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A pyramid is the most significant structure most popularly known due to the Egyptian civilization. It is a monument built to serve as tomb to Egyptian civilization. It has 3 triangular surfaces which converge to form a peak, and the weight at peak is always less than compared to the weight at ground. It is made up of rough yellow limestone bricks. An average pyramid consists of 2-5 million blocks. According to researchers, Step Pyramid of Djoser is the oldest pyramid built in Saqqara, Egypt built around 5000 years back during third dynasty which was built to bury the king of Djoser and later; his 11 daughters were buried inside the Pyramid.
In Egypt, the kings are considered as their gods. So, in ancient Egypt people always wanted their pyramid which was built to bury their kings to be distinguishable. After the construction of pyramids, they used to emit all the traces of the activities to conserve its confidentiality. But archeologists were able to get the information of construction of pyramids from unfinished pyramids.
The question here rises, how did these Egyptians built the pyramid before the time of Pythagoras or even when the location of North Star was also not even correctly known? And the answer is as simple as water and sand. A specific area was filled with water and shaping area. Due to the accurate leveling feature of water, it was used to guide the blocks in shape. According to Deutsche scientist, Egyptians carried the rough yellow limestone blocks which was dug from the Earth’s surface, pulled by many workers on sledge. These sledges were giant with upturn ends. As the sledge moves, they would pour the water in front of it to ease the sliding friction of sand. In this way, the force required to move sledge was decreased to half. Not only for the movement of these blocks but also for shaping was used water. Have you made a sand castle on beach? By adding water to the sand, there is sand stiffness. Water should be mixed up to 2-5% of the volume of sand to get this much stiffness for the construction. All of this was evident when a picture of workers pulling the sledge and a man pouring water into sand as people pull, was found in the tomb. But this picture was mistaken to be some purification spiritual method through water. The tools used in the built were the copper and granite made. For lifting the blocks, the water lifts were used with multiple gated locks in 50ft extending the water shafts. By this the compression was decreased on the floats used to lift the blocks on the shafts. The labor required to construct the pyramid not only fulfilled by the slaves but the common natives of the city also invested in the built as it was believed that they are serving their gods.
But with the help of science the construction of Pyramids is relatively easy nowadays. Now machines are invented to reduce the labor work, however, the master pieces of Egyptian culture have already been constructed in ancient history.

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