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Tamaki Washington US History 25 August 2013 Task Three: Writing Like a Historian Have you ever wondered who discovered America? When and how this world came to be? Where did all these animals come from? Even though reading that gigantic packet, ” America, Found and Lost” by Charles C. Mann was extremely tiring, Eve discovered five changes that the settlers from Jamestown brought to Virginia and reciprocated America. With the information Eve found in my research, there was a lot of changes. First, honey bees were a big change to America.

The effects on the the bees is that the English imported them, Just for their honey. If they never brought them the plants wouldn’t blossom. Their crops would never mature and then the people wouldn’t be healthy. The word “pollinate” didn’t even get recognized until the 19th century. The only reasons why they discovered this word is because they figured out what the bees were doing. The Indians came to view it as a harbinger of invasion, when they shipped the honey bees to America. Most likely Johnny Applesauce’s trees wouldn’t have apples.

The bees pollinated farms all over the east coast to keep everything lately and growing. Huckleberry Finn wouldn’t have watermelons to steal, because without those bees the fruit wouldn’t even grow. Another change to America, was animals. Domestic Animals were a great change when traveling from England to America. One of the domestic animals were pigs they were smart, strong, constantly hungry, vicious when crossed, they ate nut, fruits, shellfish, and corn. They turned up the soil with their shovel-like noses in search of edible roots. Indians fought them Just to keep their food from the pigs.

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The Indians also relied on the pigs to eat the the type of root that they love, when times were hard. The pigs favorite root that they love to eat is toothache. That’s the only reason the Indians would allow the pigs on their grounds. One major change to America, was tobacco. In 1620, tobacco changed forever. Starting with the English exporting 50,000 pounds of tobacco, and about six times more times the year after. They smoked tobacco or what the would call it back then was, that they “drank” tobacco. There were different types of tobacco: one know as Nicotine Rustics, and the other one was called Nicotine Tobacco.

The original leaf that they used was poor, weak, and had a bitter taste. As they said ” The new leaf was pleasant, sweet, and strong. ” But when this tobacco was grown it dried out the ground. And kill most of the plants that were growing. Role and Pocahontas went to England with their first major shipment for tobacco. In my information, I found that worms made a change too. Earthworms changed ten ground Detent n ten surface. I en worms move slow so, IT teen ever were Door In a backyard, they’ll be there their entire life. A theory discovered by John Reynolds, who bevies Megalomaniac.

There was a discovery of effects that the earthworms intrusion are very slow. The worms would devour the litter left on the floor. Some trees and shrubs use the litter’s nutrients to eat too, and without them doing that the forest would get dry and die. It would loose seeds that grow on the flowers and shrubs, so they couldn’t mend the same plants over. They traveled all over the regions in America. The last change I found that commutated America, was vessels from Europe. It’s how the the English traveled to Virginia and to England, including with the slaves.

They transported insects, plants, and mammals. That’s how they transported the tobacco. They also transported new specimen to homes: tomatoes to Italy, chocolate to Switzerland, hot peppers to Thailand, and Oranges to Florida. It was the most the most important event in history. There were numerous changes to America, but five that were said impacted America and rewrote the history of this world. Failure was high when they first made it to Jamestown, but later it expanded around the area. Later James Fort was built into a new town to the east, stayed Virginians capital until 1699.

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