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1. Remove uncertainty: fix your plans and schedule their implementationThe first stop of the movement is the contradiction between the desire to eat the hippopotamus entirely, with complete lack of understanding how to do it. The mouth is small.

 I want a million a month, but I do not understand how to do it and therefore I’m standing still.The first step from which the training begins in my school is the “Great Plans” training course . I’m teaching to cut a hippopotamus into pieces. On the steps I tell how to specify my Wishlist and draw up a business plan for their achievement. We are talking about the business plan, because the main task of the business is to give resources for the realization of the desires of its owner. We are budgeting the desires of the student and making step-by-step parameters of business development, allowing to achieve these desires.

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One of my students has just opened a new office in Moscow. He had long been nurturing this idea, but it happened after we sat down with him and painted, what steps and resources are required for this. One of the limiting beliefs that stopped my student was a large budget for implementation. When we all sorted out and sorted out a few options, it turned out that the budget was within its power.2. Start now”I’ll start testing this sales channel afterwards,” “I’ll take this way of increasing the average check afterwards,” “I’ll think about this marketing tool afterwards,” “I’m now in a bad energy state, I’ll launch this product afterwards,” “a cool sales case-you need it introduce later. “People are waiting for Monday, better times, successful stars, a sign from above.

I give you a sign from above – start right now! Right now, do what you have been doing for a long time. Enter in your calendar for the next 72 hours a clear timeframe for the first step in the direction of the goal.Continuing the pupil’s case with the opening of the office – He went on a reconnaissance visit to Moscow almost immediately after our conversation.

 He did this one day – he left morning Sapsan, returned in the evening. I collected a lot of useful information, resembled competitors and looked for a place for the office. Based on the collected, we made several hypotheses, which he began to test.An example of how to start right now with a complete decline of strength from Eugene from Petrozavodsk:I began to operate and opened the first business in a state of total decline of power. After a long illness I sat all winter with my mother and watched TV series, and somehow in the spring I thought “hell with it, we’ll try it”, because there was nowhere to fall, just started to do, and the appetite came with eating) …

 It was a year and a half ago and now I have two working businesses, the first (hairdresser) paid off and in the black, the second (coffee with me) is not yet).3. Do, for practice is the criterion of truth, not thoughtsNo matter how carefully and in detail we have not worked through the project, we can not fully model the surrounding reality.

 Therefore, everything in our head is just a hypothesis. Check whether they work in only one way – start implementing them.At the  training “I + Money” , where we teach to break a glass ceiling of large sums, there is an exercise “search for money.” Participants write on the leaflet the desired amount. They are blindfolded, they hide a piece of paper with the amount in the same room and they are offered to find this paper blindly.

 Everyone has a partner who protects a person with his eyes closed so that he does not hit or stumble while he searches for the treasured leaf.It is noteworthy that the quickest result is not those who think, listens to themselves, then slowly goes to the right point, and then still stands there and wait, when he will be covered by a new revelation, where to look.Find those who begin to move quickly in different directions, fingering all around. They slam and feel the maximum of the objects, finding the desired much faster than those who think. Although often the first go in the right direction, and the latter – are mistaken.

4. Create the right environmentCommunicate more with the “doers”. The environment of people who constantly do something and go to new results is a powerful battery for you. One productive worker in good friends or buddies will replace you with several buckets of coffee and packing of magic pendles.5. Realize that fear does not make you strongerFear does not make us stronger, so it’s pointless to be afraidFear of the new and, as a consequence, unknown – this is the normal reaction of our brain.

 Where we are now, the brain usually thinks, everything is clear and controlled.And in the new – a lot of unknown and incomprehensible! Suddenly I can not manage? Suddenly it’s dark and cold? What if I make mistakes?Realize the simple fact that luck is the daughter of experience, and experience is “the son of the mistakes of the difficult.” Luck is the direct granddaughter of mistakes.

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