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3.0.0 Business Plan
A business plan is a written description of a business’ future, that is it is a formal statement of business goals, reasons they are attainable, and plans for reaching them. It may also contain background information about the team attempting to reach those goals.

The business plan contains the strategies used to meet the goals set by the team, potential problems that we might encounter while trying to reach those goals and ways to solve them. The organisational structure of the team including titles and responsibilities and the amount of capital required to finance the team is also included in this.

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There are three primary parts to a business plan:
• The first one is the business concept
This is when we discuss about the event, business structure,the services and products provided to the clients, and how we plan to make our event a success.

• Then there is the marketplace section
This is when we describe and analyse potential customers: who and where they are, and reasons for them to become our customers. We also describe our competition and how we will beat them.

• And finally the third part is financial section
It contains our income and cash flow statement, balance sheet and other financial ratios.

Breaking these three major sections down even further, a business plan consists of seven key components:
1. Executive summary
2. Business description
3. Market strategies
4. Competitive analysis
5. Design and development plan
6. Operations and management plan
7. Financial factors

3.1.0 Importance of business plan
There are many different importance and purpose of a business plan. These are:
• Clarify direction
Clarifying the purpose and direction of your business allows you to understand what needs to be done to move forward. Clarifying can consist of a simple description of our event and its exact product lines and service we will offer, as well as a detailed description of our ideal customer

• Future vision
This allows us to have goals to reach for.

• Attract financing
By putting statistics, facts, figures and detailed plan in writing, a new business has a better chance of attracting investors to provide the capital needed to getting start.

• Managing company
A business plan conveys the organisational structure of a business, including titles of directors or officers and their individual duties. It also acts as a management tool that can be referred to regularly to ensure the business is on course with meeting goals, sales targets or operational milestones.

3.1.1 Our event
Our event which is a guided tour at Domaine Chazal found in Chamouny on ecotourism. The aim of this event is to promote ecotourism and promote this place as a tourism destination by exploring nature.
This event will take place on the last week of the first term of school on 29th March 2018. With the school permission, The Nature Lovers, accompanied by the teacher will take all the customers to destination in a coaster which will pick us up in front of the school. We organised some snacks and drinks for the journey. Lunch is included in the package offered by Domaine Chazal with various activities such as Walking on the net, trekking, archery and more.

3.1.2 Mission and vision of our event
A mission is an important assignment given to a person or a group of people.
A mission statement is a brief description of a company’s fundamental purposes.

This coursework about a a guided tour on ecotourism’s aim is to increase our knowledge about the subject and develop our skill. Our aim is not only about increasing our knowledge but also to increase the knowledge of our customers by having fun and to satisfy their needs during the event.
A vision is the ability to think about or plan the future of the team. It is also the declaration of the team’s objectives intended to guide its internal decision-making.
Our vision for the event which we organised was that to raise awareness on the importance of ecotourism, to educate visitors about ecotourism activities and promote Domaine Chazal as an ecotourism destination.

3.1.3 Aims and objectives of our event
We did an event on ecotourism and we had several aims for our event. The travel and tourism coursework for HSC students made us to have aims like to promote ecotourism destinations in Mauritius, to raise awareness about the importance of ecotourism and to educate people about ecotourism. This coursework helps us to aim towards the development of our skill and expertise which will help us later when we get a job. We also want all the customers to have an experience worth their money. Aims
Our aims are to promote ecotourism destinations in Mauritius, educate people about the importance of ecotourism as well as increasing our knowledge on this subject by having fun and raise awareness about ecotourism. Objectives
One of our main objective is to satisfy our customers and offer them a service worth their money. Another one is for the event to take place in discipline and order without any injuries etc.
SMART is a mnemonic acronym, giving criteria to guide in setting of objectives. The SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time oriented. SMART analysis for our event
Specific Promoting Eco tourism
Measurable Getting permission from school
Achievable Cheap package
Relevant Team members working hard
Time oriented Two months to organise

3.2.0 Gantt chart
A gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project’s schedule. It illustrates what task was done in which month. It is use to make the person concerned aware of time left to complete their work and making people work according to a schedule on when to complete a task.

3.2.1 Uses of gantt chart in project or event management
Using a Gantt chart in a project or event management is to control a large number of activities and ensure that they are completed on schedule. If a deadline is missed or finished out of sequence, there could be a chained effect on the rest of the project. As a result, it could deliver late and cost a lot more. That’s why it’s helpful to be able to see everything that needs to be done, and to know, at a glance, when each task needs to be completed, giving us the time and the ability to complete the project work before the deadline.

