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A “Nuclear Bomb” is a weapon of mass destruction that can lead to many disadvantages but at the same time many advantages. If you were to be a person that hosts a Nuclear Bomb and you possibly decide to release it, other countries will come against you and fire back, so basically, all the countries that have these weapons know that if they fire, others will fire too and that can be useful. Some even believe that the Second World War ended earlier than it should’ve when they used a Nuclear Bomb against Japan.”It is impossible to win a nuclear war, and both sides realized that maybe for the first time.” – Fyodor Burlatsky (USSR)A Gamma Ray is an electromagnetic wave with a high frequency and a low wavelength which explains why it emits a high amount of energy because the lower the wavelength the faster the wave moves which means the more energy it produces.

The reason why Gamma Rays are used for nuclear bombs is that a weapon of mass destruction has to have a huge amount of energy so it can be best for its use. Take the gamma rays out of the nuclear bomb and instead put a microwave, the Nuclear bomb would work as if it were just a few explosives mashed together with low energy and low explosion radius which would make it useless for what it is made for.How does it work?There are 2 main types of exploding a Nuclear Bomb, fission, and fusion. Fission is when you release a neutron or a proton into “Uranium-235” or “Plutonium -239” making it release a huge chain reaction making the bomb detonate. You can see an example of a fission reaction as shown in the demonstration down belowPositives and Negatives:Economic: NegativesNuclear bombs are really expensive to produce since they cost at least $50M which might cost a country to rely on itself for a while, for example, farms, oil, and etc.When the Nuclear Bombs, “Little Boy” and “Fat Man” were dropped, Japan went through a Great Depression for years until they recovered which took a huge amount of their GDP away making the countries economy lower and lower.Positives: Political:Negatives The reason why Little Boy and Fat man were dropped was that they had a political conflict which would build up the hatred between the countries until one strikes with something.

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