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As quoted by John White, a professor of Philosophy at London’s Institute of Education,” Schools should be inculcating knowledge relevant to modern society, such as the ability to live healthily, to manage money and to find fulfillment”. I strongly agree with this view and think that the curriculum aims he proposed are beneficial. The 21st century world is fast-paced, and schools should surely adapt themselves with ways in order to help students excel in an ever-changing world. In my opinion, I think that most schools are only knowledge encompassing and subject oriented, with no tendency to make students able to be free thinkers.

Schools hould not only focus on certain common subjects. A school should present and teach students subjects which could push them further on the road to self- fulfillment. A school should include and improve a wide range of activities for its students, such as physical or social activities. I think this idea could present how a school could promote living healthily. Activities enable students to communicate well with others. They also help a student in acquiring time management skills, which will then be beneficial for a student’s future as an employee or business owner. Moreover, a school should be technologically advanced and updated.

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Students should also be made aware- by their schools- of the impact of science, technology and the global markets on work prospects. Thus, the school could be able to teach its pupils how to contribute to the economy. In addition, I think that schools should focus on subjects which promote the students’ rational thinking. In order to succeed, one should learn to cope with drawbacks and learn from his errors. A school should definitely teach such skills. These skills will teach a student how to manage money as well. Also, a school should be involved in teaching students how to understand their social and civic responsibilities.

Furthermore, a student should be encouraged by his/her school to work collaboratively with other students. I agree with White’s view that “students should work collaboratively in the production of goods or services for the school or community”. In this way, a student will be able to communicate and collaborate. Communicating from a young age onwards, will allow one to improve during his young and adult life. At a young age, one will benefit and gain experience from communication, such as solving problems or gaining new information. At an adult age, good communication skills are essential for one to have a successful climb p the career ladder.

In addition, when a student works collaboratively for his school or community, he will consequently gain a sense of belonging himself. In brief, I would like to say that John White’s views for modern schools should be applied. As stated in an article by Bloom (2008) White’s curriculum aims are “self fulfillment, social and civic involvement, contribution to the economy and practical wisdom”. I think that these aims work hand in hand with one another in establishing one’s self- achievement. They will definitely be a good match to the 21st century world. A View on Modern Schools By farahsamir_

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