3.2.2 Gantt Chart
Task Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
1. Research
2. Teamwork

3.3.0 Resources
A resource is a stock or supply of money, materials, staff and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organisation in order to function effectively. There are three main types of resources.
-Human resources
-Financial resources
-Physical resources
3.3.1 Human Resources
Human resource is the work force of each members in a team. Tasks are allocated to various different personnel involved in the brand activation process. The name of our group is NATURE LOVERS this reflects what kind of event we are going to do. Our team leader allocates the team members including himself with task to be complete for the event. Each one of us plays a specific role in the management of the event. Zaafir Koutab – Team Leader( Shaper, Co-ordinator)
According to Belbin’s theory, Koutab, fits all the criteria of a co-ordinator and shaper which makes him a great leader. He is confident, stable and mature and is good at delegating tasks. He pursues objectives with vigoun.
Job responsibilities
• Delegating task to team members
• Setting clear team goals
• Motivating team members to do their best Yudish Seenauth – Marketing Representative(Plant, Resource Investigator)
While analysing Belbin’s theory, we saw that Seenauth is the best fit for a marketing representative. He is a plant and a resource investigator which means he is creative, a generator of ideas he pursues contacts and opportunities vigorously. He also gives the team a rush of enthusiasm.
Job responsibilities
• Plan, organise and execute marketing and sales programs
• Develop marketing plans
• Designing posters and preparing marketing campaigns Yowansing Jeean – Financial Representative( Monitor Evaluator, Complete Finisher)
Our financial representative, Jeean, fits all the criteria of a monitor evaluator and complete fnisher which makes him the best for this role. He is a perfectionist, good with numbers and can be trusted to have been double checked and checked again. Also, he is a fair and logical observer and is impartial.
Job responsibilities
• Controlling income, cash flow and expenditure
• Managing budgets
• Providing and interpreting financial information Udayan Sengah – Administrative Representative(Specialist)
Sengah is our administrative representative. He fits the role well as he is a specialist which means he is knowledgeable and pays attention to details. He is also very punctual to deadlines.
Job responsibilities
• Manage schedule and deadlines
• Ensures that operations stick to policies and regulations
• Plan and coordinate administrative procedures Sarvesh Runglall – Health, Safety and Security Representative(Teamwork, Implementer)
The best fit for the health, Safety and security representative is Runglall. He is an implementer and a teamworker. He is efficient and self disciplined and can always be relied on to deliver on time. He is also talented at smoothing conflicts and is a good listener.
Job responsibilities
• Investigate all safety, security and risk management related issues
• To look after the safety and security of the team and customers on the day of the event
• Reports on health and safety awareness, issues and statistics

3.3.2 Financial aspect
It relates to available funds for the proposed plan of activities and fixing the budget for how much money should be spent on each individual stage of the event. Financial Resources
Financial resources are very important for a planning of an event. It is used to pay for transport, food and beverages, the package at the domain, printing of posters and brochures and many more. Finance Representative
Finance representative of our team is Yowansing Jeean. He is very accurate with numbers and always double checks for errors. He can be relied on as he doesn’t make errors and is very honest. Sources of finance
– Members contribution
– Selling of package
– Donation

3.3.3 Physical Resources
Physical resources are resources that can be touched. These are normally resources that are made by man and helps us to complete ou task much quicker and easier. Physical Resources needed for our event
For the event we hired a mini thirty seats coaster bus. Seenauth, the marketing representative of our team was responsible for the hiring of the bus.
-Mobile phones
The team leader and the marketing representative of the team was responsible for taking photos with their mobile phones. And it was used for communication.
-Posters, leaflets, brochures
It was used to inform the customers about the package offered to them and the price.
-Catering(food, beverage, gloves, tissues, plastic plates….)
Distribution of snacks organised by all the members of the team in the bus.
-First aid kit
Runglall, our health, safety and security representative was in charge to bring a first aid kit in case of injury.

3.4 Marketing of our event
Marketing is the promotion and selling of products or services, including market research and advertising.
The importance of marketing is to attract customers through advertising to sell packages for the event.

