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– This is the method to classic designing of electronics based robotics
components like sensors and effectors in a network to solve the problems
related to skin of human body with the help of Artificial Intelligence Agent.    


– Electronics Components, Designing, Human Body Sensors, Environment, Artificial
Intelligent Agent

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I.  Introduction

a days there are a huge dieses present in the environment especially in metro
cities like Mumbai. Human body is a type of network of sensors like eye, nose,
skin, ears & tongue. To deal with problems related with these sensors   we have to apply some network layers or
artificial intelligent agents. We know that we can implement different
artificial intelligent agent for different sensor. In environment there are
many skin related dieses presents because of humidity. The most common problem
is present related with the skin is rings. To treat these problems we are
implementing the artificial intelligent agent which gives you the flexibility
and autonomy to deal with skin dieses. We can implement the area based
artificial intelligent agent. To have this area based artificial intelligent
agent we will use the classic network with the help of laser. Here using the
artificial intelligent agent we can cover the area or point to point location.

II. Human Body Sensors

        To deal
with problems related with skin 1 we need to just have the study about the
sensors of human body. We know Eye, ears, nose, throat & skin are the
sensors of human body. We are going to concentrate on the skin sensor and the
problems related with skin dieses like rings. Because of humid atmosphere in
Mumbai people are facing the dieses like rings where the sweat persists.
Because of sweat persistence for long time micro fungal is formed and that will
lead to rings and it will grow rapidly on skin and after that in blood cells.
Global warming and pollution are the reasons to form the skin dieses like
rings. Unhealthy food and life style of metro cities are also the countable
reason to skin related problems. These skin dieses can avoid but these dieses
are grows so fast in body and blood cells that any human being should take care
about all necessary preventions with atmospheric changes. In some cases we need
to treat some skin related problems by artificial intelligent agents like acne
and pigmentation.

        Here we
want to solve the problem related with skin because of micro fungal which leads
to rings. Artificial intelligent agents will work with effectors to react on
sensors. There are certain disadvantages related with this method are area
tissues will be damage because of temperature and current passing through the
human body. Different human sensors and skin is also delicate sensor of human
body, before applying the artificial intelligent agent on human sensor using
the effectors some tests need to perform on human body.            

body can resists the temperature or currents up to certain range. The metal of
good conductor is used for passing the rays by laser. 

III. Classic Electronic

        Laser is
electronics component which is used as a reactor. The current controlling
components like diode and resistors are used in network. Using laser we can
implement the area based or point to point position effectors. We need to
percept the environment and need to calculate the current passing through the
laser using effectors.

components used to form the classic electronics network are resistors,
capacitors & power sources. We need to match the frequency and current
passing through the network.


The resistor is a component used in the classic electronics network.
Resistor is a component which controls the resistance in the closed circuits.


Capacitor is a component which stores the charge on plate proportional
to the voltage across it.

The capacitance C is in Farads


Laser is a component used for the precise photo thermal application.


Power supply will provide the regulated DC supply to the whole assembly.

Network is shown below is to
limit the current which passes through laser.

The AC
potential generated by the resistive network should tolerable by the skin of
human body and skin as skin is very delicate part of human body. Using current
limiting resistive network

generate the AC potential which is tolerable to the human body using resistor
network is possible by providing a 10 V peak to peak DC supply with 20 Hz
sinusoidal signal was applied across a 1 M? current limiting resistor using a
waveform generator which will give a 6.5-6.9?A root- mean-square AC current across
the output of the circuit.

Fig. 1 shows the network
used to limit the current

IV. Artificial Intelligent

        The Artificial
Intelligent Agent is working in different layers which are functioned to
provide autonomy, flexibility and to works on particular area with two
different motions one is continuous path and another is discrete path. When we
are dealing with bigger area then we are following continuous path and for some
examples where area is not wide and not continuous then we are using discrete
path. These are about motion methods. Now we are concentrating on types of
artificial intelligent agents which are based on area, motion and application
based agents examples are humans & robots.

        Here we
are used the area based artificial intelligent agent.

The intelligent agent works on the fundamentals
acting, sensing & understanding

 A.   Area Based Artificial Intelligent Agent

Area based Artificial Intelligent Agent will act on
selected area by actuator or effectors. In this kind of selector, the area is
selected by human intervention or by sensor. After selection of area artificial
intelligent agent will act on selected area. This is a kind of rational process
of intelligent agent. Here in this method the action of the effectors will work
on particular area only. 

The percept is another aspect on that basis we have to
choose the effective area. Considering percepts sensor need to work on area
which has been selected. The conditions present in the agent with respect to
area need to consider. The conditions need to satisfy to take action by the
actuator on the selected area. Area which is satisfying the conditions has to
expose by the actuators or effectors. There is cool head present with effectors
to gentler the collision of high energy output with the effective area.

Area based artificial agent is the easiest way to deal
with the skin related dieses. In this artificial agent we are having autonomy
and flexibility to work on area. The block diagram of area based agent and
environment is shown in fig. 2.

In area based artificial intelligent agent there are
two ways to perform the action on selected area one is point to point motion
and another is continuous path motion. In case of skin related problems the
motion which can implement is the point to point method as area is very less if
thinking with respect to human body. If area is wide and the human body can
tolerate the continuous contact of actuator or connectors then we can implement
the continuous motion.

