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9/11 7th grade paper BY wwJd0611 September 1 1, 2001 was an unforgettable day when many people lost there lives and sadly, airport security failed at three different airports. Airport security is a big deal all across the country and we depend on the use of the security for the safety of our own lives along with the others around us. There were many attacks throughout history that helped the airport to see what there weaknesses were, which helps strengthen their current security systems. 9/1 1 was a big impact on the world and caused grief to many families, but all that grief could have been avoided if they were aught in the airport!Airport security went from relaxed to strict very quickly.

There were many changes in the security before 9/1 1, during 9/1 1, and after 9/1 1 that strengthened the security in airports today! Before 9/1 1 you could show up at the airport 30 minutes before, it wasn’t really a hassle! It seems as if after each attack security gets more and more strict! Flight 103 was one of the flights that made security more strict, “Security was already tightening before 9/11 in response to everything from hijackers in the 1970s to the bombing on Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988” (Thackeray 1).This event seemed to strengthen the use of security. The workers at the airports have a very important Job because if they do something wrong it could put other peoples lives at risk. The workers must follow the precise rules with no exceptions and they must board all luggage correctly or there could be a huge mixup. Although workers at the airport aren’t always the nicest people they Just try to follow the rules and get everyone to board the plane safely. Many airports are very pleased with their ecurity, “There have been no incidents at the airport for the past 12 years” (Davis 1).

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Without the help of the airport workers we would be in extreme danger every time we boarded a plane! Thankfully the airports have a good system down and it continues to improve. Sometimes airport security can seem very strict, but we can not always see behind the scenes! Even before 9/1 1 bags needed to be checked and carry on bags also needed to be checked. What people didn’t know was, “Before 9/1 1, only 5 percent of checked baggage was inspected” (Thackeray 1).

This is a big issue from a security tand point and it shows how they needed to put in more effort in this area of security.Before 9/1 1 it was suggested to arrive at the airport an hour before your flight leaves, but really it could be squeezed into a half an hour but it would be risky. It was nice for the early flights not to wake up to much earlier. Before 9/1 1 the airport was an easy trip and not the least bit stressful compared to todays trips. September 1 1, 2001 8:46 AM the first plane that was hijacked hits the first twin tower. Many people are instantly killed, some are paralyzed, others are injured. Families are devastated, worried, and shocked. /1 1 was a huge devastation and a huge shock to the world.

There were more hijackers that were planning to board a plane that was cancelled because of the earlier attack. With this big of an attack the first thing that the airport did was call for backup but some of the backup did not make it in time,”The man, along with two other Arabs, was said to have become irate the two others fled before [backup] airport security arrived” (Levy 1). When this attack happened many people did not think about is what this would do to the airports. hat eek, “Airport security procedures were shaken awake, slapped round the face and forced to undergo a rigorous transformation in the wake of the terrorist attacks of 1 1 September 2001 ” (“Airport Security’ 1). Airports did the best that they could with this shock and made as many changes as fast as they could. The airport said, “We went from O to 100 overnight in terms of what we had to do for security'” (Thackeray 1). The next couple of days the security workers had there work cut out for them and had to work vigorously to achieve what authority was telling them.

They did the best Job that hey could with the time they had. Many people with scheduled flights were having trouble after this attack because the airport was in a frenzy and trying there hardest to keep things in order. According to some workers at the airport, “..

. some terminals at the three airports were deluged with passengers, most of whom encountered only frustration” (Levy 1). Frustration is expected with all the chaos that was going on with people trying to stick to a schedule, and also with workers trying to obey the rules. Ms.Zbinden has frustration as she spends a lot of money on trips to the airport,”‘lt ost me $40 to get here,’ Ms. Zbinden said. ‘I’m not going to keep going back and forth” (2). Ms.

Zbinden was spending to much money to keep going to the airport and then having the flight be canceled so she shared her frustration with the workers. Sadly the workers can only follow rules not change them. With this big of an attack the airports decided to have backup undercover cops int he airport.

An excellent idea from officials is that, “Uniformed and plainclothes policemen are scattered throughout the terminal” (Davis 1).This would be very helpful to try and listen to the ther passengers while blending in. Since 9/11 many things have changed for the better! Some of the main changes include, “what has changed:.

.. Shoes must be removed at checkpoints.

.. No liquid (above 3.

4 ounces) allowed through checkpoints… Jackets, outwear must be removed” (Seaney 1). These are some very smart moves by the airport looking at some of the previous attacks. These are some very obvious ways that someone could bomb an airplane so it is smart for these changes to be made even if it isn’t very accommodating for the costumers.

Now that the airport is experienced they know what to changed when there is a failed attack, “A number of other new security measures implemented at airports since 9-11 were triggered by failed attacks” (“Airport Security’ 2). Now after every failed attack the security officials can think how they could stop the failed attack sooner. Now a days people can not get to the airport an hour before and expect to be okay, they have to expect long lines and luggage problems. The airport recommends, “Today, due to the long wait at security, many airlines recommend an early arrival.

.. hecked baggage should arrive 2 hours before flight departure” (Seaney 1). This is another big change because before 9/11 luggage did not need to be checked in till an hour before.

Davis says,”They took 75 minutes from the time I approached the first check – in counter until I reached the departure lounge” (Davis 2). This was a early. Airports are slowly getting better! “The decision to increase the use of AIT scanners in the USA was prompted by an incident on Christmas Day 2009 on board a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, when Nigerian national UmarFarouk Abdulmutallab allegedly tried to detonate an explosive device that was sewn into his underwear” (“Airport Security’ 2). Many people think that the scanners were introduced by 9/1 1; it was actually prompted by the failed attack on Christmas day. The event of 9/1 1 had a big impact on the world and also a big impact on airport security! All of the planning that it took to undergo the changes took many hours and many days of thought! During this hard time expert officials did what they thought was best for the situation and some of the changes that were made stayed for good.In all the bad of 9/1 1 one good thing is that it helped us better prepare for the future so that terrible things like this can not happen again. Without the help of experts we would be stuck in the past and not been able to stop many attackers. Luckily we have many people who have put thought and effort into the changes in security.

Learning about all these procedures helped me realize how safe I am on an airplane according to the procedures everyone must go through. I am very thankful for the officials who put time into the thoughts of the methods of safety people take before boarding a lane!Works Cited “Airport Security. ” How Airport Security Has Changed since 9/11. Web. 13 Mar. 2012.

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