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Cats and dogs have been the top pet
choices for many years. Most people tend to have a tough time choosing the
right pet. Selecting a cat or dog can be difficult when there are many
similarities and differences to comprehend. Cats and dogs are similar when it
comes to grooming and training, but are very different when it comes to
activeness, eating and attention. The purpose of this essay is to compare and
contrast cats and dogs.

is a number one requirement for both cats and dogs. They need to be bathed and
brushed regularly to stay clean. Brushing them regularly helps maintain their
constant shedding. Bathing them often can help prevent flea infestation.

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Training is another similarity of the two that is efficient for both. Dogs can
be trained to become housebroken or even to perform tricks. Cats can be trained
to do tricks as well as becoming litter box trained if necessary.

Cats are
nocturnal-like animals. They become more active during the night, while they
sleep most of the day away. A cat does not need much attention or affection
from its owner. They are comfortable with little affection and show it by their
purring and meows. Cats are not very loud or noisy and mainly use body language
to help express fear or anger. Feeding time can be quite stressful because cats
are extremely picky eaters. If a cats does not want to eat a certain food, it
will walk away from its bowl.

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