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Rajrupa is a budding museum professional with a Master of
Letters degree in Dress and Textile Histories from the University of Glasgow.
Born and raised in one of the oldest and crowded metropolises in India;
Kolkata, the city was her first inspiration for her love for history and
culture. The city’s past which could still be seen today through the nooks and
crannies and crevices of the old architecture has always enchanted her and
piqued her interest in learning the journey of society. She strongly believes
that to understand any culture and its contribution to human civilization one
needs to start from its food and clothing habits. Her passionate endeavor is to
make a meaningful contribution to the field of research, curation and the
business of art. Her research interest is focused on using interdisciplinary
methods to the existing literary, material and cultural evidences of the
couture culture of South and Central Asia.

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She has a Bachelors in Fine Arts and Visual Culture as well
as Art History from Government College of Art and Craft, one of India’s most
prestigious and oldest art institutes under the University of Calcutta. With a
keen eye and interest for dress and textiles she found a very defined niche to
pursue her passion at the University of Glasgow. While studying there Rajrupa
interned with the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre as a curatorial assistant.
Her duties involved research and provenance, preventive conservation and
collections management of decorative objects, mostly costumes and accessories
from the early 20th Century.

Rajrupa has worked with INTACH (Indian National Trust for
Art and Cultural Heritage) as a research associate. She was part responsible
for the planning of educational and social interactive programs of the ‘Acharya
Bhavan – A Science Museum’ project.

Rajrupa joined one of India’s most celebrated luxury fashion
houses Sabyasachi Couture as the researcher and analyst of designs. While
working there she was exposed to the production process of garments and other
aspects of the trade. Her responsibilities included managing and curating the
works of artists in residence, research and development of designs, and
digitizing, cataloging, archiving and documenting old collections and
historical artefacts. She has also handled the intellectual property rights
accounts with support from the legal department, and analyzed cost of approved
design samples as well as managed external vendors to ensure maintenance of
needed resources.

Prior to her foray into dress and textiles, Rajrupa had
worked in the corporate sector as designer for Cognizant Technology Solutions
India Pvt Ltd, one of India’s largest IT companies, and The Telegraph, a
national English daily newspaper. She has extensive experience working with a
wide variety of people, and catering to different demands of the position.
Furthermore, working in high pressure environments such as a newsroom has given
her the ability to be decisive, and hone her communication skills. Her work as
a designer and as a cataloguer and curatorial assistant has also given me the
ability to take detailed, technical data and present it in a manner that
non-technical people can understand and grasp.

Research Interest

Rajrupa’s research interest lies in the Material Culture in South
and Central Asia. It focuses in the interdisciplinary social aspects of the medieval
history of the Silk Route to understand the evolution of dress and textiles.

The Culture of Conspicuous Consumption and Collecting in
Colonial India and Beyond. With a focus in the habit of conspicuous consumption
and wealth and its impact in modern society.

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