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-485775-342900COMSATS INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SAHIWAL-727710342265NATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATION CORPORATION6TH RACE COURSE ROAD, LAHOREINTERNSHIP SUPERVISORMR. SUHAIL AFZAL QURESHIDEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCESSUBMITTED BY:Athar ZubairCIIT/SP14-BBA-022/SWLSUBMISSION DATE:COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, SahiwalAcknowledgmentBismillahMost importantly I might want to share my gratitude to Allah Almighty who have adored me and presented me motivation, valor, great wellbeing and brain for smart thoughts.

And innumerable welcome upon Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) who is the light of direction and learning for Humanity. And all with Allah’s benevolence I have finished my temporary position report. This entry level position report is essential to satisfy some part of the program criteria that is essential to fulfill the Bachelors of Business Administration (Human Resource Management, Finance, Revenue and Marketing) at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Sahiwal. I might want to recognize the assistance gave by each individual from National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) in the development of this report. The information and experience I have picked up at NTC was conceivable due to each laborer, staff part and administrators enthusiasm to grant learning.

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The internees and management trainees, I met during the course of my internship helped me to further improve this report. The learning I have gotten amid my stay at NTC will remain a piece of my expert vocation wherever I go.I would like to thank Mr. Major Sageer (General Manager), Mr.

Arif Zia (Deputy Director (Admin ; HR), Mr. Hafiz Abdul Rauf (Deputy Director Revenue) and Mr. Bilal Shah (Deputy Director Finance) for providing me this valuable opportunity to gain first hand professional experience, which I will value throughout my life. I hope this report will prove useful for future internees and trainees. I am extremely grateful to for their consistent help, educated recommendations, concerned conduct and positive gratefulness amid lead of my temporary job.

No attestation could cover enough express my duties and to pay compliments to my people, Relatives and my sidekicks for their supplications affection, pleasant aura and ingenuity made me to achieve higher musings of life. Regards, Athar Zubair COMSATS (Management Department) Phone: +92 3347790904 Email: [email protected] Efforts of My Hard workAnd StudyTOMy Humble and BelovedParentsAndA special feelingOf gratitude to my friends,Whose love encourage me At every stepMay the most bountiful Allah almighty always bless them,With long, happy and Sound health.(Ameen)When life put you in tough situation “Don’t say why me”Just say try meExecutive summaryEach understudy of Business Administration at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Sahiwal has essential requirement Six to eight weeks entry level position in any of the all around presumed affiliation.

The inspiration driving this program is to acquaint the understudies with reasonable employments of speculative thoughts taught to them in the midst of lead of their BS (BA) syllabus. Internship in National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) is personally arranged by my own specific resources and the workplace gave me a letter for getting this temporary position. The yield of my examination is abridged in a state of Entry level position the substance of the report Shows the detail of succession of these. The report is done up with issue and proposition. NTC is a Government owned telecommunication organization to provide telecommunication services to its designated customers who include Federal and Provincial Governments and their departments. NTC is one of the best companies that provide their services in the telecom sector. This internship report covers all important aspects of NTC.

The aim of this internship is to get a command on theoretical knowledge with the help of practical work. After successful completion of this internship the professional knowledge and techniques of practical work has learnt. This report covers each one of those exercises which have been performed amid this entry level position. It contains all the basic data about the association, for example, vision, mission, center esteems, hierarchy of organization and HR department, Revenue department, Finance department, core values, future plans and functions of the organization etc.The organization’s main focus is to be the first choice of all Government, Federal Government, Army, Newel, Air force sectors and all their employees, achieving ideal level of value and growing its business everywhere the Pakistan due to their security reason.

The organization has various offices in different cities in Pakistan. The report includes the complete SWOT analysis of the National Telecommunication Corporation. As the internship is done in HR, Revenue and Finance department their works and their financial analysis are also included in this report. During this internship there are many things that have been learnt and performed different tasks in HR, Revenue and Finance department.

During this internship there are different problems that has been faced but this experience is an asset for professional life and skills. In this report the observations and recommendations are also mentioned wherever required. Table of Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u 1. Chapter 1: overview of the organization PAGEREF _Toc504602748 h 81.1. Introduction and background of the organization PAGEREF _Toc504602749 h 81.2 Strategic Orientation PAGEREF _Toc504602750 h 91.

2.1 Vision PAGEREF _Toc504602751 h 91.2.2 Mission PAGEREF _Toc504602752 h 91.

2.3. Objectives PAGEREF _Toc504602753 h 91.2.4. Mandate PAGEREF _Toc504602754 h 101.

2.5. Core value PAGEREF _Toc504602755 h 101.3. Progress from start to Date PAGEREF _Toc504602756 h 111.4. Services Provided by NTC PAGEREF _Toc504602757 h 121.

5. Market Share of NTC PAGEREF _Toc504602758 h 151.6. Public Private Partnership PAGEREF _Toc504602759 h 151.

7. Future & China Pakistan Economics Corridor Plans PAGEREF _Toc504602760 h 171.8. Work Force PAGEREF _Toc504602761 h 172. Business Operations and Implementations PAGEREF _Toc504602762 h 182.1 Branch Information PAGEREF _Toc504602763 h 18National Telecommunication Corporation (Central Region Lahore) PAGEREF _Toc504602764 h 182.

2. Chain of Command at NTC PAGEREF _Toc504602765 h 192.3.

NTC Departments PAGEREF _Toc504602766 h 202.3.1 Finance Department PAGEREF _Toc504602767 h 212.3.2. Revenue Department PAGEREF _Toc504602768 h 222.3.

3. Human Resource Management Department PAGEREF _Toc504602769 h 252.4 Financial Analysis PAGEREF _Toc504602770 h 272.4.1.

Number of NTC Exchanges Increased PAGEREF _Toc504602771 h 272.4.2. City Wise Exchange Growth PAGEREF _Toc504602772 h 282.

4.3. Telephone Lines Growth PAGEREF _Toc504602773 h 282.4.4.

Broadband Growth PAGEREF _Toc504602774 h 292.4.5.

National Telecommunication Corporation Profit & loss Account PAGEREF _Toc504602775 h 292.4.6. Ratio Analysis PAGEREF _Toc504602776 h 302.4.7. Leverage Ratio PAGEREF _Toc504602777 h 362.


Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc504602784 h 412.6.2. Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc504602785 h 413. Learning as an Internee PAGEREF _Toc504602786 h 423.

