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At this very moment four people have died by the time this sentence ends (German 1).

People live and pass away it is natural, but what isn’t natural is the way a lot of these people die. Around the world there is human trafficking, terrorist attacks, and starving people that would do anything for a piece of bread, and we are still sitting here doing nothing to help. There have been many evil things that have taken place that we could have helped stop, but we did not. For example: A long time ago in 1941-1945, a horrible genocide had taken place. It was called the Holocaust, and many people have died from it.The people in America did nothing to help as the innocent people were gassed to death.

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Another example is the genocide in Rwanda. It was an argument between two different tribes, and it caused millions of people to die in a little more than one-hundred days. America could have stepped in, but we just waited until the death toll reached close too million. The people in America Just worry about ourselves thinking that we can’t make a difference. Lie Wishes address’s this issue, and he creates a speech explaining how we are indifferent. There are many things in the world that we could stop and prevent; as a nation we should not e indifferent. German 1). Lie Wishes got a powerful point across in his speech.

He showed his master of skill, and Wishes used certain techniques and certain words that caught a lot of people’s attention. His speech took place in Washington D. C. On April 12th 1999 as part of the Millennium. Weasel’s speech touched the story of survival as well as points about indifference and his opinion and feelings about it. As he explains “Indifference is always the friend of the enemy, for it benefits the aggressor/ never its victim, whose pains magnified when he or she feels forgotten” (Wishes 2).

This quote meaner that indifference is always the friend of the enemy.The lack of interest or sympathy for the victims will create even worse destruction. In his speech he reveals that Wishes has an intended audience the noble office, an actual audience the bystanders and strong language that really connects the audience to the words being said. He asked “is society changed today? ” (Wishes 4).

I believe society has not changed or it might have even changed for the worse. As the holocaust was taken place, the people in America would do nothing to help. We were indifferent; we lacked sympathy and felt that we couldn’t do anything to help anyways.Today there is people getting killed in Sudan and we are still indifferent.

We are the same as we were 80 years ago. We are Just worried about ourselves and don’t really care what goes on in other counties. So knowing that, I think that we didn’t really change. We still are sitting here, thinking we are too small to make a difference. We believe that we could do nothing to help anyways so why try, but that is wrong. We can make a difference as a nation, we Just need enough people to care and help (Wishes 1-4). 9/11 was a very horrible day for the United States of America in 2001.It caused many people to die, and many families to be destroyed.

It was one of the worst disasters in the United States. It all started with planes. Each held many passengers and had a target. The first plane hit one of the twin towers, and the second plane hit the other twin tower. This created a major panic, and eventually the towers collapsed in on itself.

The third plane had hit the pentagon. The last plane had the target of the White House. The passengers heard about the other planes, so they were courageous and took the plane down before it could hit the White House.Many people died, and we are still affected by this today. (9/1 1 attacks 1).

Terrorism happens throughout the world, but there is one country that it occurs in the most. That country is Saudi Arabia, and on 1979, 20 November- December 4 a number of militants took over the Massed al-Harm in Mecca. They took over that area in Mecca so that they could protest the House of Saudi policies of westernizes. The militants were well organized and were heavily armed. They had many assault rifles and other various weapons.

They were initially able to repel attempts by the Saudi National Guard to storm the complex.The Saudi eventually brought in French and Pakistani SIGN commandos to help their forces retake the Mosque”(information 2). The militants were so efficient that the Saudi had to bring in their best personal to take them out.

The Non-Muslim commandos underwent nominal conversion to Islam before being allowed into the Mosque. Eventually the Mosque was retaken. There were 63 militants left when the commandos took it over, and they were executed by beheading. The number of people killed in the siege and the total number of militants involved are unknown.

Official sources put the death OLL at 255, but others suggest that it was higher.This attack could have been prevented with some security if we helped out. (information 1-2).

On 2004, another attack developed. On 12 May 35 are killed and over 200 wounded during a suicide bombing attack on the Bienville Compound in Riyadh. The man had a bomb strapped to his chest and he held the detonator. He walked into the premises and detonated the explosive when he thought the time was right. His actions created a huge explosion in which resulted in 35 deaths and over 200 innocent people wounded. This is an example of a horrible terrorist attack. These happen a lot in Saudi Arabia and are not rare.It is saddening to know that many are killed in the act of one person.

On 2006 24 February Saudi security forces have thwarted an attempted suicide attack at an oil processing facility in eastern Saudi Arabia, Saudi security sources told CNN. Two pick-up trucks carrying two would-be bombers tried to enter the side gate to the Abaci plant in the Eastern Province, the largest oil processing facilities in the world (more than 60% of Saudi production), but the attackers detonated their explosives after security guards fired on them, according to statements from Saudi interior and IL ministries.According to Saudi sources, the plant was not damaged and only minor damage to one small (1. 5 inch) pipeline was caused by splinters, along with serious injuries among security guards and minor injuries among a few Armco plant workers. (Information 3).

