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Entrepreneurship 3 Business Name: Becky Banner Overview: November 12, 2012 Entree 6 I choose to put up a three in one business that would be a Filipino conceptualized bakery, a caféГ© and restaurant because I love cooking and baking, and I could say that I also love coffee.

Products: I would specialize in serving dishes and recreated baked products that would contain herbs and vegetables to make my health conscious customers happy and satisfied as one of the vision of my business. I would also like to include dishes and pastries that are personally created by me.I would like to have a dining area and a caféГ© area were the seats would be couches so that the coffee drinkers would feel more comfortable and on the spot of it there will baa a huge bookshelf filled with books and magazines. And on the dining area, I would like to include a service were you are served with a warm towel before partaking any dish.

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Form: Partnership that would probably consist of two because this kind of form has a less disadvantages, they share in the management and both contribute to t,they are liable for all business debts and bears responsibility for the actions of the other and such, unlike any other forms of business.Estimated beginning capital: PH 1. 5-2 million Estimated return on investment: PH Income forecast: PH 1) Top 10 franchising companies: 1 . Bread and Butter Bakeshop – Producer of good quality baked products in the Philippines 2. Aqua best – One of the top water refilling stations in the country 3. Pizza Epidemic’s – ” Over as Toppings Over as Scrap” pizza maker 4.

Summon – The suggest Tutorial Services provider in the Philippines 5. Lot’s A Pizza – Makers of the Pinion Style Pizza 6.Bankrupting – Pinots Pride, baaing makers 1.

/- Eleven – A one stop 24 NRC snoop 8. Minister – Convenience store 24 hrs open to everyone’s need 9. Waffle Time – A bite full of surprises 10. Hastily Salon – Enhancing the Filipino beauty (Source: http://footlessness.

Com/blob/top-lo-franchisees) 2) Contribution percentage by industry of the prices on food retail : The food, beverage and tobacco industry contributed 37 percent of the total employment in the wholesale and retail industry in the Philippines in 1995.

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