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1) Requests all States to abide by Security Council Resolutions 476 and 478 of 1980
which specifies that all States should not transfer their diplomatic missions
to the city of Jerusalem;2)Reiterates respect to the sovereignty, independence, and equality among all
states; recognize that states and specialized agencies must play a major role
to eradicate and combat terrorism, at both national and international levels;3) Affirms that terrorism cannot and should not be associated with any religion,
nationality or civilization, and underline the importance of promoting
dialogue, tolerance and understanding among civilizations, cultures, peoples
and religions;4) Emphasizes strong support to the inalienable rights of Palestinian people, in alignment
with international resolutions, specifically the right to self-determination of
all individuals;5) Expresses their deep concern over the continuous Israeli de-facto actions and
regulations in and around Al-Aqsa Mosque/Al-Haram Al-Sharif and throughout East
Jerusalem that aim at changing the status quo in the city altering the
demographic, religious and historic nature of the city;6) Condemns the Israeli settlements, which is a breach
of international law and is based on the construction and expansion of illegal
settlements in the disputed territories of Palestinian-Israeli conflict;7) Demandsan effective implementation of the Security
Council Resolution 2334 (2016) which emphasized, taking into consideration that
the Israeli settlements constitute a flagrant violation of international law
and an obstacle to the achievement of peace;8) Rejects the illegal aggression and blockade on
Gaza Strip and thereby demands Israel to immediately withdraw all restrictions
imposed on the Gaza Strip and not to hinder the reconstruction process;9) Emphasizes support to the Palestinian national
reconciliation efforts including Russia’s ones which was convened on 15-17
January 2017 in Moscow a meeting of the high representatives of the key
Palestinian movements, parties and personalities and the incessant Russian-Arab
coordination on endorsing all aspects relating to the question of Palestine and
its resolutions in international fora;10)Condemnsall
forms of Israeli business operations within the Gaza Strip and West Bank
region;11) Calls upon
immediate halt on all sorts of Israeli business activities within the Gaza
Strip and West Bank region;12)Calls upon WHO to
handle the responsibility of facilitating necessary medical aid to the victims
of violence and terrorism within the conflict zones of the Palestinian-Israeli
conflict;13)Urgesboth the parties involved, State of Israel
and Palestine, to put an end to its violations of human rights, implement its
obligations under international law, and release Palestinian prisoners from
Israeli prisons and Israeli soldiers from Palestinian captivity;14) Demands the State of Israel
to put an immediate halt on their settlements expansion within the disputed
regions of West Bank and Gaza Strip;

15)Reaffirms that international community will not
recognize any changes to the  June 4th, 1967 lines, including with regard
to Jerusalem, except for those changes agreed by both parties through

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