This event is very significant, and it is important because we are still affected by it, and another attack on us could happen. “On September 1 1, 2001, 19 militants associated with the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda hijacked four airliners and carried out suicide attacks against targets in the United States” (9/1 1 attacks).Today there is still that al-Qaeda group around, and they hate Americans. This attack on us created a war and it I caused us to be in debt. Many people had Close to 3,000 people died in the World Trade Center and its vicinity, including a staggering 343 firefighters and paramedics, 23 New York City police officers and 37 Port Authority police officers who were struggling to complete an evacuation of the buildings and save the office workers trapped on higher floors” (9/1 1 attacks 2).

This was a major loss of good innocent people.It was a big shock to the United States, and this is not only huge terrorist attack that has happened. 9/1 1 attacks 1-2). Today, there are many world issues in the world. Yet we are indifferent about them, they include: human trafficking, organ selling, dictatorship, and much more. Terrorism is one issue that has affected all of us. Terrorism is a big problem everywhere, since 1970 there has been over 47,000 bombing attacks around the world.

The most famous terrorist attack took place on September 1 1, 2001. The United States was hit with an immense terrorist attack, killing many innocent people.Today that attack on us is still affects us and some say that we will never recover. It had caused our economy to fall, and it hasn’t been the same since. Terrorism is a global problem; many innocent people are killed each year by terrorist attacks. These attacks are UN- predictable, and most of the time they will always result in a large number of death. (information 2). There is many organizations that are striving to make a change, and GOAT is one of them.

GOAT stands for the Global Anti-Terrorist Organization.They have many objectives in the organization which include: “Dissuading people from resorting Terrorism or supporting it”(GOAT 1), and “Denying terrorist the meaner to carry out an attack”(GOAT 1). In order for GOAT to dissuade people from resorting to terrorism or supporting is by promoting “dialogue among civilizations, cultures and people, supports inter-religious and inter-faith dialogue, and fosters quality education through strengthening trans boundary cooperation and training in science” (GOAT 1).

This meaner that they do not go against any religion, and they respect their religions.The Global Anti-Terrorism Organization also denies the terrorists of weapons, financial support, access to travel, and much more. GOAT is an amazing organization that is trying its hardest to stop terrorism and save many lives. GOAT also ensures transport security, improves the defense of soft targets and the response to their attack, and they also promote Goat systems-wide coherence in countering terrorism. These people are making a difference. (GOAT 1). Terrorism has affected a lot of people, so they have created something called wiretapping.

“In 2001, wiretaps produced 3683 arrests, along with 732 convictions” (Information 1).Wiretapping, in the right hands, is a swift but controversial tool that is widely used today has been helpful in many high profile cases over the years, allowing law enforcement to keep peace and order. Wiretapping, primarily used by police and government agencies, should be more accessible to law enforcement use because of its successes in thwarting terrorist and criminal organizations. On September 1 1, 2001, two planes hit the United States World Trade Center causing much panic throughout the country. One month later in October, The USA PATRIOT act was passed to ensure future protection from terrorist activity.

Wiretapping, one of the provisions of the USA PATRIOT act was created to catch terrorists before they committed their crimes (Information 2). Technologies for wiretapping did not Just pop up once the USA PATRIOT act enacted, there was a history leading up to what we appealed his argument that the evidence used against him obtained using wiretaps was unconstitutional. His appeal was upheld because it did not violate the Fourth amendment, “the right of people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and efforts against unreasonable searches and seizures”(Key 1).Forty years later, a technological advancement was presented to a Senate subcommittee by Hal upset, a private investigator, who produced a small recorder in a martini olive. This presentation was followed by the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act, which made wiretapping without a court order illegal. Finally, in 1986 The Electronic Communications Privacy Act expanded private protections to include e-mail and cell phones, and in 1994 CALLA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act), required companies to ensure that traffic could be monitored (Key 1).

Today, Terrorism is a huge problem in the world. Terrorism is devastating and it affects many if not all people. There are many organizations out there and the main ones include: CT, and ACTED. The CT (Counter-Terrorism Committee) works to use the ability of the United Nations Member States to prevent terrorist attacks. This organization was created after the attack of September 11 in the United States.

The ACTED (Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate) assists the CT. They carry out the policy decisions of the Committee, and they conduct expert assessments of each Member State.The ACTED also “calls upon Member States to implement a number of measures intended to enhance their legal and institutional ability to counter terrorist activities” (Working Methods 1). They do this by sets of steps. These steps include: Crystallizing the financing of terrorism so that they do not have to money to buy what they need, to freeze without delay funds related to persons involved in acts of terrorism, and to deny all forms of financial support for terrorist groups.

