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A majority of importantbioactive compounds that produce desirable therapeutic activity have beenderived from plants. These compounds include various constituents such as polysaccharides,phenolic compounds, alkaloids, proanthocyanidin, tannins and flavonoids (Hill AF, 1952). These compounds are various primary and secondarymetabolites that can be used for drug development in human and veterinarymedicine (VasuK et.

al., 2009). Extractionof plant are obtained from various part of plants such as from barks, stem ,leaves, flowers, roots, fruits or seeds which have been part of phytomedicinesfrom since antiquity (Criagg GM, David JN, 2001). In this research, the phytochemical constituents of pomegranate herbalextracts were analyzed for primary and secondary metabolites by few types ofchemical test.Mostfoodborne illnesses are acute, which always attack a person suddenly andusually it last a short time, but most patient do not required treatmentbecause it always recover on its own. Unfortunately, foodborne disease may causeto more serious complications.

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Disease which cause by food such as food poisoning, listeriosisand diseases caused by the exposure of various drug resistant pathogens(e.g. Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichiacoli) are globally known asenvironmental harm to the food supply and human health (Sooad Al-Daihan, 2013). Natural inhibitors such as plant extract for pathogenicmicroorganisms have been explored in many plants (Sooad Al-Daihan et.

al.,2013). The antimicrobial activity against some food-borne pathogens by variousextracts from pomegranate fruit was evaluated using in vitro (agardiffusion) (Sooad Al-Daihan et. al., 2013).The current researchwas carried out to study the phytochemical properties of the pomegranate fruitextract and to screen the antibacterial activity of pomegranate fruit used forherbal treatment by local communities against some pathogenic bacterial strains. 

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