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5 pillars BY ytrn0513 Biography The prophet named Muhammad. He was born in Makkah, at 570CE. His grandfather and uncle raised him up. He worked as a merchant. He got married with a healthy woman named Khadijah.

His spiritual revelation was that he had a vision; an angel came to him carrying a piece of cloth on which words were written. Muhammad was able to read the words. He create as a result that most of people did not like being told they were wicked sinners.At last, the people in the nearby town of Madinah, asked him to go and teach them.

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The first pillar-Shahadah Shahadah is the declaration of faith; it is a summing up of the most important part of Muslim belief. It is usually translated into English as ‘there is no other God but allah, and Muhammad is the prophet of allah. The second pillars- salat Salat means prayer five times a day. Muslims pray early in the morning, at night and on three occasions during the day.Male Muslims are expected to go to the mosque for the noon prayer on a Friday, but otherwise they pray in any place.

When it is time for prayers, Muslims stop whenever they are doing, and face in the direction of Makkah. The third pillar- Zakah Zakah means giving money to people who are poor or in need. Every year, Muslims are expected to give a certain amount of their money to charity. It can be used for building hospitals as well as helping the poorer Muslims.Not to give Zakah would ean they are not doing their duty, mean that they are cheating Allah. The fourth pillar- Sawm Sawm is fasting during the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Is the ninth month of the Muslims year. During this month, most Muslims do not eat or drink during the hours of daylight. They try hard to live especially good lives. The fifth pillar-Han Haj] is pilgrimage to Makkah. Every Muslims who can afford it is expected to visit Makkah at least once during the life.

Makkah is a holy place, because it is where Muhammad lived and worked.

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