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A journey in pursuit of knowledge and excellence began twenty fouryears ago when I took the first step towards my school and my education.Besides enriching my mind with a vast amount of knowledge, every step of thisjourney has motivated me to move on to the next one. “Education is not apreparation for life, education is life” is just one of the many valuesI have grown up with.

My tryst with academic excellence began in the 8th gradewhen I received a merit prize for being among the top 100 students in my city,Chittagong.   My rendezvous with computer technology first took place when Iencountered a personal computer in the computer club of my higher secondaryschool. Computing has fascinated me from the first day I used a computer. Ivividly remember the excitement of creating my first Pascal program. I havepassed on to different heights of computer science since then, but I know thatmy zeal for the art and science of computing remains the same.

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I have not tiredto solve problems, and I believe I never will. By the time of my high school exams, I had alreadydecided about my future course of study. I applied to only one university, BUET(Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology), the premier institute ofscience and technology in my country. When it came to choosing a department,there was only one I was interested in, Computer Science and Engineering.

  I never regretted my decision. My years inthe department have been rewarding.  I chose computer science as my major in theundergraduate level primarily for the challenge and excitement I thought Iwould get from the discipline. However, that computer science is and shallcontinue to be of such immense importance has led me to believe that my studiesshall not only satiate my own intellectual needs.

I feel that I can contributesomething to the society and the world and I seek admission to your graduateprogram in order to fulfill that goal. I have completed  myundergraduate studies and feel  that actuallywhat knowledge I gained is only the tip on an iceberg. It was a generalizedoverview of the entire Computer Science and Engineering and to be a specialistin a particular field I have to go a long way through the path of study. InBUET, I took courses on various aspects of computer science and mathematics andenjoyed all of them thoroughly.

But my interest in this field has grown out ofseveral undergraduate courses namely Discrete Mathematics, Data Structure,Digital Logic Design, Computer Algorithms, Digital System Design, ComputerArchitecture, Data Base, Operating Systems, Compiler, Computer Network,Computer Graphics, Pattern Recognition, VLSI design ,Artificial Intelligence .When I took Artificial Intelligence(CSE407) as a 4th year course, it immediately became my field ofchoice for future studies.   I fixed Artificial Intelligence (or its allied fields) as the field of expertisefor my graduate and subsequent Ph.D. studies because I have keen interest in itand can assimilate it into my mind.. As an experimental computer scientist Iwant to apply my knowledge of computer science subjects to the research of myhigher studies, and Artificial Intelligence is such a field in which knowledgeof Algorithms, Mathematics, Probability Theory, Graph Theory, Programming etc.are frequently used.

My undergraduate thesis was on character recognition whereI adopted a new approach of feature extraction using Free man chain code. Ihave developed a complete Optical Character Recognition Software for BengaliLanguage. Though there were set backs and moments of despondency during theperiod of my thesis work, still I consider the one year to be the best time Ihave ever had. I got introduced with the exhilarating experience of givingbirth to an idea and watching it flourish. While assimilating a portion of theworld’s present knowledge, I felt an urge to undertake research of my own andtake part in the exciting process of expanding the very frontier of knowledge.Graduate study will make me familiar with the methodology of research and willlet me concentrate all my attention to the area of my interest- ArtificialIntelligence. I have read numerous research papers and have producedalgorithms, analyses, software and a good amount of technical writing. I have alwayskept in touch with various computer science journals, especially Information Processing Letters and The Journal of Algorithms.

I havealready published three research papers and another three papers are underreview now. All this experience has led me to the firm conviction that I havewhat it takes to succeed in a research intensive graduate program.

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