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A crime is reported, if the person who is being sued will be plede gulity, the victim can compose a printed letter to the judge and give his or her thoughts about the activity that is against the law and how it affects them.

But then, the family of the victims wishes to televised the court trial. At first tevlevising a court trials can cause out-of-the-topic or some will say post wrong information on youtube and other websites sources. I strongly believe that the family of the accuser wil not have a privacy for they will be hated for the backstory to one of their family member.In 1972, the laws and opinions of the public talks about the expansion of televisional camera’s . It saya that it is very beneficial to the public to understand more abd xreate common sense. But as the matter of fact,  televising court trials is never knowing who will be watching you in the transparent form. Some will case files will be hacked to public and can have sources make fake news through web pages, blogs, chat rooms, online news commentaries, email campaigns and social networking sites.

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The mainstream media can action.The Supremr Court of the United States claims that they do not allow televisioned camera’s which is the topic of the debate.The Court Forbid in allowing camera’s for they can damage individuals right to reputation and confidence after the trial. It seems so bad that someone is judged by the public.

But who knows if that accused is not surprised in doing wrongs things. However the justices are very right and wise when it comes to decisions. Many judges made a decision to forbid the the camera’s in the room.To conclude, accepting reality is accepting also that we have to be concerned of our own safety.

21st century is very recast and institutions today are very gaming risk takers for public views and attentions. Misleading can happen in court proceedings and some will edit the court trial and send cause panic to the society. It’s important that we have to keep something that wil not lose our self-interest and the public shows us some respect.


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