 2. RELATED WORK To better understand this concept we have to go through with mentioned related work.

Android architecture is consisting of following basic design. 

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