7.1. My work experience PAGEREF _Toc504602787 h 423.7.2. Duties PAGEREF _Toc504602788 h 433.

7.3. New Knowledge Acquired PAGEREF _Toc504602789 h 43REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc504602790 h 43Annexes PAGEREF _Toc504602791 h 44List of Figures TOC h z c “Figure” Figure 1 (Partner 1) PAGEREF _Toc504502613 h 16Figure 2 (Partner 2) PAGEREF _Toc504502614 h 16Figure 3 (Partner 3) PAGEREF _Toc504502615 h 17Figure 4 (Partner 4) PAGEREF _Toc504502616 h 17Figure 5 (Partner 5) PAGEREF _Toc504502617 h 17Figure 6 Chain of Command PAGEREF _Toc504502618 h 20Figure 7 foreign Direct Investment in Telecom sector PAGEREF _Toc504502619 h 24Figure 8 Total Telecom Revenue (2013 to 2016) PAGEREF _Toc504502620 h 25Figure 9 Number of NTC exchanges increased PAGEREF _Toc504502621 h 28Figure 10 City wise Exchange Growth Rate PAGEREF _Toc504502622 h 28Figure 11 Telephone Lines Growth in NTC during 2013-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502623 h 29Figure 12 Broadband Growth during 2013-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502624 h 30Figure 13 Liquidity Ratios during 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502625 h 31Figure 14 ACID Test Ratio 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502626 h 32Figure 15 Receivable Ratio during 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502627 h 33Figure 16 Inventory Turnover Ratio 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502628 h 34Figure 17 Operative Leverage 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502629 h 36Figure 18 Gross Profit ratios 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502630 h 38List of Tables TOC h z c “Table” Table 1 Foreign Direct Investment in Telecom Sector (US$ Million) PAGEREF _Toc504502797 h 24Table 2 Total Telecom Revenue (2013 to 2016) PAGEREF _Toc504502798 h 24Table 3 Number of NTC Exchanges Increased PAGEREF _Toc504502799 h 27Table 4 City Wise Exchange Growth Rate PAGEREF _Toc504502800 h 28Table 5 Telephone Lines Growth in NTC during 2013-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502801 h 29Table 6 Broadband Growth during 2013-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502802 h 29Table 7 National Telecommunication Corporation Profit & loss Account PAGEREF _Toc504502803 h 30Table 8 Liquidity Ratios during 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502804 h 31Table 9 ACID Test Ratio 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502805 h 32Table 10 Receivable Ratio during 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502806 h 32Table 11 Inventory Turnover Ratio 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502807 h 33Table 12 Receivable Turnover Ratio 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502808 h 34Table 13 Average Collection Period 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502809 h 34Table 14 Working Capital Turnover Ratio 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502810 h 35Table 15 Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502811 h 35Table 16 Operative Leverage 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502812 h 36Table 17 Gross Profit ratios 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502813 h 38Table 18 Net Profit Ratio 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502814 h 38Table 19 Financial Charges Ratios 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502815 h 39Table 20 Return Capital Employed 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502816 h 39Table 21 Debt to Total Assets ratios 2012-2016 PAGEREF _Toc504502817 h 391. Chapter 1: Overview of the organization1.1.

Introduction and background of the organizationNational Telecommunication Corporation is a Government claimed media transmission association to give media communication organization to its assigned clients who incorporate Federal and regional Governments and their specializations. The most fundamental being the test to keep set up the security necessities of the Government of Pakistan (GOP) and to guarantee the new players in this field from the standard practices of the tenant directors to secure their bit of the general business. To overcome these troubles GOP set up National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) in January 1996 under the Telecom Reorganization Act 1996.The essential objective was to have an establishment free of each and every other manager that can be used with the true objective of government correspondence and as an elective help for the chairmen entering the market. After foundation in 1996, NTC began to focus individually framework inside couple of years; it adjusted itself to rising innovative territories (1,517 Km) alongside around 150,000 advanced lines trade. Other than this, unique undertaking executed like Pakistan Educational Research Network (PERN), situating of PAKSAT to secure involve the (2008-2009) were additionally effectively actualized. So as to keep itself side by side with innovative progression, NTC arranged a far reaching intend to relocate its inheritance Time Division Multiplier (TDM) trades with most recent IP based Next Generation Network (NGN) innovation.

Through this movement venture approx. 54,000 Telephone and 14,000 Broadband ports have been produced which influences 35% substitution of (TDM) to organize. Pakistan Education and Research Network (PERN) are a bit of vision, mission and objectives of Information Technology Action Plan that was impelled by Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman as Minister of Science and Technology.

The endeavor is financed by the Government of Pakistan in cooperation with Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). The system outlined, worked, and kept up by NTC. The venture is to be expected an essential piece of general education system of nation and intended to interlink all Public, Private Sector, Universities, Degree granting institute enrolled with Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and Government of Pakistan.The task was propelled by the Ex-President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf. CITATION NTC17 l 1033 (NTC Performance Report, 2013 to 2017)The project was sponsored by the following: Higher Education Commission (HEC)Ministry of Science and Technology (Telecomm and Information Technology Division) Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) CITATION NTC17 l 1033 (NTC Performance Report, 2013 to 2017)1.

2 Strategic Orientation1.2.1 Vision”To be the leading information and communication technology service provider in the region by achieving customer satisfaction and maximizing shareholder value” CITATION ntc17 l 1033 (, 2017)1.2.2 Mission”An organization surroundings that place professionalism, motivation and quality.

“”To provide secure reliable Telecommunication services to Government Departments / Organizations all over Pakistan less Azad Jamu Kashmir & Northern areas.” “Quality and time cognizant client benefit.” “Maintained development in income and benefit.” CITATION ntc17 l 1033 (, 2017)1.2.

3. ObjectivesA committed Educational system for 56 public or private divisions sanctioned Universities, degree granting organization enrolled with the Higher Education Commission Government of Pakistan. The interconnectivity of each one of the college establishments will give coordination of information bank, joint effort for innovative work exercises and degree of educating.Web office to 56 Public or Private part contracted Universities, Degree granting Institutes enrolled with the Higher Education Commission Government of Pakistan.Access stage for the interconnection of colleges instructive organizations with the Virtual University.

1.2.4. Mandate”To give media transmission and information administrations to Armed Forces, Defense Projects, Federal Government, Provincial Governments or such other Governmental Agencies or Governmental Institutions as national Government may decide every once in a while.

” CITATION Per171 l 1033 (Performance Report, 2013 to 2017)1.2.5. Core valueProfessional Reliability:National Telecommunication Corporation has astoundingly capable workforce of the specialists in media transmission and programming building and soon it would be in the genuine telecom associations of the country, he included. Likewise, he expressed, NTC assented to game plans with known telecom associations including Mobilink, Zong, Wateen, LMKT, Multinet and others with a hope to broaden the degree of NTC benefits and make pay.

Execution Review Meeting was held at Lahore on 10 to 11 November, 2016. CITATION Rev16 l 1033 (Review Meeting, 2016)Customer satisfaction:National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) the official master center of Government of Pakistan is managing all telecom/data necessities of its customers since its start with committed gathering. NTC with the objective to give organizations quality to its customers is centered on outreach in remote domains. Significantly gifted particular gatherings ensure each moment of consistently advantage intelligibility to all NTC regarded Customers.