3.4.1 Marketing plan
A marketing plan is a comprehensive document or blueprint that outlines an event’s advertising and marketing efforts.
Steps of a marketing plan
-Purpose of marketing plan
The purpose of marketing plan is to clearly show what steps or action will be taken to achieve the plan goals.
-Market segmentation
Our target customers are students.
-Marketing mix
• Product
Our package includes walking on the net, archery, trekking and more activities. It also includes a three course lunch.
• Price
Our price of Rs 625 per person includes the package, transport and food and beverages. It is a bit high because of what is included but still lower that other packages of other team.
• Place
Our event is at Domain Chazal at Chamouny. We’ve chosen this location because of the activities offered which are related to ecotourism.
• Promotion
a) Definition of promotion
Promotion is the publicising a product so as to increase sales or public awareness.
b) Importance of promotion

c) Methods of promotion

Advertising including posters, leaflets and brochures will be carried out as per the Aida principle.
• What is the AIDA principle?
– Attention
The customer becomes aware of the product through advertising.
– Interest
The customer becomes interested by learning about brand benefits and how brands fits with lifestyle.
– Desire
The customer develops a favourable disposition towards the brandn
– Action
The customer forms a purchase intention, shop around, engages in trial or make a purchase.

• Online marketing strategy (Whatsapp, mail, Facebook)
• Distribution channels
After putting our posters, every interested customers will contact us by coming toward us and buying the package directly to us.
• Marketing budget
A marketing budget is an estimated of the project costs to market your products or services.

3.5 Legal aspects
Legal aspects are considerations that must be taken into account because of law and regulations. It is important so as to control the ongoing of the event. Without it everyone would do whatever the want thus having a chance to cause harm to the student.
Some legal aspects are permission from school and parents and permission from the venue.

3.6 Risk assessment and contingency planning
Risk assessment is the determination of the quantitative or qualitative estimate of risk related to a well defined situation and a recognise threat.
The importance of risk assessment is
• To identify hazards and risk factors that have potential to cause harm.
• To analyse and evaluate the risk associated with that hazard.
• To determine appropriate ways to eliminate the hazard, or control the risk when it cannot be eliminated.
Contingency planning is developing response in advance for various situations that might have an impact on the event. It is important so as to know what problems we migjt face during the event and what will be our response to it.

3.6.1 Risk assessment for our event
Risk Likelihood of occurrence Level of risk Who will be harmed Contingency measures Further measures
Injury Medium Medium Customers and team members First aid Hospital
Bad weather Medium High Customers and team members Delay for few hours/ take protective measures Shift to another day
Cyclone Medium High Customers and team members Postpone to another day Postpone to another day

3.6.2 Contingency plan
Plan B – If there is unforeseen circumstances
• Shift to another location
We would go to Eau bleue found in Cluny.
• Shift to another day

3.7 Evaluation Methods
Evaluation is the determination of value, nature, character or quality of something. Evaluation methods include self assessment, team performance, customers feedback and witness statement.
– Self assessment
It is an assessment that one person does on himself to know if he/she has complete their role well.
– Team performance
It is based on the team members’ ability to achieve predetermined goals.
– Customers feedback
Obtaining customers’ opinion about the event.
– Witness Statement
A witness statement is a signed document recording the evidence of a witness.

3.7.1 Personal Perception
Self assessment checklist is a list of responsibility that one person must do. When a responsibility is done he put a tick next to it to show that he already did it. It is used to make sure that we do not miss anything.

3.7.2 Team reflection
“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” -Andrew Carnegie
For assessing the team members’ performance, the following criteria will be used:
– Communication skills
All members should be able to communicate well with others. Specially when giving instructions or informations to customers.
– Problem solving skills
Team members should also be able to solve problems quickly without consulting the teacher or others in case in emergency.
– Ability to take initiatives

3.7.3 Customer feedback
Customer feedback is important because it provides us with insight on what should be improved and if the customers were satisfied. It shows our strengths and weaknesses and also shows if our event was successful or not.
– Customer feedback methods:
1) Questionnaires
It is a set of questions used for obtaining useful informations from customers. Their are several type of questions in a questionnaire, namely open-ended questions, close-ended questions, multiple choice, likert scale etc.

