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Wolly:noun A pickle or a pickled olive.

“Dude, why did you call that pickle a wolly?”Larder:noun A space where food is put in.”Mom, do I add the cereal in the larder.”Bridle:noun The headgear used to control a horse”The cowboy decided to unbuckle his horse’s bridle and set it free.”verb Raising one’s head in resentment.

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“The little boy seems to bridle at the thought of doing his awful English homework.”Besiege:noun/verb A person surrounded by armed forces. “The policemen besieged the criminal inside the dark alley.”Twang:verb/noun The vibration of a metallic sound.”The twang of the clashing swords made me shudder.” Precipice:noun A very steep cliff/rock face.”The killer pushed the detective off the precipice.”Perilous:adjective Full of danger.”It was clear to the adventurers that their perilous journey would be time-consuming and crazy.”Parapet:noun A low protective mall/rail along the edge of a roof/balcony.”She leaned on the parapet of her apartment to look up at the night sky.”Queer:adjective Strange, weird.”The queer young child went up to the hill and danced.”noun An umbrella term used to describe people not categorized under cisgender and heterosexual.”He is a homosexual, a part of the queer community.”verb To spoil, to interfere.”Nancy Drew queered with the thieves’ plan of stealing the grand pile of cash inside the bank.”Ere:preposition Synonym to the saying, ‘before’, usually used in poetry ” Long will I tarry, ere I begin this war for gold.” (taken directly from ‘The Hobbit’, by J.R.R Tolkien)Skriking:verb/noun To cry.”In the haunted house, they heard a high-pitched skriking.”Palpitation:noun A fast, strong heartbeat due to an unnatural cause.”The palpitation of the middle-aged man having a heart attack couldn’t be slowed.”Portcullis:noun Defendence by raising or lowering the gate of a castle.”He dropped the portcullis and used the lever to turn the iron gate.”Bough:noun The main/biggest branch of a tree.”The oak tree’s bough had the nest of a bird on it.”Blest:verb To be blessed.”The king blest his knights before the war had commenced.”

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