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The distance between atoms determines interactionstrengths-        Refer tointeractions between atoms/molecules (chem)-        In theRydberg system, researchers can control the movement and position of atomsindividually-        They aretrying to program different interaction patterns to understand the quantummany-body system-        The secondresearch group used the “trapped ion” method to build a 53-qubit array-        In thismethod, they lined up ions with the same charge, so they repel each other andused electric fields to stop the repelling-       Researchers like Christopher Moore(co-author on the trapped ion paper) assisted greatly in controlling qubitarrays on the trapped ion approach according to Omran and his colleagues-        Biggestchallenge for trapped ion arrays is offsetting the strong repulsioninteractions between ions-        Rydbergatom approach has more mysteries but it’s plus side is that it has neutralatoms that can be packed together in large numbers   

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