2) Focus group
Small number of people brought together with a moderator to focus on a specific product or topic. Focus groups aim at a discussion instead of on individual responses to formal questions, and produce qualitative data.
4.0.0 Preparing for the event
Preparing for the event is very important. The reason for its importance is that it helps the event to run well without any or minimum problems. If there is no preparations before the event we would have to encounter many problems on the day of the event. Preparations of the event include.
• Booking for the venue( Domaine Chazal)
• Booking for transport
• Preparing equipments
• Giving out consent forms(seek parental permission)
• Preparing marketing materials like brochures, posters and tag line
• Produce itinerary for the event
• Site visit
• Group meeting

4.1.0 Booking for the venue
Our marketing representative Yudish Seenauth sent an e-mail to request for the price list for the activities they are offering as asked following his conversation with a person incharge in Domaine Chazal. He explained that we are students and the reason why we are organising this event to be able to benefit for the student price.

A reply was received by Yudish Seenauth with all the details asked by him giving us the information we needed making us able to decide what we can offer to our customers.

We decided to go with the package with an affordable price for students which have the most relatable activities about ecotourism. Our marketing representative confirmed the booking for 29th March 2018 and he received another email informing him that they have confirmed the booking for the day he said

Later, we decided to change the menu, so Yudish Seenauth called them and asked if they can chamge it. They told him to send another e-mail to confirm the change of menu. By changing the menu, the price of the package was lowered
For the booking and payment the Marketing Representative and the Financial Representative were both responsible respectively.

4.2.0 Booking of transport
Booking of transport was the reponsibility of our Marketing Representative, Yudish Seenauth. He got in contact with the owner of a company which provide coaster bus services at a reasonable price. He made the reservation on the spot while talking to him personally and took down the owner’s phone numbers for confirmation and to call on the day of the event to confirm that he is already in front of the school waiting for us. Seenauth took 2 phone numbers in case his other number was not reachable.

4.3.0 Preparing equipments
We prepared our equipment needed for the event which was a first aid kit in case of injury. We did not have to bring more equipments as the activities we will be doing do not need any.

4.4.0 Giving out consent forms(seek parental permission)
This consent form was handed out to students who were going to the event at Domaine Chazal(Team members and customers). This consent form informations the parents that they are going in an educational tour at Domaine Chazal found in Chamouny. The date and time of departure and arrival is also mentioned. Parents had to sign to say that they agree that their child was going to the event.

4.5.0 Preparing marketing materials

This is the poster that was designed by our Marketing Representative. This was designed to attract customers giving the name of the Domaine, date of the event, price of package, activities offered and name of team members.
These brochures are made to be distributed on the day of the event itself. The brochures consist of the itinerary for the event, our aims of doing this event, rules and regulations during the event, name of the domaine and team members names. We also included some pictures so the customers would have an idea about the activities they will be doing.

These were made so as during the running of the event the customers will be to identify the team members and there different responsibilities. Each members will be given one of these with there names and job roles printed.

4.6.0 Produce itinerary for the event
It is very important to produce and itinerary for the event as it enables us to maximise our time and helps us do all the activities planned. Without an itinerary, time will be wasted in activities which may lead to not having time to do another activity or getting late to return to school.

Planning of the day.
09:00 – Departure from curepipe college.
09:45 – Arrival at Domaine de Chazal
10:00 – Nature walk
10:10 – Paper work and Formalities
10:20 – Explanation and Discussion about Eco – tourism site
10:25 – Trekking
10:45 – Archery
11:15 – Other activities (football, table tennis)
11:30 – Lunch
12:30 – Walking on the net
13:20 – Departure from Domaine de Chazal
14:15 – Reaching school

4.7.0 Site visit
2 weeks before our event our team decided that we would make a site visit to know the fastest route to go their, how is the domaine, if the activities were safe enough for our customers and to take our precautions. We met with the guides that were going to be with us and the person in charge with whom our marketing representative have had contact with through emails and calls. The site visit will help us with enhancing the experience of the customers on the day of the event by making it more fun. We would be also guides as we already know about the place from the site visit. Without this site visit we would also be like our customers and not fill out role of guides.

4.8.0 Group meeting
Group meeting was done two day before the event, we assigned job responsibilities of each mem
5.0.0 Running the event
Our group, The Nature Lovers, organised an event on ecotourism at Domain Chazal at Chamouny. The event was scheduled to be on the 27th March 2018. We were scheduled to leave school at 9:00 after the morning attendance. After the morning attendance, our team started preparing everything before the arrival of the customers at the point of meeting which is in the school yard.

5.1.0 Before leaving for the venue
All team members prepared a little snack by themselves for the customers as the can get hungry before lunch time. We bought take away boxes to put all the snacks which we would later distribute to the customers while in the bus. We prepared everything before the arrival of the customers.