As per audit comes to fruition, 72% customers have shown their aggregate satisfaction on NTC telecom and Support organizations, 14% demonstrated dissatisfaction while 14% remained objective. 90% of NTC customers got charge in time, 07% contrast on in time charge movement however 3% have exhibited mixed response. CITATION 16Oc l 1033 (Birg MD Viqar Rashid Khan, 25 October 2016)Team work:National Telecommunication Corporation is one of the major and driving telecom specialist co-ops of Government of Pakistan with 3300 exceptionally instructed, proficient, prepared and committed resources as human asset, which is prepared and sure to embrace all undertakings of Telecom and IT area.

These workers incorporate Professional, Managers, Engineers (from both remote and neighborhood colleges), Diploma Holders, and Graduates for both higher and center levels; while middle and register for bring down level in the pecking order.Corporate information:National Telecommunication Corporation is one of the major and driving organizations that are worked under the Government of Pakistan and Government of Pakistan is run this organization and all the corporate and Government data is working under the National Telecommunication Corporation. This data is mystery because of the security reasons.

1.3. Progress from start to DateNational Telecommunication Corporation is started their business with few exchanges including telephone services, servers, and media provided. The systems are increased and upgraded with the passage of time and today NTC has developed their corporation in telecom sector. At the period of beginning and some years ago, PTCL and NTC have start their journey together but the framework is same but NTC deal all government departments and PTCL deals with others. Due to some security reasons the government secures their data.

That’s why the Government of Pakistan decided to start their separate operations that only deal with all Government departments and the data is secured. Pakistan education institutes, universities, colleges, health departments, armed forces and all foreign ministries are compulsory to use the NTC service. NTC introduced Next Generation Network and shift their users on it day by day. NTC is introduced first time optical fiber in Pakistan in 2008-2009.

1.4. Services Provided by NTCNational Telecommunication Corporation has a positive order to give fundamental media transmission administrations to its assigned clients, which incorporate Federal and Provincial Governments, their areas of expertise, independent associations and guard benefits all through the nation. NTC is trying dedicated endeavors to give following cutting edge correspondence arrangements utilizing third era Internet Protocol Voice and Data Networking.Go Smart:Go Smart is an android mobile application that is introduced in the telecom sector by National Telecommunication Corporation. The user can install this application in the mobile and verify it with the NTC telephone number and use the telephone via mobile.

He can send and received the calls that are incoming in the telephone.Telephone:National Telecommunication Corporation has given more than 1, 05,000 working associations of phone to its administration endorsers everywhere throughout the nation. To meet the prerequisites of its endorsers NTC is working after exchanging and transmission media administrations with different new establishments in advance. 39 primary exchanging units 69 remote advanced line units Microwave connects as its whole deal mediaRemote Local Loop:National Telecommunication Corporation telephone is a substitute to NTC landline with an additional favorable position of improved administrations. It’s the remote communication upheaval in light of code division multiplier access 2000 Technology that consolidates the highlights of versatile and landline.

It is the main administration that permits opportunity since a wide range of telephonic problem .This exceptional and imaginative administration is the start of another period in interfacing individuals. Simply ahead and encounter this new energizing administration, exceptionally composed remembering the necessities of our assigned endorsers.

Internet:ADSL: Uneven electronic supporter line (ADSL) is a sort of cutting edge endorser line (DSL) development, a data exchanges advancement that engages speedier data transmission over the cooper wire. ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a game plan of correspondence standards for simultaneous propelled transmission of data, video, voice and other framework benefits over the regular circuits of individuals.Dial-Up: Dial-up Internet is kind of the Internet to uses the workplaces of individuals when all is said in done traded telephone organize to develop a relationship with an Internet pro community (ISP) by dialing a telephone number on a conventional telephone line.Intranet:As genuine self-directing bodies and corporate customers are persuading the chance to be recognizably mindful of the vulnerabilities of Internet and the dangers related with it in trading shaky information, Intranet is persuading the chance to be obviously observable with each passing day by and by corporate need to comprehend security and protection.

Using broadband framework NTC is giving completed Intranet courses of action amalgam of developments naming DSL, which gives complete compose respond in due order regarding your passage steps.Web Hosting:National Telecommunication Corporation provides the platform of web hosting by enhancing the challenges that they are faced. Its main purpose is to satisfy the customer, clients and their organizations. NTC provides the servers, active server pages, oracle database, websites in the language of PHRP, Java, C++, SQL etc. NTC hosting and access solutions provides the service to the organizations to enhance their business. Transmission:Dark Fiber: Transmission capacity bottlenecks can moderate information activity, now and then at the last mile. This is on the grounds that most fiber optics systems don’t stretch out the distance to the organizations needing administration.

NTC gives its own particular metro dim fiber benefit laterals in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Sargodha and that can convey this last mile to guarantee quick associations. NTC telecom arrangements will expel data transmission as a deterrent to your development without real capital consumptions or upkeep commitments. Presently NTC rent its dull fiber matches in the previously mentioned urban communities. Dull fiber match rent will be point to point for which NTC should be in charge of upkeep of Dark Fiber.Media (Junction): A rented circuit is a committed connection between two settled areas for restrictive utilization of the client.

NTC gives rented line administrations to other specialist organizations and corporate clients for interconnecting workplaces, versatile switches and all telecom exchanging and conveyance types of gear all finished Pakistan, a rented circuit might be discourse circuit, an information circuit or a broadcast circuit, the ending hardware at the two closures is phone without dialing office both way flagging and discourse is conceivable. Rented line charges rely upon separation or sort of circuit or transmission capacity.Video Conferencing:National Telecommunication Corporation has finished this testing venture which is specifically identified with general destinations of IT Action design and the idea of E-Governance. NTC has sent best in class equipment and outlined a versatile system by methods for which quick, solid, secure and constant access.Co-Location:Space (Open, Covered), Dishes, Antennas on NTC Towers and AC/DC Power SupplyServers: National Telecommunication Corporation has set up its center setup at three prime areas.

More finished entries from different government, semi-government and privately owned businesses are likewise co-situated at NTC various information arranges hubs. CITATION ntc17 l 1033 (, 2017)1.5. Market Share of NTCThere is presumably that telecom area in Pakistan is advancing significantly, same is the situation with the business volume of this segment.

NTC is separated into five primary areas in Pakistan, in particular: Islamabad Region, Lahore Region, Karachi Region, Peshawar Region and Quetta Region. There are very nearly 96 phone trades working all through Pakistan with just about 0.1 million phone endorsers. Month to month salary of the NTC differs from Rs. 55.50 M to 70.