These steps will help decrease the number of terrorist attacks, but it will not stop it completely (Working Methods 1).Some other steps that the CT have include: to suppress the support for terrorist, share information with other governments on any groups practicing or planning terrorist acts, and they cooperate tit other governments in the investigation, arrest, extradition, and prosecution of those involved. CT also holds meetings to discuss what the issues are and how to address them. “Since 2003, the Committee has held five special meetings with these bodies to discuss closer cooperation and other issues.Experts from various organizations also take part in the country visits conducted by ACTED on behalf of the Committee, and they play a key role in ensuring follow-up to the conclusions and recommendations of the mission. ” (Working Methods 1). These special meetings help the organization what to focus on. The work of the CT and ACTED consist of country visits at their request, to monitor progress, as well as to evaluate the nature and level of technical assistance, Technical assistance to help connect countries to available technical, financial, regulatory and legislative assistance programmers, as well as to potential donors.

They create country reports to provide a comprehensive snapshot of the counter-terrorism situation in each country and serve as a tool for dialogue between the Committee and Member States. The CT also use resolutions. They include resolution 1373, and 1624. They consist of things that they go by and they greatly decrease the opportunity of another terrorist attack. CT is an amazing prevent any other attacks from taking place (Working Methods 1). CT and GOAT are very organized and well-made organizations. Terrorist attacks are horrible and organizations are created to stop it from happening.

Both CT and GOAT are trying to drain the finances of the Terrorists. By stopping the money flow, they do not have the finances to buy weapons or do anything else that might cause harm. The GOAT takes a more peaceful approach.

They promote dialogue among civilizations, and hey support inter-religious and interfaith dialogue. The CT takes more of a direct approach and they want to stop it by suppressing the funds to the terrorists, and to take out the supporters. I believe that the GOAT organization is more effective in the way they deal with terrorism.They go to the core of what terrorism is caused by, and they not only do that, but they also try to stop other problems that can connect with terrorism. This includes: “Drugs cartels, arms trafficking, intellectual property, alien smuggling, and money laundering. The Drug cartels are smarter, richer, and have a to of technology’ (Working Methods 1).

This makes it much harder to bring down, but they are trying. Arms trafficking include the demand for weapons of all kinds. If this is stopped and held under control, then the terrorist’s will have a much harder time trying to find weapons.The intellectual property is bootlegging, and piracy which can help give money to the terrorists, same with money laundering. If these are held under control, then terrorism will be close to the end. There will still be terrorist attacks, but they will become rarer, but they still need the support of people in America (Working Methods 1). The most effective part of CT is that it uses the resolution 1624.

This addresses a number of issues that are of increasing concern to the international community. The resolution 1624 also prohibits the incitement to commit terrorist acts, extremism, and radicalized leading to violence.They also have resolution 1963 which is strength of the CT organization. It encourages ACTED, and it helps to develop strategies that include countering incitement to commit terrorist acts motivated by extremism and intolerance. They cover a broad range of international good practices, codes and standards dealing with issues such as Romanization of incitement, border control, safe haven, passenger security, dialogue among civilizations, prevention of acts of terrorism motivated by intolerance and extremism and prevention, and the subversion of educational, cultural and religious institutions by terrorists.Since they cover a broad range of practices it will make a terrorist attack very hard to get passed them.

This organization tries it best to protect us (Working Methods 1). Terrorism is a horrible act of violence in the world. There are many organizations that were created to help stop terrorism. From the attack of 9/1 1, e now have much more security. Whenever anyone goes into an airport, or any other type of transportation, there is a security check. This system helps quite a bit, but sometimes the terrorist know there way around it.That is where the organizations come into play. They make sure everything is k and they try their best to try to figure out an attack before it happens.

I think this is a good system. If you were to add security to be even more protective, it will Just cause more people to not take the vehicles. It creates an obstacle for people, and a lot of them will Just want to avoid it rather than go through it. So the amount of security they have now works perfectly. There hasn’t been a major attack yet, so it is working. Before 9/1 1, the machines, and full body scans.Many people do not like the full body system for what it shows on the screen, but it is all for our protection. They have also added a more complex metal detection system, and they are now about to add a machine that can also check for non-metallic dangerous weapons.

This includes plastic explosive and other types of material. I believe that as a nation we can donate money to help the organizations. We can also report suspicious behavior to the police. Together we can to totally abolish terrorism, but we can greatly reduce it, also trained people should also train for a terrorist attack.

If an explosion were to take place, many people will be injured so Doctors and nurses should prepare for the worst. Other than that, we civilians need to do something to help. We cannot Just sit here and do nothing. Sending money to counter terrorist organizations in other countries including Saudi Arabia can help a lot. Doctors should be sent to other countries to help out for those affected by the terrorist attacks. In conclusion, terrorism is a very big problem.

GOAT and the CT, have done their est…. To try and suppress terrorism, but they can’t do it all by themselves.

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