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A Pretend Conversation Between the Sayings of an Ex-Atheist and an Ex-Christian Lewis: I believe in Christianity as I believe in the risen sun: not only because I can see it, but because it illuminates everything else. Pullman: Christianity is a powerful and very convincing mistake. You must know this. Lewis: The sun in the sky, the creatures of the world, the earth and all of its elements. All of these things tell me that there is a God. Pullman: To believe in God is to subjugate yourself too being of higher power that you do not know exists.You do not know, because you cannot see it.

When there is a belief in a single god, it promotes no equality or peace, but an excuse for bad behavior. Lewis: When Christians behave badly, or fail to behave well, we give the outside world an excuse for unbelief. God’s work is hampered. Pullman: I do not believe in the God I was brought up to believe in, nor that he has work to perform, and I’ll tell you why.

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The stories in the bible—the “thou shall not”s and the “thou shall”s—all betray that this loving god of the Hebrews was nothing more than a aloes overlord.What we need are fewer commandments, and more fairytale. Lewis: I agree that we need more stories. Since children will most likely be met with oppression, why not give them tales of heroic knights and courageous deeds? Though, Vive seen in my days of faith that charity given to another gives peace to yourself. You should try it sometime. Pullman: The only thing I intend on trying is convincing you that you were wrong to convert to Christianity. His Dark Materials should convince you of that.

Give it a read, go on.Lewis: I realize that. Though, nothing anyone can say will convince me that there is not a God in heaven. I believe that Joy is the blessing He gives.

And I fell Joyous. Therefore, I can conclude that this serious business heaven has taken upon itself is to give Joy to the human race. Pullman: It’s not the doctrine of Christian beliefs that I disagree with so much as the absence of virtue in Christian lives. If every Christian practiced what he believed in, I might be a different person. But no one does.

Half the population doesn’t even know hat it is they believe. And how can someone live what he does not believe? He can’t. The structure of the religion is off balance.

Lewis: It’s hard to hand one’s life over to Christ. It’s a terrifying, almost impossible, thing to do. Vive seen it done, however, in many denominations and faiths.

What people fail to see is that Christ is willing to help them along the way, and so, they leave Him. Believe. It’s better. A Pretend Conversation between the Sayings of an Ex-Atheist and an Ex-Christian By Bioengineering

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