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Why did you choose to apply
to this study abroad program?                

            When I chose to attend Northeastern
University, I understood that an essential part of that commitment was a
personal dedication to exploring all that the university could offer me.

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Throughout high school, I believed that my end goal upon graduation was to head
to law school. However, once I stepped on campus, I realized I would be doing a
disservice to myself if I did not use the abundant opportunities that are available
to me to try a variety of different fields of study within political science,
rather than just have a rigid law-track mindset. I applied to this dialogue to
the United Nations to experience first-hand international political discourse. In
the current state of affairs of our world, I believe that learning only in
classrooms and through textbooks about global politics would not nearly be
enough to fully understand many of the concepts and theories in play. Instead,
I have applied in hopes of fully engaging myself into this experience, to
travel with Professor Garcia to the United Nations, and to see first-hand what
global politics looks like on the ground.       
            For me, the concept of
international politics is not one that was well taught throughout high school.

We focused strongly on the United States, its history and its government. For
this reason, I lacked a basic understanding of international politics prior to
coming to Northeastern and out of naiveté, confined my interests to domestic
policy and domestic law. I am certain that travelling to the United Nations
will help to expand the horizons of my knowledge and will allow me to be more
informed when I weigh whether a career in international policy or law would be
something I enjoy. On top of this, traveling to Geneva will be my first time
leaving the continental United States, an experience I am exceptionally excited
for. With such a vibrant international community at Northeastern, and the
abundant opportunities to travel abroad the University provides, I knew I
needed to travel at least once before graduating. I am completely honored to
have been accepted for a dialogue as a freshman and to have that global
experience so early in my education. I intend to focus on even the smallest
details on the trip, such as passing through security or getting my passport
checked. For many people this might seem like commonplace occurrences, but as a
first-time global traveler, these small experiences will help to shape my
broader trip. I know that when I find joy in basic occurrences throughout the
duration of the trip, my experience will be one of personal growth, abundant excitement,
and academic energization.

 What do you hope to gain abroad in this region
of the world?  

            In international politics and
law, there is no more significant place to travel for studying than Geneva and
the United Nations. While many criticize the body as ineffective and lacking
enforcement, the opportunity to bring the nations of the world together under
one roof to discuss is truly a unique one. To be able to spend time studying
here, as well as meeting and talking with individuals who work to shape our
global policy every day as an undergraduate student is an incredible opportunity.

The content produced from these meetings often is added to future textbooks and
lectures in the United States. To experience this work first-hand is invaluable
in building an understanding of how to body works, how global diplomacy works,
and how best to push forward in bettering our global community.
            I understand that if I am
truly looking to understand global politics and if I am to truly consider it as
a possible career field, I need to get on the ground and get my hands dirty to
see if this is something I enjoy. Much like how a prospective law student might
co-op at a law firm to see if they enjoy the work lawyers do day to day, this
is a unique opportunity to see how the pinnacle global body, the United
Nations, operates on a day-to-day basis. I chose Northeastern because of the
unique opportunity it provides to experience a line of work prior to fully
committing to it in school, the opportunity to try a law firm before applying
to law school or to try campaigning before completing a political science
degree. It would be wrong to not apply this same standard, to go and immerse
oneself in the field prior to entering it, just because that field happens to
be an international one. Much like students who look for co-op experience look
for firms where they can gain the most valuable experience that is relevant to
the field in which they hold to pursue, the United Nations is the firm of most
value, in my opinion, in most all international policy work. Having the chance
to travel to Geneva and more broadly Europe, who is seeing a rapidly changing
political culture in their own regard, is a unique chance for my own personal
growth and academic development.


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