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A perspective is a way of looking at the world from one’s point of view. A theory isa supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something (, and explain the social world in which we live. It is therefore, imperative to note that whilst there are numerous theoretical perspectives of various aspects of society,  no one theory is correct or incorrect. It can then be asserted that each view or interpretation could serve as a compliment, or explain elements of different societies better than the other. This is a valuable concept, when comparing different aspects of language and gender.

 In this case study, I will delve into the history of, and seek to explain how and why a particular “female” style of communication came into existence. . Gender as a source for research continues to inspire researchers in many areas.

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Language, as a means of human communication,  has evolved, a will gradually improve,  this needs the effort of both men and women. “The conception of women’s studies” initiatives stemmed from this sense of women’s commonality as well as from the realization that women were excluded from large parts of public and academic life.” (Flotow, 2004. p.6). With more participation into the social life, business, academic field and so on, there will be other changes in the future. The changes in the language can show the improvement in women’s social status.

 In this case study, I will compile and evaluate some of the leading theories on the big question in linguistics: Is there a difference in the way men and women speak and process information? Does being female affect one’s language? Or is it merely the attitude towards females that causes us to believe that there is a difference, particularly in the way women speak (women’s language ).  By comparing and contrasting these theories, I will seek to explain why this specific style of communicatiom came into existence, and present the significance of each point they pose, either supporting or challenging the other, and the points they each pose, I will seek to determine if “male and “female” are in fact two different cultures. Finally, I will conclude with my personal views and recommendations on the topic based on my findings. 

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