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of the foremost vital learning experiences as a nursing student as relate to
CLPNA competence my knowledge to administer medication to my customer safely. Within
which I would like to know what the medication is for, why the shopper is
taking this medication and what the medication will and also the end result of
the medication moreover and this is often acquire by doing a little nursing
assessment to possess subjective and objective skills my shopper. All this data
I learnt in NFDN category, experience and in my pharmacological medicine categories.

By knowing my three checks and ten rights: right patient, right medication,
right dose, right route, right time and frequency, right reason, right
education, right to refuse, right analysis, right documentation and conjointly
check for allergies.

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Overall this is critical in measuring vitals to securely deliver medications to
my customers as they’re required checks to be done to safeguard you as a nurse,
facility and also the customer particularly. as an example, administering nitrous
oxide agent to my patient I will be able to do the three checks and perform the
ten rights, do some assessment on my patient and provide the necessary amount of
nitrous oxide to optimize and reduce the pain levels in order to proceed with surgical/medical

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