5.1.1 Entering the bus
We got out of the school premises at about 8:45 to enter the coaster bus that our marketing representative booked for the event. We made our customers to get in a line and enter the bus one by one in order and discipline. Mr. Sengah, our administrative representative, took the presence of everyone while they were entering the coaster bus to know if everyone has come.
5.1.2 Speech, instructions and distributions

When all of our customers were seated, our administrative representative double checked the attendance. With the support of the entire team, the team leader and administrative representative gave a speech thanking all customers for coming and why we are doing this event. After this speech we distributed brochures and started to talk about the event. We talk about the itinerary of the event, the activities, the menu for lunch and gave information about domaine chazal and instructions for the event. And we wish them to have a good time.

Then we proceed with the distribution of snacks and drinks as we knew that they would get hungry before lunch time and for them to have enough energy to do the activities.

5.2.0 Payments and formalities
Arriving at Domaine Chazal, our marketing representative and financial representative who were in charge of booking the venue and finance respectively, went with Miss Nathalie in her office. Miss Nathalie is the person who was in charge with whom our marketing representative have had contact with. They completed all the formalities, paperworks and payments.

5.3.0 Trekking
Before starting the activities, the guide talk with everyone. She gave advices, instructions, and talked about how long the first activity which was trekking was going. She talked about the itinerary of the event and what to do to follow the time which we planned.
The pictures about shows the discipline which we had during the first activity which was trekking. We walked in a line in order while we we stopping at numerous places where one of our two guides showed us some endemic plants in the nature and taught us about the plants. He made us drink pure water directly from the valley. He said that this water was more clean than tap water. We stopped by a place where there were hundreds of bats flying high in the sky.
We had to climb and get down the other side to reach a beautiful waterfall which indicates us the end of the trekking route and we are now returning by the same route that we used.

5.4.0 Archery

Archery was more fun than expected. One of the two guides which was with us taught us how to hold the bow and the arrow. She took her time teaching us how to do it and did a demonstration for us to understand it better. We all had 3 tries and it was the first time for most of us.

5.5.0 Lunch

From the negotiations of our marketing representative, the menu for the lunch was changed to 3 course meal. The started was crispy chicken with sauce, main course fried rice with tomato chutney and the dessert of the day which was pancake with chocolate and creme. Everybody enjoyed their delicious meals after the tiring activities.

5.6.0 Walking on the net
Walking on the net was a very fun activity. It consists of a net suspended above a lake. Team members and customers jumped around having fun. It is difficult to walk without without falling down so everyone was laughing at their friends or themselves. We ended the day with a very fun activity making everyone happy.
5.7.0 Photos of team members
The Nature Lovers took souvenir photos together in the forest during the first activity which was trekking and with one of the guides and our teacher.
5.8.0 Returning to school
When we were leaving domaine chazal, we took the attendance once again to make sure that everybody was here. During the journey, the customers gave us a very good verbal feedback saying they have enjoyed everything from the view to the activities and food.
6.0 Analysis and evaluation of the event
• Importance of evaluation
Evaluation involves collecting and analysing information about an event’s characteristics and outcomes. Its purpose is to make judgments about the event to improve our effectiveness.
• Methods for evaluation to be used
1. Need Assessment
It determines who need the program, how great the need is, and what can be done to best meet the need.
2. Process or Implementation Evaluation
It examines the process of implementing the event and determines whether the event is operating as planned.
3. Outcome Evaluation
Investigates to what extent the program is achieving its outcomes
• Perspectives
Perspectives from different peoples would be used in this chapter. Perspectives from:
– Customers
– Team
– Peer (friend /representative/ tutor)
– Personal perspective

6.1 Customers’ Perception
“The purpose of a business is to create a customer” – Peter Drucker
To know about our customer’ perspective we made them answer some questions on a questionnaire which was designed by us. A questionnaire is a set of printed or written questions which a choice of answers devised for the purposes of a survey.

6.1.1 Analysis of Questionnaire
Question 1

Our event on ecotourism was held at Domaine Chazal. After the event we made all of our 14 customers to answer a questionnaire. Our first question was that if this was their first time at Domaine Chazal. The majority of our customers which was 12 of them was visiting Domaine Chazal for the first time and the other 2 had already been there.
Question 2

Our event was mostly successful as 12 of 14 people enjoyed the experience at the Domain. The majority of the customers voted for yes this means that we have done a good job but we could have done better as 2 of our customers did not enjoy the experience at the Domain. We now know what could have been done to make the event better. This will help us in the future if we organise another event.

