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Alkali-Seltzer tablets are used to treat cold,’flu symptoms as it produces CA when dissolved in water _ The goal of this lab is to calculate the amount Of Enhance is needed to produce enough CA gas to fill the room. Experimental One Alkali-Seltzer tablet was weighed on the analytical balance. Then a piece was measured out to be between 0. 21 and 0. 28 grams. Mall of distilled water was added to a mall beaker.

Ml of water was mixed with ml of MM HCI in a mall beaker. A 1. G piece of Alkali-Seltzer was added to this mixture and all CA as allowed to escape.The mixture was filtered then added to a ml burette until full. The glass tube end of the rubber tubing was inserted about 2 inches in to the burette. Using a finger to cover the mouth of the burette, it was quickly inverted and placed into the water in the mall beaker, The water level was brought to ml by carefully adjusting the stopcock. Ml of the prepared HCI solution was placed in a mall flask with a to I gram piece of Alkali-Seltzer, CA was allowed to escape then the neck/mouth tooth flask were dried. The accurately assured .

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Possible sources of error are inaccurate measurement of the tablet, inaccurate reading of the burette (initial and/or final) and inaccurate recording the volume of the room. Conclusion The purpose of this lab was accomplished as the number of tablets required to produce enough CA to fill the room was discovered. The 2303 tablets makes sense as the small amount of CA produced from the small piece of tablet was greatly multiplied. Using the small piece of tablet and the CA it produced, the amount of Alkali-Seltzer needed to fill a known larger volume was able to be calculated.

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