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observational plots cannot vouch for every other area and determine correlating
results for every geographical landscape subjected to wildfires, however it
would be ignorant to belittle the information extracted
from this thorough
experiment. The damages that come alongside will have ever lasting effects on
the world we see today and the world that will be here for generations to come.

Although they are not the sole component, the rapid decline of scattered trees
takes down much more than just a large piece of bark with leaves. Each tree is
home to thousands of insects and species that are diminished with each wildfire
and impact the working and functioning of our ecosystem. Abundancy within an
ecosystem is essential in maintaining the natural balance of the environment. The
importance of a species rich ecosystem lies in its endurance of chaos such as
natural disasters and other potential distress. The more an ecosystem lacks
this key element the greater damage it will experience if at any point one it’s
so few species is endangered or extinct. 

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