Question 3

Our event got good ratings as 10 out of 14 people put a rating of 5, 2 of them rated it as 4 and the other 2 rated it as 3. Rating 1 and 2 got no vote, this means that our customers had a very good experience at Domaine Chazal. The 4 people who hasn’t give the maximum rating for their experience made us think about how we could have made them have a better experience.?
Question 4

The price of our package was Rs625. The package consisted of the activities at the domain, lunch which had a starter, main course and a desert, transport and additional food and beverages in the bus. 12 of our 14 customers found the price affordable because it included everything in them and the other 2 found it a bit expensive for them. We will keep that in mind so that later if we have the chance to organise another event we would make a more affordable price for the customers.

Question 5

Through the negotiation of our marketing representative, we obtained a package which included activities like trekking, archery, walking on the net and other activities like ping pong and football. These activities were enjoyed by all 14 of our customers. The activities were fun and educational at the same time. Which makes everyone have fun while learning about ecotourism.
Question 6

The search for customers was very successful. All of our advertising strategies has attracted customers to buy our package. The most successful advertising strategy was poster which was design by our marketing representative. It consisted of all necessary details that the customers needed to know. Leaflets was distributed in every class and we also put a post on social media. We done all of this so as to get the maximum number of customers. Word of mouth from team member to customers also attracted a good number of customers.?
Question 7

Explaining about all the necessary safety and security measures during the event was an important task for us that was needed to be accomplished. We explained everything to the customers so that they do not get injured during the activities. Only 1 customer thought that we did not explained about all necessary safety and security measures during the event. We should have to give the explanation better and simpler than we did so that everyone would understand us.?
Question 8

The trip was mostly well planned but we could have planned it better. Some things could have been done earlier so that we do not cause inconvenience to everyone. Some team members were stressing out because it was the first event that we organised. So the 3 people who voted no saw all of our little mistakes. But the mistakes were solved quickly. Overall the trip was well planned and we now know what to do better.?
Question 9

All team members contributed a food or beverage. This contribution was to distribute during the trip to Domaine Chazal which is at Chamouny. We distributed a little snack for them to eat during the trip before doing the activities as the lunch time was in two and a half hours. Beverages was also distributed in the bus. At Domaine Chazal we distributed water bottles to them as we know they would get thirsty during the first activity. Lunch was offered with the package negotiated by our marketing representative. As the starter we were served crispy chicken with sauce, the main course was fried rice with tomato chutney and we got the dessert of the day which was pancake with melted chocolate and whipped cream.
Question 10

Quality of service was good according to the survey. Only 1 person who was not satisfied with quality of service. We will make sure in the future that we provide the best quality of service for our customers. 13 customers however was very satisfied with the quality of service.?
Question 11

Customer service is the act of taking care of customer needs by providing and offering a high quality professional assistance service, before, during and after the customer’s requirements are met. Team members tried their best in trying to bring the best quality of customer service to the customers. 12 customers were satisfied with the customer care service provided to them. Unfortunately, 2 customers were not satisfied. Maybe we did not provide them with the appropriate help they needed during the event.
Question 12

The rating given to our performance is pretty good. 10 customers voted for the highest rating which is 5, the second best rating which is 4 was voted by 3 people and finally only 1 person chose 3. This means that we had an overall good performance during the event which impressed our customers as they know it is our first time organising an event like this. However, we could have performed better. Not getting 100% of the maximum vote is a good this as this indicates us that we have to improve.?
Question 13

Most of our customers have had so much fun during the event that they wanted to be part of such an event in the future. 2 out of 14 people is not interested in such an event for the future. Maybe we could have done better to change their minds. There is plenty of room for improvement for the team members to organise a perfect event in which everyone would want more.?
Question 14

The main aim behind the event was to raise awareness about ecotourism. So this question had to appear in the questionnaire. 13 people have had better awareness about ecotourism through the guided tour. We could have done better in raising awareness about ecotourism to have all 14 customers to have a better awareness about ecotourism through the guided tour. Information given to them could have been more clear so as they understand it better. But overall we met our objective by making them have a better awareness about ecotourism through the guided tour.

