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6 beardgrowing tips  1.  START TOSPORT Sportsmake you sweat. When sweating, toxins are removed from your skin. This packs upand releases hair follicles for new hair growth.Insports, you also raise your testosterone levels and blood flow to the musclesand skin, so the hair gets nutrients and oxygen.Theresult is faster hair growth! 2.

EAT HEALTHY FOOD Fromyour diet depends not only the body, but also the condition of the beard. Eat ahealthy, balanced food and your hair grows better, faster and stronger.Thetop of the list contains proteins. The hair is partially made up of protein, sousing more protein will bring more benefits to your beard.

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Red meat, chicken,eggs, seafood are good sources of protein.Eatlots of nuts. Nuts are rich in biotin, which is one of the most importantvitamins that promote hair growth.

Eatfruits that contain high levels of vitamin C. It enhances your immune systemand speeds up hair growth. Many vitamin C have bruises, strawberries, lemons,oranges, limes, kiwifruit and of course avocados (yes, it’s a fruit).Alsoeat a lot of green vegetables: spinach, broccoli, leafy cabbage, Brusselssprouts. These vegetables are rich in vitamin A, which is needed for hairfollicles.

 3.TAKE PICTURES OF YOURSELF Thephotos will inspire you and motivate you to go through all the ups and downswhile growing a beard.Findyour dream bearded photos to get an idea of ??what kind of beard you want.

Findpictures of men who have a beard of similar length to you, so you will gainself-confidence.Followyour growth. You do not have to start writing a personal badge, but always takea picture yourself to see the changes.

Believe me, it will be great fun towatch them later. 4. IFYOU EXECUTE, LEAVE YOU TO GROW Themost common complaint by men is: “I ruined my beard, I’ll start everythingright from the start.”Ifyou do not know what you want, let it grow!Iwould recommend allowing bears to grow for 1 or 2 months. The longer the beardwill allow you to grow, the better it will look.Ifyou dare not leave your face for natural beard growth, do it with”No-shave November”. “November, when many men around the worldstop shaving, so paying attention to male health is a great excuse for notshaking and moving. the toughest starting point.

“Mybeard saves lives … What’s your story?”Haveyou decided to shave a beard after a while? Wait at least a day before takingthe razor into your hands. Do not give a momentum, because you can regret it! 5.

USE BEARD OIL Nobodylikes poor-looking beard, you have to take care of it! If you are going to dojust one thing everyday, use beard oil.Beardoil softens beard hair and delicately smells.Also,bead oil helps to get rid of dandruff and hardened beard hair. It moisturizesyour skin and strengthens the hair follicles.

Notsure which oil to choose? We will help you. 6.WASH YOUR BEARD Youhave to wash it and you have to do it right.Thebest way to do this is to use a beard soap or shampoo.

Asimple soap or shampoo is not suitable as it can dry out your skin. Often, theycontain silicone, which builds up on your hair and clogs the pores.Bearddoes not need to be washed daily. By often washing a beard, you will removenatural hair protection and hair will become weaker.Findwhat’s best for you, but we’d recommend the shave beard once or twice a week.  

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