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purpose of this memo is to importance of professional writing in business


you know professional writing is a style of written communication used in work
environment which allows professionals to make informed decisions. The main aim
of professional writing is to transmit information to readers within a work

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when writing business letters, you have to pay attention to the format and font
used. There are several steps to improve your professional writing. These are:


1.    Analyse your tasks: Examine key words e.g. Summarize, Compare

2.    Create a consistent message; Frame your message

3.    Construct Issues or Arguments: State your argument in one sentence

4.    Advance/Interpolate evidence: Start with the most important points. Make
the points obvious

5.    Review, Inspect tone

6.    Edit- Aim: Readable prose: Avoid clichés, slangs, vague phrases



Please let me know, if you
have any questions about this letter, or if you believe

Company can improve your
performance and correct the situation.

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