Question 15
Please write about your suggestions.
Unlike other questions in the questionnaire which were rating or close ended questions, the last question is an open ended question. We asked the customers to write about their suggestion in which they think it would make the event better. We have many different suggestions. Some of these suggestions are:
• Swimming
• Longer trip
• More activities


6.2 Performance analysis
A performance analysis methodology is a procedure that you can follow to analyse system or application performance. These generally provide a starting point and then guidance to root causes. Different methodologies are suited for solving different classes of issues, and you may try more than one before accomplishing your goal. Performance analysis is a specialist discipline involving systematic observations to enhance performance and improve decision making. The ideal tool for evaluating the performance should be fast, accurate and possibly highly informative.
6.2.1 Evaluation of team performance (Peer Evaluation)
Zaafir Kootab – Team Leader
Zaafir Kootab according to Belbin’s theory, is a co-ordinator and a shaper. He is confident, stable and mature. He is able to recognise abilities in team members so that makes him good at delegating task to us. He pursues objectives with vigour and is driven by tremendous energy. His problem solving skills is very good. As he is able to any problems almost instantly. His communication skills are average and has improved more during the organisation of the event. He is able to communicate clear instructions to team members as well as customers during the event and he has a good team spirit and works well as a team. Zaafir is very punctual, he has been present in all group meetings.
Yowansing Jeean – Finance Representative
Yowansing Jeean has improve greatly during the preparing and running of the event. His communication skills were not as good at start but have greatly improve later. During the running of the event he was able to talk to customers well. The problem solving skills of Jeean was not good at first as he couldn’t solve any problem encountered at first but later he became very good at problem solving. He has a good team spirit like everyone in the team. He is able to work well with the team. Punctuality is also a very good thing about Yowansing.
Sivanessen Sengah – Administrative Representative
Sivanessen Sengah’s punctuality was a problem for the team. He was absent most of the time making us have to do his job. But he was present for the day of the event. His team spirit was good when he was here. He can work well with the team. He has a good communication skill when talking to team members and customers. His problem-solving skill was also pretty good as he was able to take a decision on his own to solve a problem. Like problems with the administrative purposes.
Sarvesh Runglall – Health and Safety and Security Representative
Sarvesh Runglall is very punctual. He was present for all group meetings. He has a good communication skill due to the interaction with customers and team members. According to Belbin’s theory he is a teamworker. He is s good listener and diplomat. His diplomacy was useful in cooling down conflicts. We had conflicts in the beginning while brainstorming ideas. Luckily, Sarvesh was here to cool down this conflict. He worked very well with the team. He was able to solve problems on his own without consulting other team members. He was good at problem solving. His efficiency was very effective for the team.
6.2.2 Self Evaluation
My overall performance from the preparation of the event to the running of the event has greatly improved. There was improvement in many skills that I have as tour guide. My communication skill has greatly improved while interacting with customers or negotiating with the resource person for arrangement for the venue as well as for transportation booking. At first, I consulted the entire team before taking a decision to solve a problem as I was not sure. But later, I was able to solve problems on my own as consulting team members was taking too long. My problem solving skills has improved greatly. I was good at working in a team but I am now better at it. I’ve learn many things while working in a team. I’ve understood better the importance of team work and the team spirit of every member made me perform better. As the marketing representative of the team I had to do all the marketing for the event. The designing of posters, negotiation with the resource person for the arrangement for the venue as well as for transport booking was some of my duties that I completed in the right time. I got compliments from other team member for complete my job well and in time.

6.2.3 Evaluation of the event
• Effectiveness of marketing mix
Marketing mix is a combination of factors that can be controlled by a company to influence consumers to purchase its products. These factors are the 4 Ps which are Product, Place, Price and Promotion.
Product – We organised an event at Domaine Chazal at Chamouny. We offered a package to our customer which included food and beverages, transport and activities at the domain. The marketing representative of the team talk negotiated with the resource person at the domain and they offered us a package containing activities and a three-course lunch. The main activities were trekking, archery and walking on the net. It also had other activities like ping-pong and football. The three-course meal was crispy chicken as a started, fried rice as main course and the desert of the day which was pancake with melted chocolate and whipped cream. In the package we also offered some snacks and drinks in the bus to the customers and team members. Transportation was also included in the package.
Place – Domaine Chazal was the perfect place for our event. The domain offer activities which helped us fulfil our objective of promoting ecotourism. The activities were not only fun but also educational.
Price – Due to the negotiation of the marketing representative of the team with the resource person of the venue and the owner of the coaster bus, we were able to get a quite low price enabling us to offer a package with a reasonable price to our customers. Most customers were satisfied with the price as seen in the following chart from question 4 from the analysis of our questionnaire.

