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About 20km east of Kampot, Kep Sur Mer was a thriving resort town of French and Cambodian elite during the early 20th century. During the Khmer Rouge period, many houses and French colonial villas in Kep were destroyed. However, Kep still remains a charming seaside resort. It is recommended for the tropical beauty of its accessible road, its excellent seafood, its beautiful beaches, old colonial houses (and their scars of war) and the possibility of excursions on nearby enchanting islands.Less tourism activities than Sihanoukville, Kep Sur Mer is interesting for those who want to relax in authenticity and tranquility. Its beaches consist mainly of mangrove and black rocks but not white sand like in Sihanoukville.AttractionsCrab Market comprises a string of wooden restaurants along seashore besides being a simple place where fisherman can gather and trade their catch. Those serve all kinds of seafood you can imagine. However, due to over-fishing of crab, chef may refer you to other dishes if you don’t want to eat crab that is more benefited for sustainable development of the town. Menus in those restaurants vary from Khmer and Western dishes to fulfill all your demand.Kep beach is long soft sand beach. It’s full of Cambodian families in weekend coming here to relax and enjoy the sun. In weekday, it is more peaceful and perfect for who want private and totally relaxed holiday. During French colonial days, this is a famous seaside town for parties with sport cars and glamour villas.Koh and Koh Tonsay Svay islands are located 4 km for Kep town. In Khmer language, Koh Tonsay refers to “Rabbit Island”. From the dock of Kep town, small boats will bring you to totally different atmosphere staying away from hustle and bustle city life. As it’s not developed as mass tourism attractions, it lacks of recreation and entertainment activities. As result, those islands are suitable for relaxation and escape trip.Kep National Park: another option is trekking and walking in small trails but lovely scenery of Kep national park. It is 8km long track in a circuit or interior track heading right into the jungle.

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