00 M while its yearly salary comes to at 720.00 M in year 2006. The business volume of the association is expanding step by step with the expansion in important clients applicable to Government of Pakistan. However month to month income produced by Lahore locale just, changes from Rs. 17.75 M to 19.25M which comes to at nearly Rs.

207 M a year ago. To the extent Corporation’s territories, structures, trades, bearer and coaxial link, microwave gear, optical fiber framework, office furniture and hardware, PC gear, vehicles, multi-benefit information arrange (MSDN), books, and so on are concerned the aggregate esteem progresses toward becoming Rs. 4,008,641,436 (right around 4008.7 M) as needs be.1.6.

Public Private PartnershipIn order to mandate and in conformity with Telecom Policy 2015, NTC signed agreements with various Telecom Operators in Private Sector under public private partnership. The purpose of such venture is two-fold To provide the latest ICT Services to its subscribers. Explore possibilities to enhance subscriber’s base, which resultantly expand the revenue based of NTC. Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1(Partner 1)Overview of such agreements is given below.5000701417831.

6.1. M/S MOBILINKThe agreement with M/S Mobilink is to extend various packages for voice calls,SMS ; 3G data services including provisioning of Smart Phone sets as part ofthe package of Government officials, the agreement also supports to address CITATION NTC17 l 1033 (NTC Performance Report, 2013 to 2017)Mobicash Solutions to Government departments like distribution of salaries/Pensions and other relief funds desired to be distributed by the Government of Pakistan.Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 2(Partner 2) CITATION Per171 l 1033 (Performance Report, 2013 to 2017)47007781138171.6.

2. M/S CMPAKIt aims at to extend 4G LTE data services to NTC customers at geographical locations where NTC path aren’t available. CITATION Per171 l 1033 (Performance Report, 2013 to 2017)Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 3: (Partner 3)1.

6.3. PTCL4839767533 National Telecommunication Corporation has rich history of professional collaboration with PTCL being emerged from single company and have similar nature of network in fixed domain. In line with Telecom policy 2015, NTC and PTCL have joined hands for extending NTC servicesthrough PTCL platform/network. CITATION NTC17 l 1033 (NTC Performance Report, 2013 to 2017)Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 4 (Partner 4)1.6.4.

DHAI-R499338610211The agreement extends the Telecom services to NTC subscribers live in DHAI-R through shared network. The same role model will also be extended toother DHAs locations in the country provided it is meritorious in terms ofFigure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 5 (Partner 5)resources allocation & costumer potential. CITATION NTC17 l 1033 (NTC Performance Report, 2013 to 2017)4839335374651.6.

5. M/S LMKT-Go SmartThe mobile application will provide mobility to their existing NTCSubscribers who will be able to use their fixed line services using themobile application (Go Smart) anywhere using internet. Go Smart is aValue-added service that enables a subscriber to receive and make phone calls using landline no. via cell/mobile phone. It will encourage NTC subscribers to use their Landline/ fixed no.

, which will ultimately enhance RPU/NTC Revenue. CITATION NTC17 l 1033 (NTC Performance Report, 2013 to 2017)1.7. Future & China Pakistan Economics Corridor PlansNational Telecommunication Corporation is in the process to shift their technology time division multiplier to next generation network platform. To shift their technology the market significance will be increased and improved the quality of services.

The NTC National data center plans to increase their exchanges and services in new districts with legal way and responsibilities. In order to meet the future challenges, NTC has already started to prepare for meeting the upcoming demand of internet of Things, smart cities, smart appliances, smart meters etc. To play its role an facilitate CPEC, laying of Optical Fiber Cable infrastructure along a CPEC Road alignment from Shikarpur to Gawadar & the establishment of Submarine Cable Landing Station at Gawadar have also been planned. The Gawadar Landing Station will provide alternative route to existing Submarine Cable Landing station at Karachi. Besides, revival of existing Coastal Highway from Karachi to Gawadar is also being planned for provision of telecom services at Gawadar & various other cities & Garrisons along the Coastal Highway. These projects once completed, will completely change the outlook of NTC.

CITATION NTC17 l 1033 (NTC Performance Report, 2013 to 2017)1.8. Work ForceNational Telecommunication Corporation is one of the major and leading telecom service providers of GOP with 3300 highly educated, professional, trained and dedicated assets in the form of human resource, which is ready and confident to undertake all projects of Telecom and IT sector. These employees include Professional, Managers, Engineers (from both foreign and local universities), Diploma Holders, and Graduates for both higher and middle levels; while intermediate and matriculate for lower level in the hierarchy. The number of employees is also increasing with the passage of time owing to the expansion in the network / exchanges of NTC.

The strength of Human resource of NTC is divided into following category: Permanent Employees (Direct Hiring):Permanent employees are those employees that are direct hired for permanent job. Vacancies are offered then they apply for the post then the NTS has been conducted and then physical test and interview and then finally shortlisted candidates are selected. Vested Employees (from PTCL):Vested employees are those employees that are hired from PTCL when Government of Pakistan starts the National Telecommunication Corporation Project.

Because they have no experienced workforce. Contractual Employees:These employees are those employees that are hired for some short period of time to complete the specific project.Daily Wages: These employees are those employees that are hired on their daily wages for some specific project that duration is some days.On Deputation: These employees are those employees that are seeing and control the all legal matters. CITATION NTC17 l 1033 (NTC Performance Report, 2013 to 2017)2. Business Operations and Implementations2.1 Branch InformationNational Telecommunication Corporation (Central Region Lahore) is deals with Gujranwala, Gujrat and Faisalabad division.

National Telecommunication Corporation (Central Region Lahore) is starts their work in 1996. It is almost fifty (50) employees are working in this office that was situated in 6th Race course road Lahore. NTC provides their services in all over the Lahore. Multi services data network are provided in the Lahore. In start, NTC has been faced many problems but in few steps played a significant report in making NTC stands on its feet and with the passage of time the services is better to better. 2.

2. Chain of Command at NTC National Telecommunication Corporation has different designations to fulfill their respective tasks. So here is figure given below related to chain of command.1584503-175564Figure 6: Chain of Command NTC CITATION Dep17 l 1033 (Annual Conference , 2017)Chairman: Birgadear Mr. Viqar Rashid KhanGeneral Manager: Mr. Major Sageer MahdieDirector Development: Mr.

Amjad Deputy Director Admin & HR: Mr. Arif Zia HR Officer: Mr. Mehmood ShahDeputy Director Revenue: Mr.

Hafiz Abdul Rauf Assistant Director Revenue: Mr. Abdul QayumAccountant: Mr. KhalilDeputy Director Finance Mr.

Bilal Shah FinanceDeputy Director Finance Mr. KermanCashier: Mr. Naeem CITATION Dep17 l 1033 (Annual Conference , 2017)2.3. NTC DepartmentsThis figure completely illustrates the chain of command at NTC from GM (General Manager) to cashier, accountant or Human Resource Officer.The departments, at NTC, where internship has been done are given below.

