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Abortion Bilbo BagginsAbortions The fact that people even think abortion is an alternative to pregnancy is amazing. It has become a very popular decision among young, female adults. According to the CDC, a majority of all abortions occur with females between the ages of nineteen and twenty-four. The question on when life actually begins is thought about and debated over frequently. Many people have many opinions about when life actually begins.

For some, life has begun at conception. Others believe life begins at quickening, when the baby is about forty days old. And still, others believe life does not begin until the baby is viable and can live outside of the mother?s womb. Mary, a woman in her early forties with four children, finds out she is pregnant.

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She and her husband, Dave, did not plan on having more children so this pregnancy was one of shock and fear. Mary thought keeping up with four children and their schedules, a husband, the housework, and a job was about all she could handle. Mary and Dave began to seriously weigh the options of an abortion. In this case, there abortion, should, life, child, baby, children, believe, very, tina, pregnancy, jane, care, about, young, way, thought, think, rick, protect, out, morally, mary, love, live, job, go, four, dave, begins, because, actions, take, sexually, responsibility, resources

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