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  A Mobile Rootkit is an adaptable piece of malicious code that is intended to subtly alter a Smart Phones working Operating Systems data with loathsome consequences. They have for quite a while been an issue on PCs, nonetheless, it took the rising of the really complex Mobile OS on PDAs for culprits to make the hop from PCs to Mobile gadgets. Since the appearance of Bring Your Own Device to work, methodologies are thriving in the business world, the risk justifies watching.As an example to the dangers of a Mobile Rootkit on your Android Smart Phone. I can tell you about one of my clients, Ms. Franklin. Ms. Franklin is a client of mine from the National Capital Region (DC, MD, and VA.) She was checking out a few credible Web Sites. She was on her Android Motorola phone. When a few popups showed up on her browser. It was for what appeared to be for a site for hot men of all races. So she clicked on the link and went down that Rabbit Hole. A few days later, her Android phone began to act strangely. She noticed it but it kept working so she ignored it.     Then she was hit with a message stating that her activity would be reported to the FBI and other Federal Law Enforcement Agencies unless she paid 1 Bitcoin (Which as of the writing of this article is $17,266.42 USD per BTC. Can you imagine paying over $17k to have them grant you back the “Rights” to access and use your Android Smart Phone?) I was able to restore her Android Smart Phone, Contacts as well as Google Play Store purchases. As Ms. Franklin stated that the Android Phone works better than “NEW!” But the point is that a Mobile Rootkit that was installed from a “Hacked” Web Site. Meaning the Site Operators have very little “Liability” because was hacked and they did not know that it had happened to them.     I informed the Site that they were hacked and they have since fixed the issue on their end. Please be careful about where you surf and remember that Site that features questionable content. Should be avoided as much as possible because these Mobile Rootkit Developers want to use Blunt Force and Zombie attacks from Mobile devices as this is the new frontier for them and it allows them to attack a Site or Online Entity that is harder to catch them. 

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