. • Finance Department • Revenue Department • Human Resource Management Department (Admin & HR)2.3.1 Finance DepartmentFinance department is the backbone of every organization.

Without Finance department they cannot maintain their business. Back office is in charge of installments, inside review, pay annuity and assets related work. It is separated into three sub-areas.

To begin with is the installment segment, second is the inner review segment and third is pay annuity and assets area. The installment area is capable to check and control all the installment matters. The interior review area mostly manages the review of the considerable number of cases identified with money related issue preceding its endorsement inside the association.

Pay Pension and reserve segment is mindful to issue pay slips of workers, benefits related issues and furthermore keep record. There are a few methodology took after by the workers of Finance area as indicated by the arrangements of National Telecommunication Corporation. On the off chance that a voucher must be confirmed, at first the staff part issue that voucher or application and submit it to his officer (bookkeeper) at that point this voucher would submitted to Asst. Chief and after that Deputy Director, every individual have the expert to confirm that voucher as per his given point of confinement of cash as per the arrangements of NTC.2.3.1.

1. Charts of Accounts Graph of record is a rundown of numbered accounts containing record accounts names and numbers demonstrating arrangement and sub orders that are influenced by the money related exchanges of a business. CITATION Cha17 l 1033 (Chart of Accounts , 2017)2.

3.1.2. Cash Book Cash book is a diary that contains all money received and installments including bank store sections in the money book are then posted in general record. 2.3.1.

3. Voucher A composed approval or testament particularly one replaceable for money or speaking to a credit against future consumptions is known as a voucher.Types of voucher Payment voucher Receipt voucher Journal voucher Payment Voucher: A record, which can be utilized as confirmation that a fiscal exchange hosts happened between two gatherings is known as installment voucher. In the business, payment voucher can be used for different purposes. Receipt Voucher: A receipt voucher is an inside business supporting report which is drawn up each time money or checks are gotten by the business. Supporting archives, for example, client solicitations ought to be appended to it.

A duplicate of the receipts voucher is generally given to the individual the cash is gotten from.Journal Voucher: Diary voucher is an essential and most imperative record of budgetary exchange in new bookkeeping framework. It is a sort of voucher, which is utilized for recording money related exchanges of the legislature in consistent request of dates. It is a book of unique section, on the grounds that each money related exchange of the legislature is recorded most importantly in this diary voucher.

CITATION Cas17 l 1033 (Mr.NaeemCashier, 2017)2.3.1.

4. Financial Performance Financial performance is the measure to see that how the firm’s assets can be increased or decreased with a specific period of time. 2.

3.1.5. Financial Review (2015-2016)Due to extra ordinary efforts of NTC management, hard work of employees, strict discipline and financial control and reduction in OPEX, NTC managed to convert its Budgeted loss into Net Profit before Taxation i.e.

Rs 257 Million after recovery of loss of Rs. 99 Million, the actual recovery is Rs. 356 Million at 359% (i.e.

Rs. 99 Million + 257 Million) for FY 2015-2016 (Provisional) which is a record Performance in the history of NTC. CITATION NTC17 l 1033 (NTC Performance Report, 2013 to 2017)2.3.2.

Revenue DepartmentIn revenue department, they issued the bills against the numbers that they are provided. Then the customer submitted their bills in Banks and banks send the submitted bills to the revenue department. Then they entered the data in their Intra Revenue software and after one month the banks send their statements. Then they match the values and calculated that how much customers submitted their bills and how much revenue has been generated. Eight employees are working in revenue department.

In income month to month income represent ascertain all salary gathered or brought about by NTC amid a monetary period is kept up. As it were all income produced by NTC is computed.2.3.2.

1. Receipts in Demand Notes In this receipts amount collected against issuing of demand notes i.e.

for new telephone connection , shifting , restoration etc.2.3.2.

2. Revenue Receipts (Direct) In revenue receipts (Direct) payment receipts on account services provided i.e. Depository work, Circuit, space rent and unclassified receipt etc Unclassified Receipts Amount credited in collection amount but the sporting documents i.e. Telephone Bills, Demand Notes etc are not provided is called Unclassified receipts.2.

3.2.3. Receivable Receipts In receivable receipts collect the amount against the service provide to subscribers i.

e. Telephone services, DSL services etc 2.3.

2.4. Miscellaneous Receipts In Miscellaneous receipts payments received on account Misc. Income, sale of assets and rent of buildings.

Inter Office Transfer In inter office transfer amount receipts from regional cash account, Regional cash account, from Divisional Revenue account and collection in transit, i-e Collection in Transit. The bank collects the telephone bills and submits the scrolls to NTC but amount is not yet credited in NTC collection accounts, is called collection in Transit.2.3.

2.6. Funds in Transit Amounts collected and transferred to lead branch but not yet credited in the accounts of lead branch are called funds transit.

Contra Entry (Reversal) The entry in which the same amount relating to the same account is one time credited and one time debited is called Contra entry or Reversal. Revenue Analysis Revenue Analysis is prepared division wise or city wise for monitor the percentage of Telephone and DSL revenue is collected and the average billing of per connection per line. CITATION MrK17 l 1033 (Mr.

Khalil.Accountant), 2017)FDI In Telecom (In Million $) Telecom Share 2011-2012 484.7 6.1 1.3 2012-2013 798 13.

5 1.7 2013-2014 949.4 207.1 21.8 2014-2015 1524 494.4 32.4 2015-2016 3521 1905.

1 54.1 Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 1 Foreign Direct Investment in Telecom Sector (US$ Million)Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 7:Foreign Direct Investment in Telecom sector CITATION Sta17 l 1033 (State Bank of Pakistan, 2017)Service/ Company 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 Cellular 27,840 48,880 90,057 PTCL ; NTC 78,356 79,658 71,581 LDI/LL/WLL 1,336 5,536 17,160 VAS 10,056 12,570 13,827 Grand Total 117,588 146,645 192,626 Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 2 Total Telecom Revenue (2013 to 2016)Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 8 Total Telecom Revenue (2013 to 2016) CITATION Sta17 l 1033 (State Bank of Pakistan, 2017)According to the given data the total telecom revenue in millions is illustrated above. During 2013-2014 the PTCL ; NTC is generating most of the revenue. During 2014-2015 again the revenue generating maximum and minimum are as same as in 2013-14.

But during the revenue generated by cellular is more than everyone.2.3.

3. Human Resource Management DepartmentDealing with the HR is the center issue of the day for every last association working in either national or universal viewpoint. National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) is additionally spurred its best. To the extent the issue of dealing with the Human Resource is concerned, these Human Resource Management operations are driven by the General Manager (HRM), helped by Director (HRM) at home office level at Islamabad, while Assistant Director (HRM) at all five locales Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, immediate and helped by a group of experts.

