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    Affiliateand Sponsored Content:ActiveBlogger, YouTube Creators and Fan based pages on Facebook and Instagram,Client’s E-mail Database holders are most suitable for this mode of passiveincome sources.Sellingproducts in the real world market is even harder than actually manufacturingthe product. So this is where performance based marketing networks such as AmazonAssociates, Click bank, eBay comes to play. These affiliate programs hasfour main corner stones: merchants (whose products needs to be sold,e-retailer, company), networks (play as intermediate between merchants and publisher,controls payment model, provides product selection), publisher (one whoactually advertise the products over his channel) and lastly the customers (onewho buy the product, king of the market). These sitesgenerally have a well maintained database of the products to be sold, detailedsale reporting, special discounts, sale tracking and detailed pay-outs. Anaffiliate can choose any product from the database and post in over to his media(site, channel, pages, email etc.

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) via affiliate URL provided. There are fourprimary model of payments.a)     Cost per Sale: It is a low risky, high profitrevenue model used by the marketer to attract a huge amount of new customersusing publisher’s channel.b)     Cost per Action: The marketer pays the publisherover the click, impression, sign up or required action to be performed by thecustomer.

This model of payments has very low returns.c)      Cost per Click: The publisher get paid each timea customer clicks on the web site on the ads.d)     Cost per Mile: This is also called “cost perthousand advertising impressions”.

Generally Radio and TV based ads are basedon this payment model.Thesenetworks provides its affiliates with a commission on each product sold fromtheir sites.What you haveto do?After signupon any affiliate website search for the products you want to market among youraudience get the affiliate link copy it and paste it over to our blog orYouTube video description. Now you are all set, each time as per revenue model,when preferred action is performed by the customer you get your commissions.

Youcan also endorse the product in your content by reviewing it. But remember tochoose only those products you have used and have a good opinion about. If youcheat on your audience they will all leave you alone and lose all credibility.So be careful.SponsoredContentare similar to the affiliate marketing except the fact that there is no networkmodel used here. The interested company straight away have contacts the mediacreator based on the demographic of audience and topic of the content created.They will also have all direct dealing with the creator for endorsing them.This could in turn generate a huge difference in the commission you will earn.Best example of sponsored content in video are of Pew die Pie endorsing Disneygames.

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