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            The FedEx Corporation is an American originated courier
company that was founded in 1971. There is a great deal of questions that are
associated with efficiency and how operations continue to improve. This paper
will describe the company with a brief overview, as well as the core business
and identify marketing trends. FedEx is mainly an import and export company and
will discuss the problems these services solve and problems that arise. The
corporation is a highly needed and is competitive industry, they have many
competitors and will go over how this company differentiates itself from the
rest. Finally, discuss the 4 P’s – Product, Price, Place and Promotion of the
service that FedEx provides.

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            The FedEx Corporation is headquartered in Memphis,
Tennessee. It is a courier industry that was founded by Frederick W. Smith in
1971. He proposed a system during his time at Yale University to accommodate
time-sensitive shipments, such as medicine and electronics (FedEx, 2018). The
“Federal Express” produces services for many communities around the world, it
officially began its logistics on April 17th, 1973 with 389 team
members (About FedEx, 2018). That evening, 14 aircraft took off and delivered
186 packages to 25 different cities throughout the United States (About FedEx,
2018). In February 1989 FedEx bought the company Tiger International Inc., it
included the acquisition of routes to 21 different countries and a fleet of
Boeing 747’s and 727’s (FedEx, 2018). At this time FedEx became the world’s
largest full-service airline cargo company. It has since grown to 117,000 employees
(GlobalData, 2017).

            According to the FedEx, their company’s mission is to
provide “superior financial returns for its shareowners by providing high
value-added logistics, transportation and related business services through
focused operating companies. Customer requirements will be met in the highest
quality manner appropriate to each market segment served (FedEx 2018).” This
mission statement is valuable to employees because it clarifies the overall
purpose of the company, in a way that may be applicable to each position. It is
important for an employee to feel valuable, this makes them more productive. FedEx
manages a board profile of transportation, e-commerce and business services. The
core business of FedEx is to maintain its industry-leading operating margins
through innovation and automation, low cost and excellence in execution. The
innovation and automation grounds to build a better business that increased the
efficiency, speed and reliability of delivery. Advanced mapping and address
technology improves precision in planned pick-ups and deliveries. Technological
advancements and automation will lower the cost across the board by putting the
package in the right place and removing human-made errors out of the calculation
(About FedEx, 2018).  FedEx plans to
maintain its brilliant customer service and wants to ensure the proper
execution of its service at all times.

            Whether you choose to ship a package by ground or freight
FedEx will have the solutions one needs to get the product to the right place,
at the right time. It provides services throughout the United States as well as
internationally. Services range from Pick Up & Delivery, to Supply Chain
Management for small companies FedEx has distribution services for
pharmaceuticals with enhanced shipment monitoring as well as aerospace
solutions, helping to build aircraft and maintain them (GlobalData, 2017). FedEx
maintains its high standards using the best equipment. The company relies heavily
on their diverse fleet of aircraft.  One
of the largest aircraft that FedEx has is an Airbus A600F, with a max payload
of 105,000lbs and a range of 2,700 miles (FedEx Aircraft, 2017). The courier
company has also broadened its scope of practice with the purchase of major freight
companies such as; American Freightways and Viking Freight. The addition of
these freight companies has allowed Fedex to excel in major logistics. This is a
small part of a long list of ways in which FedEx provides its services to
customers around the world.

            The air courier is an industry in the world that is
increasing rapidly. Some of the competitors to FedEx include; UPS and DNL
Express. The United Parcel Service is FedEx’s number one competition within the
United States; with the increasing levels of quality, lowering cost and
increasing customer satisfaction (Business Insights, 2017). The products that
FedEx offers are a wide range of services across the globe. This includes:
shipping, tracking and managing all of your shipments (Business Insights, 2017).
Price of the service depends on the size of the product, and this increases
their margins. Earlier in FedEx they used to ship by weight, but that took up
space during transportation, even though it might only weigh a few pounds. The
Place, is all across the globe, they give good customer tracking. People are
able to sign up for an account with FedEx and have things scheduled for pick
up. One of FedEx’s Promotions is FedEx Cares campaign and they focus on 5
aspects, Delivering for good, sustainable transportations, employment pathways,
road safety and global entrepreneurship. They engage many different promotional
aspects and with a rapidly increasing global market FedEx will need to stay
ahead of its competitors.


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