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A Positive Ending Of Riot.

A positive ending of Riot.As obvious as this sounds, being racist can lead you to violence and can only teach to hate a different group of people. Riot(the drama) basically is an issue for the black community, But not just for the black community, it?s also an issue for anyone who struggles with their identity and where they come from. To my understanding, this drama is performed to show people of Canada that the black community is not full of criminals; they just have been neglected by people. The Riot?s ending has answers for all thosepeople who think that the black community is violent and full of criminals. The ending has so many positive features.

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In the end, the character Alex got injured in a riot on Yonge Street, but still says that ?it is not a riot. It is definitely a melee?. Actually he was only trying to send a message to his peers and people who were watching this show that people always make a big deal out of little things. Later on page 83 he says that the crowd was mixed, so it means it was not only a group of black people, there were some other people, positive, community, just, ending, black, very, think, riot, says, race, issue, drama, alex, way, violence, understanding, show, sense, role, it?s, group, give, full, end, criminals, chance, canada, 83, yonge, words, whole, watching, violent, trying

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