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Abstract:      With the development of society, more and more people become stressful because of the different pressure from the different aspects. Different sexes will suffer different challenges. This paper is going to talk about that it is better to be a man or a woman. Through inquiring all kinds of information, this article expounds from different perspectives, and analyzes why people choose to be men better than women.Through my investigation, I found that people will compare man and woman from work ,family and physical characteristics.Through this article, we can see why people have different opinions about being male or female.and we can understand the hidden factors.With the progress of society, the quickening of the rhythm of life and work and the increasingly fierce competition, the pressure of people is gradually increasing.

The increase of population size or living standard increases social pressure and pressure to migration(Chen,2013). In the rapid development of society, people play a more and more important social role. Different roles give people more connotations, such as responsibility, courage, career and love. But at the same time, the pressure, contradictions and anxiety are brought to us. It is not difficult to find the word “tired” which has the highest frequency in all walks of life. There are two different social groups, men and women, behind it.

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There is a more and more intense debate about being a man or a woman.Because of the different angles, everyone’s reason is not the same. Some people think that it is better to be a woman, because women enjoy special treatment in some places. The father goes out to work and has a short time at home with the children, and the relationship between the children and the mother would be better.Men need to face more pressure to earn money to support their families, and sometimes some diseases will only be passed on to men.

However, some people think that it is better to be a man than a woman, men have more power and prestige from ancient times(Plourde,2010) , they can pay more attention to their work and realize their dreams, while women often suffer from gender discrimination at work and the pain of birth and menstruation.First of all, some people may think that it is better to be a woman than a man because women sometimes enjoy special treatment on some occasions.Respect for women is an important aspect of a gentleman’s demeanor. Women’s priority is a code of conduct that everyone knows.

There are many examples of women’s priorities or women’s preferences in many parts of life. For example, if men and women enter the room together, the man needs to open the door for the lady. Entering a room or entering a restaurant is mostly a woman walking in front, unless the man has to choose the table, open the door or do other service in the front of the lady. When walking in the street or crossing the street, the man is walking along the side of the car beside the lady.Women’s priority, which originated in the west, is an internationally recognized etiquette principle. In intercultural communication, this principle is considered to be civilized, cultivated and gentlemanly. Violating this principle is a serious impolite expression(Zhou,2013). However, some people may think that it is better to be a man than a woman because women are easily discriminated against in their work.

Many companies tend to discriminate against women when they are recruited, and their hiring intentions tend to be biased toward men. Zhang said that the existence of gender discrimination in the labor market caused double losses of benefits and economic efficiency and the interaction with human capital investments. It seriously hinders the women’s equal enjoyment of labor rights, affects the rational use of female talent resources and leads to the idle and waste of human resources in society (2015, 325-339).

Although women sometimes enjoy special treatment on some occasions, I still think it’s better to be a man, because women tend to be sexually discriminated against in some jobs. It’s good to be able to enjoy a lot of priorities in a woman’s life. But it is more important to compare which aspect is more significant. Discrimination in women’s job can make women lose a good job.

Women may miss an opportunity to achieve their dreams and their efforts may be wasted. If women don’t have a job, they may not be able to earn money to support themselves, let alone reduce the burden at home. Women won’t lose too much without a woman’s priority, and at most, it’s not so convenient, and it doesn’t really affect women’s life. In contrast, job discrimination will affect their dreams and lives, and how serious it is.Second, some people may think that it is better to be a woman than a man because the father goes out to work and has a short time at home with the children, and the relationship between the children and the mother would be better. Generally, in a family, men usually go out to make money and women are at home.

This may be due to the influence of traditional ideas, because in ancient times men went out hunting and women were spinning at home, and they had a clear division of labor(Statt,1994). It is because of the fact that men usually go out to work in modern society, so they actually spend less time staying at home with their children, while women usually spend more time with their children at home, and obviously the relationship between women and children is closer. A study done by Onibokun(1992) shows that out of the 16 hours an average child is awake, the typical child in the Nigerian and American sample spends most of his or her time with the mother. The typical American child spends 10 hours and 42 minutes with the mother, while the average Nigerian father and the average American father each spends less than one hour with the child. 

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