The goal is the targeted area where the actuator or
effectors need to work. The goal which is targeted by artificial agent by
considering all precepts and conditions need to mark for further actions.    

After setting the goal check the goal marked properly
or need to correct the goal. We can choose the number of goals at a time by
considering the precepts and conditions of agents. There is requirement of cool
head as when the high energy output is generated by laser nozzle first we need
to cool down the selective area as high temperature is generated with high
energy. Here cool head is contacted with selective area with very low
temperature is made up of copper metal.



Fig. 2 block diagram of area based agent and


V. Methodology

To deal with dieses related with skin is very complex
as skin cannot tolerate high temperature and another thing is light intensity should
be match with skin. These above are important issue related with the skin of
human body.

Precise microsurgery technique 2 is the way by which
skin related problems can be solved. Selective photo thermal effect using laser
is the precise technique to solve the skin related dieses. This is very safe
and effective technique with the artificial intelligent agent. In selective photo
thermal effect we can select the specific area and can target the area.

Photo thermal effect is process done by laser as laser
gives you precision in technique. Laser gives you proper wavelength & the
length of its pulse. 

By controlling the laser pulse time gives energy busts
for short duration. With this method can generate enough power to affect the
selected area of the body.

The energy which is generated by laser can be absorbed
by molecule present on the selective area.



Fig. 3 shows laser nozzle of 15by15 laser with
effective area & selective area with high energy output


VI. The Classic Network

The main component of this classic network is laser.
The lasers are differentiating on the basis of the kind of lasing medium they
use-solid state, gas, excimer, dye or semiconductor.

The characteristics here used by laser are the
duration of laser emission. There are two characteristics of laser emission are
continuous wave emission and pulsed laser. The normal mode operation is in
pulse duration is of a few hundred microseconds to a few milliseconds. This
normal mode operation is also referred as long pulse.

We know the theory 3 that in room temperature there
are many molecules in rotational state can select for selective photo thermal
effect. A fundamental theory is present in selection of photo thermal sample.
The spacing of adjacent absorption lines must be wider than Doppler width of
the line for one photon state selection. Distribution of colors decides the
line width which further forms a group of molecules absorbs as a result of the
distribution of molecule speeds. When molecule travels in atmosphere shift is
present at instance in the absorption, towards laser beam is f-f0=f0
(?/c), where c is the speed of light, and f0 and f are
frequencies of laser light.

According to Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution of
velocities will lead to the absorption line becomes a Gaussian Function is
represented by F(f) is given below:



A molecular beam at room temperature in the high
pressure reservoir with typically Po=0.5-10 atm travel in random
direction with a Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution of speeds.

The z direction defines the vibration rate, y
direction defines rotational rate and x direction defines translational
relaxation rate. All relaxation rate are differs as cooling of the various
internal energies stops at different distances from the nozzle and therefore at
different temperature. Therefore the cooling for the various degree of freedom
is possible.

The translation temperature which is defined in terms
of the width of the velocity distribution decreases with the distance from the
nozzle. As the temperature drops collisions become gentler and internal energy
of the molecules flows to the translational modes. It will get cooler
eventually. The directions in which the gas expands is x and y direction. The
molecular beam flows in Z direction.



Fig. 4 shows a molecular beam at room temperature
travel in random direction with a Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution of speeds.


The molecules are passes from the high-pressure region
into the vacuum with a narrow speed distribution. The angular distribution can
be approximated by a cos ? function in which ? is the velocity angle relative
to the beam direction.

The wavelength ? in meters can be calculated with the
equation as velocity of the wave v is in meters/sec and the frequency of the
wave f is in waves/sec. Therefore the wavelength is given below:


? = v/f


Here ? is the wavelength in meters considering 15
meters as wavelength and calculating frequency of the wave f with 3000


f = 3000/min × 1 min/60 sec = 50 waves/sec

molecular velocity can be calculated using equation given below:


v = ? × f


v = 15 m × 50 waves/sec


v = 750 meters/sec


For implementing laser classic network of artificial
intelligent the molecular velocity of the wave by passing through a medium is
at 750 m/s requires wavelength of 15 meters and with frequency 50 waves/sec.




Fig. 5 Frequency response for IR absorption of 6% HF
in a beam obtained with a laser arrangement shown in fig. 4


There is one way of measuring the two translational
temperature as well as molecular beam velocity is by Doppler shift measurements
in which an absorbing laser beam is passed through the two different angles.
The fig. 4 shows the arrangement of laser beam. Fig. 4 shows the frequency
response for IR absorption of 6% HF in a beam obtained with a laser


VI. Conclusion

The implementation of effective method using Classic Network of Robotics Sensors and
Effectors in Field of Artificial Intelligent is uses
the area based artificial agent with the laser sensor with the molecular
velocity of the wave by passing through a medium is at 750 m/s requires
wavelength of 15 meters and with frequency 50 waves/sec.

The figure 6 shows the effective panel of classic
network to provide solution on skin dieses using artificial intelligent agent
with above specification. In this panel first pulse shows the energy pulse of
laser beam, second wave shows pulse duration of wave and last is frequency of



Fig. 6 shows the effective panel of artificial
intelligent agent


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