HRM looks profoundly on HR factors like: high responsibility, T;D, high Job security, and so on. Lahore Region is dealing with automated Human Resource Administration System (HRMS) which have data with respect to HR that is refreshed on general interims under the direction of AD HRM. The said programming has the accompanying significant fixings:Major HR Issues Personal Information / Profile Info regarding Family / Dependents Transfer / Posting of Employees Training Received / Required Penalties Complete Leave Record (Leave Base) Human resource management has two major sections. Admin Human resource2.3.3.

1. AdminIn Admin segment is capable to tackle a wide range of issues with respect to organization i.e. upkeep, substitution, required hardware and so on.2.3.3.

2. Human ResourceIn Human Resource segment is in charge of staff related issues, enrollment, enlisting staff and de-enrollment, posting and keeping up and putting away the information of representatives and resources. Amid the residency in this office I have learnt numerous things like Assets administration, record support and worker profile upkeep, Recruitment process and work compel administration.

Recruitment Process In order to increase efficiency in hiring and retention and to ensure consistency and compliance in the employment and selection process, First of all they Identify the post, then they developed the position description, then develop a recruitment plan, then search the committee, then implement the recruitment plan, then review the applications and short list it, then conduct interview, then hire and finalize the recruitment. After finalizing the recruitment there are some training sessions organized by the organization. CITATION MrM17 l 1033 (Mr.Mehmood.Clerk), 2017)2.3.

3.4. Improvement in Discipline ; ConductBecause of strict disciplinary control/checks, productivity of staff has been moved forward. Additionally guidelines and controls are actualized in its actual soul.

Amid the most recent 3 years, 70 requests have been settled. To guarantee timeliness and office dignity, Biometric System has been introduced and actualized in the workplaces.2.4 Financial Analysis2.4.1. Number of NTC Exchanges IncreasedThese are the numbers of NTC exchanges increased during 2012-2016.

It’s been mentioned in the table given below.Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 3Number of NTC Exchanges IncreasedExchanges 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 TDM 124 126 129 130 MSAG 15 16 61 130 TOTAL 139 142 190 260 Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 9Number of NTC exchanges increasedThis graph shows a clear increasing trend in NTC Exchanges.2.4.2. City Wise Exchange GrowthThis is city wise exchange growth rate during 2012-16. It’s been mentioned in the table given below.

Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 4 City Wise Exchange Growth RateYears City wise Exchange Growth 2012-13 54 2013-14 66 2014-15 69 2015-16 84 Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 10 City wise Exchange Growth RateIn this graph city wise exchange growth rate is shown and it is visualizing an increasing trend. City wise exchange growth rate has the lowest value during 2012-2013 ; it is highest during 2015-2016.2.4.3.

Telephone Lines GrowthThe telephone lines growth during 2013-2016 is mentioned in the table given below. CITATION NTC17 l 1033 (NTC Performance Report, 2013 to 2017)Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 5Telephone Lines Growth in NTC during 2013-2016Number Of NTC Telephone Lines 2013-14 118,277 2014-15 121,674 2015-16 125,358 Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 11Telephone Lines Growth in NTC during 2013-2016Despite the decline in use of fixed telephone, there is still consistent growth in core operational functions and it reflects 6% growth in the telephone lines.2.

4.4. Broadband GrowthAs National Telecommunication Corporation is also playing vital role in broad band growth. The broadband growth during 2013-2016 is given in table given below.

Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 6Broadband Growth during 2013-2016Years Number of Broadband Subscribers 2013-14 13,205 2014-15 15,084 2015-16 18,012 Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 12Broadband Growth during 2013-2016As we know that internet has become necessity in every field.2.4.5. National Telecommunication Corporation Profit ; loss AccountTable SEQ Table * ARABIC 7National Telecommunication Corporation Profit ; loss AccountParticulars 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Rupees Rupees Rupees Rupees Rupees Revenue 2,180,921,165 2,157,566,602 2,970,886,205 3,077,348,905 4,000,212,309 Operating Cost 1,657,203,926 1,477,053,084 2,039,405,057 2,019,495,750 1,999,835,535 Operating Profit 523,717,239 680,513,518 721,481,148 966,535,999 992,878,768 Other Income 48,133,754 33,159,504 37,157,508 49,752,805 89,874,799 Profit before financial 571,850,993 713,673,022 968,638,656 970,735,856 988,841,625 Financial Charges 132,212,368 107,207,303 76,608,132 88,301,321 95,601,555 Profit before Taxation 439,638,625 606,465,719 892,030,524 958,658,656 977,828,378 Provision for taxation 248,820,153 366,081,517 58,221,004 65,122,534 88,325,488 Profit after Taxation 190,818,472 240,384,202 433,809,520 701,669,482 1,345,101,200 Profit brought forward 2,590,501,415 2,781,319,887 3,021,704,089 4,595,804,912 5,893,698,589 Profit carried forward to the balance sheet 2,781,319,887 3,021,704,089 3,855,513,609 4,485,351,709 6,099,897,323 2.4.

6. Ratio AnalysisRatio analysis is used to evaluate the firm’s operating and financial performance with different aspects. 2.


Liquidity Ratios It is the ratio between liquid assets and the liabilities of a bank or other institution.Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 8Liquidity Ratios during 2012-2016Years 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Current Ratio= Current Assets 1,172,224,178 1,711,242,781 1,665,915,024 2,498,505,666 2,805,950,647 Current Liabilities 733,239,363 494,061,642 656,637,683 853,950,709 862,892,610 1.6 3.46 2.54 2.93 3.

25 Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 13Liquidity Ratios during 2012-2016Basic component of the ratio is current assets and the current liabilities. It has an increasing trend during 2014-2016. Test Ratio In Acid test ratio we see and analyze that how easily we can convert our assets into cash.

Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 9ACID Test Ratio 2012-2016Years 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 ACID TEST Ratio = Cash + Debtor + Receivable 1,136,208,277 1,673,579,004 162,107,958 2,402,075,939 305,640,880 Current Liabilities 733,239,363 494,061,642 656,637,683 853,950,709 862,892,610 1.55 3.39 0.25 2.

81 0.35 Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 14ACID Test Ratio 2012-2016This ratio is also referred to as “quick ratio” 1:1 ratio is considered to be satisfactory. This measures the short term solvency but it emphasizes the “Instant” debt paying of company.

The two components of ratio are liquidity assets and current liability. It is showing cyclic trend during 2012-2016.2.4.

6.3. Receivable Ratio Receivable is an asset designation applicable to all debts, unsettled transactions or other monetary obligations owed to a company by its debtors or customers.

