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During my externship at Riddle Hospital I’ve endured a great experience of what an Medical Assistant duties consist of on a daily basis. These duties are mainly multi-tasked oriented, which requires you to sometimes be able and flexible to perform your duties in a quick pace. You basically have to be on point at all times, but never overdo because this will cause you to exert yourself. Most of my duties consisted of performing EKG’s throughout the day.

It became very easy and more comfortable after applying the leads and placing them in different directions that suited me to obtain a perfect reading. I’ve also had the chance to administer injections; the influenza and the pneumonia vaccines. I replaced old charts with new ones. Retrieved and wrote messages off the office voice-mail. I faxed medical documents, such as prescriptions and correspondence letters. I called patients advising them of their insurance company conducting an audit for mammograms and colonoscopy testing.

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I’d filed and pulled charts, I did referrals, took patient’s weight and blood pressures. I did appointment verifications and made appointments for patients. I was able to view patient’s charts to better familiarize myself with medical terms and abbrievations.

I inserted documents into charts and learned how to properly arrange the documents in the charts. I was also advised about universal precautions. The others nurse’s in the office were most helpful and showed a great deal of patience whenever questions were asked and took the time to explain the faithful duties of an Medical Assistant.And without hesitating, they were always pleased with my helpful hands and always willingly to share information, advice and experiences. The Doctor’s in the office were extremely professional at all times and appreciated the help that I was to their assistant’s. The patients were also nice and understanding that I was in training and allowed me to practice on them.

They were always greeting me with a warm and pleasant attitude. For the short time I was on the job I’ve began to feel like I was part of their family.Overall this was an experience I had the pleasure of being involved in and took great heed to this advancement to expand my knowledge as to becoming an Medical Assistant. I can’t begin to express the overwhelm feeling this was as I’m about to take a new journey of success in the world of healthcare.

Without this experience none of this information would have been grateful to me then it is now. Because of the knowledge I’ve gained I’m able to grow in this profession with strength and stability that it takes to succeed in this business, that I can always love and enjoy by taking care of others.

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