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A community problem BY gstl 993 Property theft has been one of the greatest problems faced by every community aside from drugs and homicide. In the community where I live, property theft has always been an issue. Day after day, more houses were being robbed in broad daylight. If there is a case of property theft; properties are broken and stolen, fear was developed among victims and trust among neighbours was compromised.

Property theft caused victims property damage and loss.Usually, if there was a robbery in a house, thieves break windows or doors to get in the home which causes property damage. Aside from the damage being done, the theft victim will be at loss; household appliances, Jewellery and money are the most common interest of these thieves. Theft also causes fear among the victims. In many instances, these homeowners are now afraid of being robbed the second time. Other homeowners would be very afraid of leaving their home Just to protect their property.Trust among neighbours was being compromised when a house was robbed.

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Some homeowners will think that their next door neighbour might be the thief with the numerous cases of theft arising. Some next door neighbours might have been observing another eighbour’s movement the time they leave home and the time they arrived. With the cases of property theft increasing in most communities, homeowners have installed home security to protect their property and the house itself. Other homeowners bought pet dogs because it can help protect properties also.In our community where theft was a problem, concerned homeowners have put up a program which involves other homeowners and the authorities. This program was called Safe and sound community. This program is all about protecting property and people’s lives. As a volunteer for the community myself, we have installed street signs that says” report nusual activities to the area to police.

” The program was very much successful because there have been less theft since it was established.There is no way property theft will be prevented because thieves are everywhere waiting for their next move. There are ways that theft can be lessened; it Just needs the help of concerned individuals to help report it once they see one. Even though theft has not been resolved, small measures were laid to easily lessen theft in our community.

It will Just take time and more effort for all individuals to solve the theft problems surrounding our community.

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