It is a ratio between annual revenue and average receivable. In NTC the receivable ratios are given below in the table.Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 10Receivable Ratio during 2012-20162012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Annual Revenue 1,954,212,780 2,180,921,165 2,157,566,602 2,970,886,205 4,000,212,309 Avg Receivable 424,309,477 600,399,298 474,608,092 1,091,742,480 1,128,926,741 Ratio 5.0 4.0 5.

0 3.0 4.0 Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 15Receivable Ratio during 2012-2016This is basic component of ratio annual revenue and average receivable. It has increased in 2012, then it decreased in 2013 and this trend has been followed till 2016.2.4.6.

4. Activity Ratio Activity Ratio measures the efficiencies or effectiveness with which a firm manages its resource or assets.2.4.6.

4.1. Inventory Turnover Ratio In inventory turnover ratio we see that how effectively inventory is managed by comparing the cost of goods sold with average inventory of a period.Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 11Inventory Turnover Ratio 2012-20162012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Net Sale 1,954,212,780 2,180,921,165 2,157,566,602 2,970,886,205 4,000,212,309 Inventory 2,067,829,031 2,329,165,223 2,685,910,651 2,901,511,988 5,893,698,589 Ratio 0.

95 0.94 0.8 1.02 0.68 Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 16Inventory Turnover Ratio 2012-2016Inventory turnover ratio should neither be too high, nor too low. If we critically analyze the NTC position, it is satisfactory.


4.2. Receivable Turnover Ratio The receivables turnover ratio is an activity ratio measuring how efficiently a firm uses its assets.

Receivables ratios, in NTC, are given below in the table.Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 12Receivable Turnover Ratio 2012-20162012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Annual Revenue 1,954,212,780 2,180,921,165 2,157,566,602 2,970,886,205 4,000,212,309 Receivable 424,309,477 600,399,298 474,608,092 1,091,742,480 1,128,926,741 Ratio 4.61 3.

63 4.55 2.72 3.54 During 2012-2016 it is showing a random pattern. It increased in 2015 but in other years it has decreasing trend. Average Collection Period In average collection period, we see that how much amount that we are received in a specific period of time. Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 13Average Collection Period 2012-20162012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Debtors (Drs + B/R) 929,193,300 1,187,366,213 105,160,162 1,767,216,178 1,809,716,698 Revenue 1,954,212,780 2,180,921,165 2,157,566,602 2,970,886,205 4,000,212,309 Ratio 0.

48 0.54 0.05 0.

59 0.45 In general, a lower avg. collection period is more favorable than the higher. A lower avg.

collection period indicates that this firm is collecting its payments faster. Or it may be possible hat their credit terms are too strict. In NTC they had the lowest average collection period during 2014. That was more favorable.2. Working Capital Turnover Ratio It is referred that operating cost to working capital.Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 14Working Capital Turnover Ratio 2012-20162012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Operating Cost 1,109,164,372 1,657,203,926 1,477,053,084 2,039,405,057 1,999,835,535 Net Working Capital 438,984,815 1,217,181,139 1,009,277,341 1,644,554.

96 1,943,058,037 RATIO 2.53 1.36 1.

46 1.24 1.03 It indicates the efficient utilization of working capital.

It indicates a company’s effectiveness in using its working capital. Here on 2012 had the maximum working capital turnover ratio. After that it has decreased.

5. Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio In fixed assets turnover ratio is indicates that how well the company is used its fixed assets to generate their sales.Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 15Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio 2012-20162012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Cost Of Sale 1,657,203,926 1,657,203,926 1,477,053,084 2,039,405,057 1,999,835,535 Net Fixed Assets 1,954,214,781 1,657,205,928 1,477,055,087 2,039,407,061 3,745,692,140 Ratio 0.85 1.

00 1.00 1.00 0.53 In Fixed Assets Turnover ratio analysis of capital NTC is satisfactory condition, as in FY-2012-2013 its value was low and in next financial years its position improved to some extent.2.

4.7. Leverage RatioThe employment of an asset or source of fund for which firm has to pay a fixed cost or fixed return is known as leverage. Leverage ratio shows the proportions of debt and equality in financing of the firm. These ratios measure the condition of financing by owner as compared to financing by outsiders.The leverage ratio can further be classified as: Operating Leverage 2.

4.7.1. Operative Leverage Operating leverage is determined the relationship between the firm’s sale revenue and its earnings before interest and taxes.Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 16Operative Leverage 2012-20162012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Change in EBIT 780,823,488 439,638,625 606,465,719 892,030,524 988,841,625 change in Revenue 1,954,212,780 2,180,921,165 2,157,566,602 2,970,886,205 4,000,212,309 Ratio 0.

4 0.2 0.28 0.3 0.25 Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 17 Operative Leverage 2012-2016The operating leverage analysis on NTC shows that the operating leverage is higher in FY-2012 as compared to FY-2013; it increased in next 2 FY-2014 & 2015 but in 2016 it decreased.

In FY-2013- 2014 the position of firm is satisfactory. Profitability RatioThese are the ratio that are used to assess a business ability to generate the earnings and compare to its expense with a specific period of time. Gross Profit Ratio Gross profit margin is a financial metric used to assess a company’s financial health and business model.

Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 17Gross Profit ratios 2012-20162012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Gross Profit 845,048,408 523,717,239 680,513,518 931,481,148 2,000,376,774 Revenue 1,954,212,780 2,180,921,165 2,157,566,602 2,970,886,205 4,000,212,309 Ratio 0.43 0.24 0.32 0.31 0.50 Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 18Gross Profit ratios 2012-2016Gross profit ratio is ratio of gross profit and net sale expressed. Gross profit ratio of the corporation is decreased in the financial year 2013, comparing with the financial year 2012 but it increased in the financial year 2014 ; 2015.

And it also increased in FY-2015-16. The rates are 0.43, 0.24, 0.32, 0.31 and 0.

50 respectively. lefttop2.4.7.4. Net Profit Ratio It is the ratio of net profit to the revenue.

Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 18Net Profit Ratio 2012-20162012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Net Profit 2,590,501,415 2,781,319,887 3,021,704,089 3,855,513,609 6,099,897,323 Revenue 1,954,212,780 2,180,921,165 2,157,566,602 2,970.886,205 4,000,212,309 Ratios 1.33 1.28 1.4 1.3 1.52 The net profit percentage is the ratio of net profit (after tax and interest) to the revenue or net sales.

Net profit ratio of the corporation has decreased in the FY-2013 comparing with FY-2012, and then it increased in FY-2015 ;2016. Financial Charges Ratio It is the ratio that measures the firm’s ability to pay all of its fixed charges and expenses with its income before interest and income taxes.Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 19Financial Charges Ratios 2012-20162012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Financial Charges 161,709,868 132,212,368 107,207,303 76,608,132 95,601,555 Revenue 1,954,212,780 2,180,921,165 2,157,566,602 2,970,886,205 4,000,212,309 Ratio 0.

