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The San Beda College-College of Nursing was established in March 2003 under a Memorandum of Agreement with Loyola Medical Foundation, Inc. and San Beda College, in response to the growing need for nurses in the Philippines and throughout the world. The College offers a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree course, which is competency based, community-oriented and Christian value-based education.

Effective and efficient curriculum implementation is reflected in providing theories (didactics) of professional subjects prior to exposure in the clinical area, thereby giving students a competitive edge in terms of cognitive competency needed in the Related Learning Experiences Continuous community service through a sustained collaboration with government and non-government agencies, leadership training and evidence based research are emphasized and threaded throughout the different professional courses.In its pursuit of sustained quality education, SBC CON has provided more than adequate clinical learning areas in two base hospitals namely: Seamen’s Hospital (100 bed capacity tertiary hospital) and AFP Medical Center (1,200 bed capacity government hospital) plus other affiliating hospitals such as Philippine Heart Center, National Kidney and Transplant Institute, Lung Center of the Philippines, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Jose Fabella Hospital, Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center, Ospital ng Maynila Medical Centet, National Center for Mental Health, Philippine Orthopedic Center, Manila Health Department, Quezon City Health Department, Philippine National Red Cross Manila and Quezon City Chapters, and an adopted community in Barangay Muzon, City of San Jose del Monte,Bulacan.SBC CON has woven a nursing program that provides holistic development of students through value-oriented curricular and co-curricular activities and extracurricular activities.

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Vision-Mission The SBC-CON envisions “to become as one of the finest nursing schools” as affirmed by the following articulations of the SBC-CON Core Values. Core Values 1. Holistic development of contemporary lifelong learners 2. Nursing aptitude and capability building for lifelong effectiveness 3.

Training and development of related health care multiple competencies 4. Knowledge, Skills and Attitude (KSA) competency learning for global competitiveness EXTERNAL ANALYSIS OPPORTUNITIES* Strong potential to become Centre of Excellence in nursing education, * Have the opportunity to become popular nursing school in the Philippines * Young and accommodating staffs provided with seminars about new trends in healthcare * Nursing students may have the opportunities to be the best nurse in san Beda College and also in the Philippines * Strong potential for developing new and innovative nursing programs to meet the growing needs for graduate nursing education in san Beda college * Increase career services for students * Promote the Honors program * Expand student activities THREATS * Tuition fees are high and unaffordable for local students. * Increase competition to other nursing student * Increase of nursing graduate student in the philippines

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