Promotion – We promoted our package by putting us posters, posting online, leaflets and word of mouth. These promotional strategies got a lot of success as it attracted a lot of customers towards us.
• Was teamwork effective in the group?
There was synergy between members of the group. That is there was a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. Teamwork in our event was very effective. We could not have done an event like this alone. We were given task to complete to reach our common goal more easily. Team members helped each other to complete their task more efficiently and quickly. Communication within the team brought many ideas. We dismissed ideas that we thought would not work and included effective ideas of what could become the team’s solution to an issue.
• Were objectives of the event being met?
Our first objective was to make the income and expenditure of our event to breakeven. We met this first objective as shown in the following income and expenditure.
Income and Expenditure (Guided Tour)
Contributions from members

Posters and leaflets




Another objective that we met was that of raising awareness about ecotourism. The event was a success as many learned about the importance of ecotourism as shown in the following chart from question 14 from the analysis of our questionnaire.

We had many objectives like bringing the best experience to our customers, educate people about ecotourism etc. These objectives have been met easily due to our early preparation.
• Was the event successful?
The event was a great success. We got mostly positive reviews from our customers in the questionnaire. All team members contributed greatly in the success of the event. Customers was very satisfied with the activities and the food and beverages. They all learned something about ecotourism and the nature while having fun. We also got a testimonial from the resource person of Domaine Chazal that confirms the well going of the event.

7.0 Recommendation
Based analysis of customer feedback and evaluation of the event, we deduce that the event had been a great success. There was some customer that did not enjoy the event like others did but it was overall very good. Making a perfect event with all positive review would be most likely to be impossible. There would always be room for improvement.
“Perfection doesn’t exist” – Andres Iniesta
If I have the opportunity to organise such an event in the future, there would be some things that I would change or add. The below recommendations will be useful:
• To start looking for sponsorship much earlier.
We did not get a sponsor for our event as we started looking for sponsorship very late. Looking for a sponsorship much earlier would guaranty us a cheaper package for our customers. The cheaper package would attract more customers. Getting a sponsorship would also reduce the cost of the members’ contribution making.

• To send sponsorship letter to more wide range of companies.
Even though we started looking for sponsorship very later, we send sponsorship letters to only a few companies. This would not guaranty us a reply from a company. However, by sending sponsorship letter to a wider range of companies, we increase our chance of getting an answer.

• Booking a larger transport.
The coaster bus that we booked was good but it was a bit small. Booking a normal minibus would be more spacious making the customers to be more comfortable.

• Better and more food and beverages
The lunch menu was very delicious but it did not include beverages. Luckily we brought some fizzy drinks for the customers. As for the food and beverages in the bus, customers did not like the beverage so in the future we will make sure to buy another kind of beverage.

8.0 Conclusion
The event at Domaine Chazal which is found in Chamouny was a great success. We had some ups and downs but we solved all the problems that came in our way. The organisation of the event started with choosing what type of event we would do. After choosing guided tour we decided to go Domaine Chazal. Preparation began shortly after, we started contacting the venue asking about price and negotiating to make it more affordable for our future customers. At the same time, we were making necessary arrangements for transportation. We booked a mini coaster bus. Then, we made a package with a reasonable price. Then after getting all the details we proceeded to make posters and leaflets. After putting up posters, we did not have to wait for customers to come to us. We took down their names and details. When they paid us, we distributed consent form to them. On the day of the event, we made our necessary arrangements. Our customers enjoy all the activities offered in the package they bought from us. The first activity which was trekking was more fun than expected. Everyone enjoyed it even those how were complaining that their clothes and shoes is dirty and who were tired of walking. We learned a lot about the nature. We saw things what we do not normally see. Archery was also very fun. Everyone wanted to try and hit the target. After that we did other activities like playing football and ping pong. Everyone was competitive and wanted to win. After these tiring activities it was lunch time. The starter was crispy chicken with sauce, main course was fried rice with tomato chutney and the desert of the day which was pancakes with melted chocolate and whipped cream. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food. We went for the last activity which was walking on the net. This activity also was not as we expected. It was more fun and everyone was jumping around.

CHAPTER 1: Working in a team

CHAPTER 2: Feasibility study

CHAPTER 3: Business plan

CHAPTER 6: Analysis and Evaluation

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