08 0.06 0.05 0.03 0.02 National Telecommunication Corporation financial charges ratio are 0.08, 0.06, 0.

05, 0.03 & 0.02.

In the FY 2012, 13, 14, 15 & 2016 respectively. Financial charges of the corporation have decreased every FY and it is a good position for NTC. Return on Capital EmployedIt is a financial ratio that measures the company profitability and efficiency. Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 20Return Capital Employed 2012-20162012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Net Profit 190,818,472 190,818,472 240,384,202 833,809,520 1,999,835,535 Capital Employed 6,790,165,710 6,790,165,710 6,932,506,658 7,712,454,011 6,026,776,726 Ratio 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.11 0.33 National Telecommunication Corporation is Government institution and the analysis shows that in first 3 FY’s of the analysis return on capital employed is fixed but in next two years it has increased. Debt to Total Assets Ratio It tells us the percentage of total assets that were financed by creditors, liabilities, debt.Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 21Debt to Total Assets ratios 2012-20162012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Total Debtor 929,193,300 1,187,366,213 105,160,162 1,767,216,178 1,809,716,698 Total Assets 6,955,065,245 4,683,291,736 4,894,175,939 5,725,035,458 8,413,693,083 Ratio 0.13 0.25 0.02 0.31 0.22 The debt to total assets ratio increased in the financial year 2013 as compared to 2012 and it more decreased in 2013, then it increased in the financial year 2014, and in year 2016 it is slightly decreased as compared to last year.2.5. SWOT ANALYSISStrengths, weaknesses, Threats, Opportunities (SWOT Analysis) is a short frame for qualities, shortcomings, openings, and dangers. 2.5.1. StrengthsThere are a ton of variables that fortifies its quality and creation, I-e, Brand Name, Customer Loyalty, Assets control, Unique Product, Market pioneer in Pakistan.2.5.2. WeaknessesWork Inefficiencies, Outdated Technology, Weak Supply Chain, Cost Structure, Weak Customer Services, Lack of Scale, Seniority bases advancements, Poor preparing and Ineffective human asset administration.2.5.3. OpportunitiesIts chances are, Fragmented Market, Innovation, Online Market, New Services, New Technology, New Products, Emerging Markets, Increasing mindfulness rate, enhancing preparing, enter in new market, Proper enlistment.2.5.4. ThreatsTerrible Economy, Government Regulations, Change in involvement, Political Risk, precarious Cost, Substitute Products, Exchange rate chance, Increase in worker’s turnover, Decrease in piece of the pie.2.6. CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMANDATIONS2.6.1. ConclusionMedia transmission is a primary and essential field for the improvement of any nation. The staff of association is exceedingly qualified and their conduct is agreeable. Likewise the workplace of association is great. The primary signs of execution incline are condensed underneath: Primary and Secondary Legislation require meeting with all partners Consistent Review and alterations Effective Monitoring and Enforcement Mechanism International best practices to be embraced according to nation particular prerequisites There is an expanding pattern in the income until the point that 2015 after which it has declined altogether. Number of NTC Exchanges by and large and city astute has been expanded from 2012-2016. NTC phone lines and its broadband supporters have additionally been expanded amid 2012-2016.As we probably am aware NTC is an administration association, where changing the benefits are not speedy and simple. Be that as it may, in spite of the fact that it’s as of now creating palatable income, yet there is need of progression in innovation. NTC is effectively finishing its joining towards advance with the assistance of its particular, gifted, very qualified and expert administration at all levels. Top administration defines the techniques in concurrence with the principles figure to accomplish the coveted objectives and goals as with the progression of time. NTC has every one of the abilities for adapting to the changing business condition, awful financial conditions and the political state of the association if the association will continue proceeding onward its way like this with the assistance of their interesting business approaches then the time is close when this association will be at the best position.2.6.2. RecommendationsWorking in an association like NTC has really helped me particularly ahead of time my comprehension of what we considered in principle and correspondence with the commonsense condition helped me to see how unique errands are done in reasonable condition groups. Keeping in see the problems. There are not very many projects for profession advancement of the workers. Individuals working in one segment or division from years are still with a similar information and style of doing work. There ought to be appropriate vocation arranging of worker that not just hones the aptitudes of the representative and enhance its proficiency yet in addition brings about better and enhanced yield for the association. A complete monetary data framework is required to be refreshed. All record are out of date and for this reason unique PC program to be utilized. Employees are to be prepared with up and coming IT abilitiesFinance and showcasing workplaces and designers must to send to universal workshops to get information of new method and systems. There ought to be compelling human asset office keeping in mind the end goal to get perfect individuals on the correct activity.3. Learning as an Internee3.7.1. My work experienceI delighted in pragmatic presentation amid my entry level position from 11 July, 2017 to 31 August, 2017. In this down to earth travel I watched numerous difficulties looked by National Telecommunication Corporation. I began my work from HR Department then Revenue Department and after that Finance Department coordination under supervision of Deputy Director, Mr. Arif Zia. I am extremely grateful to him as he helped me in particular. My temporary position was entirely unexpected from what I have anticipated. Furthermore, I encountered that Student life is very surprising from down to earth life. Book learning is entirely unexpected from functional information and viable life design is completely changed and we can’t make a difference more book information in handy life. There are numerous things which I have gained from my temporary position yet most imperative is nothing is Difficult to do.3.7.2. DutiesTo keep up the recordCustomer managingIssue the vouchers To enter the information in NTC SoftwareCross checking of reconciliation3.7.3. New Knowledge AcquiredAmid temporary position I took in a considerable measure of things. Prior to the temporary position I have no clue about the general practices of corporate segment. In each office I adapted new things .Before this experience I read just hypothesis yet amid temporary job execute these things for all intents and purposes. Working in various divisions upgraded my insight and presentation of the down to earth method for business gave me certainty about what I learnt from my BBA. I was prepared there to comprehend the budgetary operations, arranging and critical thinking methods. These exercises expanded my self-learning and new information confidences that will enable me to take activities when I will join any association.REFERENCESThe greater part of the material is gathered amid my temporary job by the regarded heads of various offices, NTC site, NTC Staff, Observations, Interviews, Personal asking and by assignments.National Telecommunication Performance Report 2013-16 BIBLIOGRAPHY l 1033 Annual Conference . (2017).Khan Brig W. M. R, (2016). Article nam. (25 October 2016). Islamabd.Chart of Accounts . (2017).Mr.Khalil.Accountant). (2017, July). Business.Mr.Mehmood.Clerk). (2017, July). Business.Mr.NaeemCashier. (2017, August). Business.(2013 to 2017). NTC Performance (2017).(2013 to 2017). Performance Report.Review Meeting. (2016, November 10. 11). Lahore.(2017). State Bank of Pakistan.AnnexesFormsInterviewsPersonal observations

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